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Create Amazing First Impressions and Read Other People Easily Have you ever felt like someone is not being honest with you, but you just couldn t tell why Have you ever tried to impress someone, but they just couldn t buy into you Would you like to know what you can do to appear confident, and tell when someone is lying to you If so keep reading Professor Albert Mehrabian has revealed an important fact about human communications Seven percent in human communication comes from words while % comes from body language and non verbal communication If we think about this important revelation, we will see that words almost don t matter we communicate mostly in a non verbal way Starting from business, all the way to attracting the opposite sex, body language is way important than what you say In this outstanding book, you will expose seven secret strategies to understand human behavior, read other people, analyze body language, and change your body language to enjoy endless benefits Here s what you can find inside How to develop an efficient body language How to read other people How to appear attractive, charismatic, and persuasive How to improve your interviews, relationships, finances, and even emotions How to avoid body language mistakes And much, much Who should listen to this book Anyone who s not aware of the importance of body language will benefit from listening to this book Specifically, this book is for you if you d like to raise your self esteem, appear attractive and charismatic, and wish to learn how to read other people All of those skills are crucial in business, job interviews, dating, and psychology Reveal the Secrets of Body Language NOWScroll up, click on Buy , and get your copy