Textbooks Computer Programming: The Doctrine: An Introduction to the Language of Computer Programming: From User-Friendly HTML to the More Advanced Python. C, C, C#, Coding, Rasberry Pi and Black Hat HackingAuthor Adesh Silva – Entrecielos.co

Discover how to program effectively in less than five days, even if you have never written code before Have you ever been so wrapped up in a puzzle or game that you couldn t put it down until you solved itProgramming is like that It meets your mind s need for stimulation and exercise And it s incredibly rewarding Yet, Coding is not just a free time activity for tech geeks As the world becomestechnologically advanced, computer programming awareness and skills are not just for those pursuing software development careers It s increasingly showing up in other jobs, business opportunities, and life Did you know that coding and programming jobs are one of the most secure and best paid jobs around the worldAccording to BSL, the median annual wage for computer programmers was , inThe field is growing strong and companies are headhunting coders But even if you don t want to become a professional coder, programming skills increase your salary in other fields such as marketing, finance, and business analysis Several studies have shown that programming skills addedthan , to the annual salary Nowadays mobile applications are the number one tool to create a stronger relationship with your customers Even if you don t dare to create an app yourself, you will find yourself collaborating with a professional developer Understanding what they re doing and communicating effectively requires being versed in these topics Knowing how to code is the most effective tool to solve a huge variety of problemsComputer Programming The Doctrine helps get you started with introductory concepts that build on one another to quickly give you valuable programming skills You ll discover Fundamental concepts of programming and how they fit together to create powerful apps and software How you can build your first program with one cheat The training module that makes learning how to code as easy as Pi Easy ways to Customize your website the way you want The effective tools hackers use to break into systems and how to protect yourself The foundation of five different programming languages to preview which one is best for you to pursue Some people hesitate to start programming because they ve previously had a negative experience, or the material seems intimidating Of course, it will seem difficult if the lessons aren t effectively sequenced The key is to start with the basics to ensure fundamental concepts are grasped Getting this foundation in place gives the necessary confidence and allows for quick progress moving forward Following this approach, kids at the age of five learn to program as part of the mandatory curriculum in many elementary schools If they can build their first video games at the age of seven, it will be a piece of cake for you If you want to quickly learn programming to open up an infinite amount of personal and professional opportunities, scroll up and click the Add to Cart button