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Having see the film I saw this novel and decided to give it a try.great fun and I loved the interplay between rocket and groot. Really loved this book Bought it after having seen the film and it didn t disappoint. My grandson requested this for his Christmas stocking I was surprised as the younger generation seemingly have their head buried into lap tops or texting on their phones He researched this book and said This is what I want it must be good. Doesn t offer much character background, but a fun novel for early teens and people in their early thirties who can t wait for the next movie to come out. If you re a fan of the GOTG movies, you will love this book The focus is on Rocket and Groot who are on hiatus from Guarding the Galaxy, the story line is very fitting to their characters The book is very light hearted, even with some pretty serious battle scenes, the interaction between characters is in keeping with the characters we know from the movies.The story does develop and build as you go along, and there is the right amount of humour that you would expect, especially from Rocket, with a nice cameo from one of the other Guardians towards the end of the book.The story jumps from scene to scene in a very fluid manner, so you don t feel like you ve missed out on parts of the storyline, which helps keep you interested and want to read.I d definitely recommend this, was a very fun read and am hopeful there will be GOTG prose novels to come I only wish this book were longer I listened to this on Graphic Audio Simply AMAZINGRigellian Recorder 127 narrates the story with many a witty whimsical wonderful aside Reminded me a lot of the book in Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy It was sheer genius on the part of the author.I ve always been a fan of Rocket Racoon, from his first comic book outings My favourite of the Guardians of The Galaxy So a story focusing on Rocket Racoon and Groot was always going to a must for me.Rocket Racoon with his unfeasibly large guns and disconcertingly human hands and Groot a large sentient tree rescue the Rigellian Recorder 127 from the Badoon s Partially because Rocket instinctively hates Badoon s and partial because they spill his Timothy an extremely toxic drink A mass bar fight with unfeasibly large guns ensues, and spills out into a Gladiatorial Arena WOW Its extremely well written, and so vivid I would expect nothing less from Dan Abnett writing genius and god I m a long standing fan But Graphic Audio adds sound effects, backing music and voice actors which really bring this tale to vivid life truly as Graphic audio advertises A movie in your mind The prose and the sound effects combined are spectacular I cannot understate how much I loved this and all the fights scenes within this production of which there are very many.It turns out that every powerhouse in the Galaxy want Rigellian Recorder 127, The Badoon, the Kree Stellar Empire, the Nova Corps of Xandar, the Shi ar Imperial Guard, and even a rogue Spaceknight not to mention Rockets old Guardian s pal Garmora As they pass the initial Oh What the Flark Event Horizon as Rocket puts it, each battle becomes bigger, brutal, mayhem, and unfeasibly large guns wielded by one tactical genius racoon We know Rocket Racoon is a tactical genius because he tells everyone he meets that he is with disconcertingly human hands.The balance of this book, between adventure, action, mega fights and humour is perfect I loved the book so much I ve listened to it 3 times already so I can enjoy each moment again and again to ever increasing degrees Dan Abnett has out done himself here, and the Rigellian Recorder 127 is that touch of comic genius that is simply awe inspiring So yes I can heartily recommend this book. I literally just finished this book LOVED it I didn t know anything about these characters I enjoyed getting to know Groot Rocket This book is well written, funny, full of great action Pick this book up ASAP Dan Abnett is a great comic writer and brought the Guardians of the Galaxy back to life in the comic world with power and depth His run on the title is, in my opinion, the best He brought new characters to the forefront of the Marvel world and created stories that caused readers to anxiously await next month s release The Brian Bendis stories are contemporary with the movie and thus probably read, but they pale in comparison as regards character development, interaction, depth and fun Dan Abnett continues this effort with his prose novel Rocket Raccoon and Groot There is a ton of fun in this book Comics are meant to be good, and fun Dan Abnett is all about fun in this book, but with strong writing and intelligence If you are looking for a book that takes itself very seriously, this is not it Don t get me wrong, Dan Abnett is a serious writer, but he allows us to walk with him in an imaginary, fun world and it is a blast. These are not the Avengers or the Fantastic Four in fact, they re barely even famous but Rocket Raccoon and the faithful Groot are the baddest heroes in the cosmos, and they re on the run across the Marvel Universe During a spaceport brawl, the infamous pair rescues an android Recorder from a pack of alien Badoons Everyone in the galaxy, however, including the ruthless Kree Empire and the stalwart Nova Corps, seems to want that Recorder, who s about as sane as a sandwich with no mustard Join Rocket and Groot on a free for all across the stars while they try to save all of existence again GraphicAudio Production Awesome ly cheesy Great for any GotG fans or anyone who loves Marvel Just enough cheesiness to be entertaining without getting you constipated The quality of the paper binding Cover is Top Shelf MANTASTIC embossed design on hardcover Id buy it just for that.