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You would think that with the front cover proclaiming The Ultimate in Sensual Romantic Fiction that I would remember alot than I do about this book. SHE WAS A FEVER RACING THROUGH HIS BLOOD.Untamed, Unpredictable, Utterly Captivating, Christina As Determined To Live Free As The Wind Yet Was Fatally Bound To The One Man Whose Passion Could Imprison Her Forever HE BURNED LIKE A FLAME IN HER HEART A Handsome Privateer, The Banished Son Of A Scottish Earl, Kade Roamed The Seas, Thriving On Danger And The Intrigue Of A Turbulent Age From Her Lush Caribbean Paradise Christina Fled To The Dazzling Salons Of Paris But Kade Had Vowed To Pursue Her Across The World To Make Her See That At The End Of Her Perilous Journey Lay The Ecstasy They Were Powerless To Resist And A Glorious Destiny Forged ByThe Devil S Love My fav book D Setting Caribbean France, 1768Genre Historical RomanceBodice Ripper YesMy Grade CThis story spans about three years Christina Evrion is the heroine and is seventeen when it starts She has blonde hair and light blue eyes Kade Renault is the hero and his age wasn t given but I m assuming he s in his thirties There s usually a big age gap between hero and heroine in these old books He has black hair and blue eyes.Christina is a strange heroine I think French is her native tongue Until the end she never really even liked Kade and wanted a divorce They d met briefly once Christina s father died and she couldn t inherit her money until she married She had a terrible relationship with her stepmother, Hilda, and needed to get away from her and live on her own Christina needed to marry to claim her inheritance so she asked Kade to marry her She assumed he was going to die within a few days because he d been captured by the Spanish They married and much to her horror, he didn t die She wanted to get a divorce but he didn t want to.I liked Kade alright but Christina seemed slightly arrogant to me When they were together I was just uninterested because nothing really happened between them During the story they lived apart most of the time He did cheat From what my mother tells me of this book I want to read this book so bad So it going to be seriously EPIC