Dog Training for Dummies: Educate Puppies and Adult Dog with the Best Techniques for Last Learning Also for Agility Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement (Audio Download): Danny Pol, Art Stone, Danny Pol: Audible Audiobooks –

Very poorly written knock off Waste of money Are you looking for information about dog training for dummies You will find it here It is very rare that humans have a dog that is obediently born with good manners Dogs are like children You need the right care and training to turn your dog into an obedient pet Make dog training for you and your dog, always, as much fun as possible that s the number one rule for dog training for dummy Always stick to one lesson at a time as dogs are unable to complete multiple tasks There are several dog training lessons in this audiobook, and you are free to repeat the dog training lessons until your dog s behavioral problems are completely resolved If your dog has completed your command successfully, reward him with food Food is very important for dog training Are you experiencing problem in your dog s behavior This book will throw light on what dogs wants