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Le estoy poniendo 2 estrellas porque soy buena Se supone que este comic recopila el gui n original de Miller para RoboCop 2 Tengo que decir que prefiero la pel cula aunque la considere bastante inferior a la primera La segunda entrega tiene una historia m s simple pero m s efectiva Esta historia se me hizo muy enrevesada Los dibujos muy confusos, tienen tanto detalle que las escenas de acci n me costaba entenderlas view spoiler La trama como dec a, es muy vueltera Ac el 2do RoboCop es un vagabundo que levantan de la calle y eventualmente se fusiona con la psic loga que hizo el proyecto de este nuevo cyborg Si, no tiene mucho sentido pero pasa eso El personaje de Cain no es la gran cosa pero lo encuentro m s l gico que el vagabundo sin desarrollo La psic loga me parec a un personaje de mierd pero la de Ahora entiendo por qu le rechazaron el gui n original de Robocop 2 a Miller calific ndolo de infilmable Hay algunas buenas ideas mezcladas en un batiburrillo de sucesos que encuentro inconexos y, adem s, aprovechan cualquier excusa para poner en bolas a Lewis.Para colmo, el dibujo de Juan Jos Ryp Robocop Was One Of The Truly Great Bits Of Movie And Pop Culture Magic From The 1980s, And Frank Miller Wanted To Deliver A Masterpiece With His Original Movie Script, But Hollywood Massively Edited His Work In Full On Action, The Robocop Story Is Told As Frank Miller Always Intended, Composed Straight From The Master S Original Writings And Scripts The Vast Majority Of Miller S Insane Ideas, Vicious Black Humor And Robotic Mayhem Never Made It To The Screen, But Every Last Bit Is Finally Unleashed In This Series With Sequential Adaptation From Steven Grant And Art By Superstar Juan Jose Ryp, This Sci Fi Epic Is Not To Be Missed This is bad I will be upfront when I say I am not the biggest RoboCop fan I watched the second and third film as a kid, even though they weren t really that violent, they freaked me out as a kid But like I said in my RoboCop versus the Terminator review, I m trying to engage my fears head on However, I know Miller s writing well enough to see when his writing is poor So this book serves as a comic book adaption of Miller s rejected RoboCop 2 script, which Miller often likes to blame the toys as the reason why The book has multiple sub plots which some were altered for the film and others rejected completely, I can see why though Many of the storylines either don t have a satisfying conclusion while others weaken RoboCop as a character rather then develop him The artwork as well is atrocious, not as bad as it would be if Miller drew it, but it doesn t win you over at all The violence is over the top, but often I felt as if it was just there for the heck of it, rather then actual p Frank Miller, the architect of Sin City did a phenomenal job Frank Miller the architect of The Dark Knight Returns did a great job Frank Miller the architect of 300 did a thoroughly enjoyable job.The architect of RoboCop had a little too much to drink.What begins as a solid homage to the original 80 s series ever so slowly devolves into a less than pleasant tribute that leaves a disappointing aftertaste at best, forgettable at worst.You don t have to be on a Frank Miller kick as I ve been over the holidays to notice the ever present gritty detail, panel density, and tv cuts that characterize his work Well known themes depictions push alongside a story as well known as the characters that exist within it The use of found material much like hip hop is cool, and works decently well for at least halfway through the work, until the quality degrades continually henceforth It starts off fun with many fun reduplications homages to the series of yore Then a heeping helping of feminism, presumably a Jerry Springer esque character really and tons of gut splattering violence which gets as ridiculous as it does repetitive are tossed into the blender that is Frank Miller s brain Where such original materia Yeah, that was pretty bad Gratuitous TA and random violence is not what the original story was about so I don t know what this book was supposed to be about I was excited when I heard about it a few months ago, and I got less and less excited the I read. By the end of the 1980s, Frank Miller reigned as one of the most respected creators within comics Not surprisingly given the similarities between the mediums, he soon received opportunities to work in film.Miller s big opportunity arrived with Robocop 2 The first Robocop movie, a low budget sf actioneer directed by the then virtually unknown Paul Verhoeven, proved wildly popular Due to a writer s strike, the studio contacted Miller, fresh from his success ofBatman The Dark Knight Returns , and hired him to write the sequel His screenplay was considered unfilmable and Miller removed from the project Only pieces survived through the numerous re writes and into the universally disliked movie The original screenplay attained an almost urban legend status In the early 2000s, Avatar Press publisher William Christensen, who owned a copy, contacted Miller about a comic adaptation Originally published as the nine issue mini series Frank Miller s Robocop from Avatar 2003 2006 , Boom Studios collects the entire story as Robocop Volume This is Frank Miller s version of Robocop 2 and partially 3 Hollywood in their infinite wisdom deemed it unworthy to produce accurately so made quite a few alterations, ending up with the Robocop 2 movie we all know today I think this was a great opportunity to see how Frank Miller s movie would have played out and was looking forward to reading when I picked it up He certainly tries to keep the satirical social commentary that made the original movie so appealing The artwork in this is excellent and very much in the keep of the original movie, lots of gore perhaps too much for 1990 and detailed images The story itself has some good moments however I never felt it was a dramatic improvement over the sequel we eventually got The Robocop 2 movie had moments relating to Murphy and his wife discovering he was still alive which is again captured here but, surprisingly, doesn t feel resolved, just like the movie Also, just like the movie, Robocop doesn t seem like the same character we were left with at the end of the original movie, Robocop than Murphynor is his character advanced much I m not sure if this was an artist decision or Miller himself but it became quite ridiculous how every woman i Frank Miller s attempt to show his full view of RoboCop 2 to the world Unfortunately, Frank Miller is exactly what was wrong with RoboCop 2 You see, Paul Verhoeven s RoboCop had meaning It tried to serve as a mirror to society, there was symbolism RoboCop 2 It just threw all that away and added a lot of random violence And that s exactly what this comic does There s no special meaning, no symbolism but man, there s a lot of violence It s just that a sadistic gore fest With boobs No jokes, every single time Anne Lewis joins the fight, her clothes get destroyed by the explosions what and she continues to fight in her underwearAs the result, this comic may be very exciting for teens You know, there s that certain age when kids get interested in violence in movies, video games, music, etc and nudity This comic has a lot of all that A lot The only problem It doesn t have anything else No interesting story, no symbo Where are you going, MurphyFeels like reading RoboCop 2, but intense, of course I love the artwork Not just graphic, but better