Best Fates Star (Chronicles of the Warlands, #0.5) –

Five Years Before The Events In Warprize And Destiny S Star Her Family Dead, Her Home Destroyed, All She Has Left Are Her Wits And Her Songs When The Flames Of Civil War Rage Across The Kingdom Of Palins, Warna Of Farentell Has No Choice But To Flee To The Neighboring Barony Of Tassinic The Daughter Of A Wealthy Merchant, Raised To Run A Noble House In The Hope Of A Good Marriage, She Watches Her Future Burn With The Rest Of Her Homeland Elven Lord Of A Human Barony, Betrayed And Attacked By Those He Thought To Trust Verice Of Tassinic Has Suffered The Wounds Of War, Knowing Loss And Betrayal At The Hands Of Those He Trusted Most He Buries Himself In Work And Duty, Behind Emotional Walls As High As Those Of His Castle, Rather Than Risk Pain While Dealing With A Kingdom In Political And Economic Turmoil, He Rescues Warna Only To Discover That The Helpless Human Woman Is Anything But Before He Knows It, She Is Deep Within The Defenses Of His Heart, Forcing Him To Confront His Grief, His Distrust, And The Scars Of His Past And Maybe Even Steal His Heart In The Process. SeriesThis is one of my favorite series, characters that are near and dear to my heart I had to laugh when at the end I realized the scruffy cat was none other than Bethal s tag alone. 3.5 starsreview coming. This prequel to the fabulous Warprize takes the reader back five years and in the process offers readers both insights and a sweet romance Featuring Warna a very human heroine who finds himself alone and Verice an Elven Baron who for whatever reason cannot resist protecting the innocent We are thrown into a taste of life as war steadily encroaches with moments that made this reader startle as I realised just how everything fit into what for these characters is still to come In all conscience I cannot give too much away because I honestly have absolutely no desire to ruin this for others I can say that at times Warna and her tenacity reminded me of Xylara but there the similarities end Warna is a young woman who knows what she wants but I liked that she s unafraid to seek advice.Verice was a surprise A male dragged down by grief and the guilt that only a survivor can understand and yet he locks his feelings away to sally forth and protect his people We get a gl I have never any of these in order so it is fitting that the last bok is the first book, but to be fair, this one was just published Verice is an Elf living in human lands and he has been a baron there for quite some time He is honorable, takes care of those who live on his lands and kind But oh man, or oh elf, when he sees Warna it does seem like he forgets he has a brain.Warna is fleeing war and comes to Tassinic And what can I say, he just carries her away Not for any nefarious reasons, now he is all, pretty voice, must protect Men Elves Of course she is all what do you want I mean who wouldn t be But Like I said, he is honorable and kind So obviously these two fall in lust and love And she is so capable so she saves his barony too.There is another couple mentioned too, that just felt weird I thanks to someone worked out that they will star in a new series, but at this moment it mostly felt like