[download pdf] Walkin' on the Happy Side of Misery: A Slice of Life on the Appalachian Trail (Official Guides to the Appalachian Trail)Author Junius R. Tate – Entrecielos.co

Within the first chapter I knew I wouldn't like this book, but I thought I'd try to stick it out I only made it through 8%, according to my kindle, before I gave up.The words are very decorative but lack depth; they just don't quite fit right; a little too overpolished Also, the alterego is very gimmicky I just couldn't get past those things.How does this have such high ratings? This book is so fantastic! I loved reading it and found myself getting sad that I was nearing the end! This is such a unique memoir JR or "ModelT" had me laughing with his little made up ditties and unapologetic opinions His sarcastic tone coupled with his ability to eloquently describe even the most mundane of things make this book so enjoyable When his tone would (rarely) turn serious, his words would grip my heart and even make me shed a tear or two His fellow thruhikers are such fun characters I became invested in their success as well as JR's I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the AT He really pays the Trial the respect it deserves. This book was inspiring and really thought provoking! A good one for anyone who is trying to come to terms with life! Model T the alter ego of retired Marine Corps officer Tate tells the story of their three thru hikes in the 1990s with an unusual eye for detail and an ear for laughs Despite the length, this one is a fast moving keeper for long distance hiking veterans.