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Special Forces Patch A dinosaur holding a toilet plunger in its mouth Listened and read all of these books within a span of one year I first downloaded the audible of Columbus Day, after that, I couldn t get enough of the Expeditionary Force The writing, the humor, everything about this series is, in the words of Skippy, Awesome Can t wait for the next The Battle Scarred Star Carrier Flying Dutchman Is Finally On Her Way Back To Earth, After An Exceptionally Successful Series Of Missions That Have Once Again Saved The World The Ship Needs A Serious Refit, And Her Exhausted Crew Just Wants A Break From Constant Clandestine Warfare Against A Vicious And Superior Enemy Wishes Come True, Right Not For The Merry Band Of Pirates. Overall, I enjoyed Renegades It was satisfying to see some progress on certain story lines That being said, I m getting tired of the same problems being hashed and re hashed It feels like each book is just the same basic problem of oh no, we need to keep earth from being discovered by First it was the Kristang, then it was the Thuranin, now it was the Maxolhx Every time it is absolutely impossible and then Joe thinks up some crazy plan and Skippy complains and bemoans the fact that he didn t think of that I don t think I will be able to justify lis Holee D.Before you open this book, read the first 6 and maybe the novella To truly appreciate this piece you ll have to know the entire backstory, but once you do it ll be worth it So much happens and so many questions were answered that I can hard To quote the immortal Skippy, Blah, blah, blah As I write this review, I ve caught up with all of the Expeditionary Force books that have been released I can no long just keep throwing Audible credits at them hoping for them to improve.This one has finally hit rock bottom The sad part is that I don t even hate the book, it is just a monumental disappointment At the end of the previous book, after having saved the day, again, it all gets spoiled by the revelation that two big bad Maxolhx warships are coming to Earth to investigate This book essentially is about nothing but dealing with those two ships via a series of steps even crazier than what the crew of the Flying Dutchman have dealt with in the past.And therein lies the most fundamental failing of Renegades the utter repetition There is an impossible mission to destroy another alien ship s with a Dutchman that is in worse shape than ever But we ve been through this story a couple of times now with just the difficulty level of the boss battle cranked up.But, there are several things that make this the worst of the series by far First, the Skippy and Joe banter are wearing really thin The same arguments and insults get repeated over and over and over Even the other crew in this book are growing sick of Skippy the AI and Joe have become stagnant.Next, due to reasons, most of the crew that have been on There s no greater palette cleanser than a jaunt around the galaxy with our favourite beer can and his merry band of pirates Alanson is no Asimov, and not really an Adams either sometimes he repeats himself, and he strays into the formulaic but what a winning Another fun read full of good SyFy. First thing to mention, I m glad I don t have to read any almost complains about calibrating drive coils every time a bit of drama was required as a filler But this is kind of the only positive in this book.The banter between Skippy and Joe, although enjoyable in the past, now is excessive The solution solving Everything is arbitrary Everything can be done and undone Is full of contradictions to the point where I don t follow any the specifics of each problem Just say abracadabra and be done with Half of the book is a slow and tedious crawl , the second part was rushed but tha Feels like a rerunNothing new and a lack of characters left the story very hollow At some point, the relationship between Skippy and Joe has to progress from sarcastic, put down, jibes It feels forced at this point This story had really no suspense, no revelation of the larger plo