[Download eBook] Ketogenic Fat Bombs: Delicious Low-Carb, High-Fat Sweet & Savory Ketogenic / Paleo Fat Bombs Recipes (Keto Cookbook)Author Destiny Child – Entrecielos.co

A ketogenic diet snack must have book From the best selling author of the Ketogenic diet Facebook Fanpage A community of all die hard Keto lovers Recommend Ketogenic Fat Bombs Delicious low carb desserts, baked goods, and other treats for people following the incredibly popular keto diet These healthy high fat keto bombs are perfect for on the go energy, curing between meals hunger, and a perfect treat to fill your sweet tooth cravings The keto diet doesn t have to be eggs, bacon, and MCT oil in your coffee, you can enjoy it too Why settle for any fat bomb book, when you can have a year of sweet and savory flavorsOur recipes have been carefully curated to bring you a year of treats to match your seasons and mood Easy to make, easy to follow, and easy to find ingredients Spendtime enjoying and less time cooking or looking for expensive and hard to find ingredientsChocolate sunflower fat bombs Tea fat bombs Coconut eggs Cheesecake fat bombs Creamy coconut truffles Cream cheese Jello fat bombs Pumpkin spiced fat bombs Apple cinnamon fat bombs Coco custard fat bombs Simple mocha fat bombs Many of thethanrecipes require nothantominutes of prep time, and they taste as delicious and indulgent keto fat bomb your will love