Free pdf Keto Diet Cookbook: 600+ Quick & Easy Recipes for Busy People on the Ketogenic Diet - With 1000-Day Meal Plan - Boost Hormones and 20 Proven Tips for Success (Audio Download): Dr. Jack Felton, Eddie Leonard Jr., Dr. Jack Felton: Audible Audiobooks By Dr. Jack Felton –

Love this book Sooo many recipes for everyday meals Tell you what your are allowed and not allowed to eat I will definitely try this diet out and will update you on my results Anyone who s willing to try new diets should also try keto and will receive at least some indirect benefits The most vulnerable patients, such as elderly and children, can go on keto as well, provided they have strong family support that will cook for them and urge them to stay away from carbohydrates Those with mystery ailments and skin conditions, especially ones that resist medical treatment, should try keto as well Note that the most extreme form of keto revolves around eating g of carbohydrates, which is emotionally extremely demanding and shouldn t be done without dire need The recipes included in this audiobook are not only delicious, but also easy to prepare Dive in and enjoyketo diet recipes Here are some of the recipe categories you will find Breakfast Mains Sides Seafood Poultry Meat Soups and Stews Vegans and vegetarians One pot recipe Keto favorites Keto bread Desserts Get this audiobook and start your Keto journey today This book gave me motivation to stick with it This book has made cooking fun AND EASY The recipes gave me lots of new ideas and helped me to feel like the diet was doable.This book has wonderful content it is so much than a cookbook and would be a great starter guide for anyone new to the keto diet. Ketosis is the state wherein the body burns down stored units of fat as a source of energy If you would like to stay fit, lose weight, and retain your muscle, you should opt for the ketogenic diet You will get popular 600 easy recipes from this guidebook I want to thanks for the Author Overall perfect While I have not viewed the Kindle version, I feel like the book may have been written by than individual This is not true Keto it has recipes which include sweet potatoes, some fruits and juices, and pasta Penne Pasta Primavera While I have not made any of the recipes and cannot speak to how good the recipes are, if you look closely, you ll see the following Soups several of the recipes do not list nutritional content some recipes indicate carbs and some indicate net carbs but no fiber reflected do we assume all are net carbs Recipe 409 title says Preparation instead of the food item Recipe 426 has some ingredients for the recipe reflected as grams and other ingredients reflected as Imperial US measures in the same recipe I found quite a bit of recipes where quantities of the ingredients were completely left off In addition, just various differences like the way the nutritional content was reflected sentence vs list , missing letters from the recipe name, some recipes spell out one teaspoon and most use the digit like we are a used to like 1 teaspoon or Quarter vs 1 4 minor but worth mentioning Some recipes run ingredients together and while you can figure out the recipe easily ex oneteaspoonsalt or one teaspoonsalt example is illustrative only , when added to all of the other things, it is just one reason why the book doesn t work for me I would not recommend primarily due to missing nutritional information, mixing of metric and imperial US in a recipe, and the many missing quantities of ingredients to use in a recipe. I like this book because I found here twelve types of recipes for me Recipes were not too long and easy to cook, so I m going with this book Overall an average cookbook. I cooked many recipes from this book for my husband He lost 20 Pounds Recipes are very good I highly recommend this, if you are doing the Keto diet I love this book Thanks author for this excellent book.