Free epub Anti Inflammatory Diet and Ketogenic Diet, 2 Books in 1: The Beginner Guide to Restore Your Body Health and Metabolism, 300 Easy Recipes Inside (Audio Download): Emanuele Di Felice, Catherine O'Connor, Emanuele Di Felice: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Emanuele Di Felice –

You are about to discover how to effectively lose weight, keep it off and deal with all manner of metabolic diseases by following a blend of two of the world s most effective diets Over % of the world s population is struggling with one metabolic disease or another Put in another way over two billion people are struggling with diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and many other related diseases Two billion is almost the population of China and India, combined This means that the masses are at a risk of death due to complications relating to these diseases Don t let these numbers give you comfort though we all struggle alone The question is how do you reduce your odds of dying prematurely because of any of these diseases The secret is in watching what you eat We know we are what we eat, right So how exactly do you watch what you eat Well, while there are different approaches to it, the most effective way is following a blend of the best weight loss diet, ie the Keto diet, and the one diet that reverses inflammation, which is the root of many of the metabolic diseases Lucky for you, this book has actionable information on how to follow each of these diets In it, you will understand the inner working of the Keto diet and the ins and outs of the anti inflammation diet This book is a two in one book that will help you deal with all metabolic diseases with ease The book has two booksKetogenic Diet for BeginnersAnti Inflammatory Diet for Beginners Here is what you will learn in each book The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners The ins and outs of the Ketogenic diet Why the Ketogenic diet is lauded as the best diet One of the major risks of the Ketogenic diet and the best way to deal with it Great tips to ensure your success with the Ketogenic diet Great keto friendly alternatives to some of your favorite foods Simple and delicious recipes you can prepare with the most minimal ingredients in your kitchen Anti Inflammatory Diet for Beginners Why Inflammation is so prevalent today One of the greatest contributors of inflammation and how to avoid it The unique relationship between inflammation and some diseases The must have foods to fight inflammation and strengthen your immune system Amazingly delicious anti inflammatory recipes to heal inflammation If you are tired of your weight and always being sick and want to do something about it, then this is the right book for you Click Buy Now at the top of this page to get started NOW