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Do you know what the advantage is of natural handmade soaps and whyandpeople create organic handmade soap at home with their own handsFirst of all, it is a creative product, with a piece of your heart and soul Soap crafting is an occupation for your soul and it brings joy and pleasure for those people who are engaged in this process Soap produced in large volumes, in chemical industries, cleans so well, that it washes, along with dust and dirt, all the protective oils from our skin And we end up with dry, prematurely aging skin Our book with handmade soap recipes will teach you how to create the best handmade soap a soap that contains natural oils and organic additives honey, oats, calendula flowers, chocolate, andHomemade soap is enriched with oils such as olive, sea buckthorn, peach, wheat germ oil, and manyoils that have a moisturizing, rejuvenating, and anti cellulite effect Easy natural homemade soap is a great and original gift, which hardly anyone could remain indifferent about Natural ingredients, the basis of which skin handmade soap is created, have a beneficial effect on the skin Natural handmade soap is devoid of drawbacks By cleansing the skin with organic soap, you can get rid of peeling and dryness By experimenting with different oils, you can create a soap that is suitable for your skin Scrub effect, moisturizing effect, vitaminizing effect, anti cellulite effect all this is achieved by simply adding an ingredient The aesthetic side is also important With our recipes for homemade soap, you will find out how to create any shape heart, flower, oval, car, and so on In addition, by mixing colored masses, adding dry flower petals, and using other methods of decoration, you can create a truly unique soap that will delight others and will be a real decoration of your bathroom Homemade soap can be a powerful means of aromatherapy, because it often includes natural essential oils Now it will not be difficult to create a soap with your favorite smell Vanilla and lavender, lily of the valley, and lilac the smell of soap made with your own hands will be totally unlike the chemical smells of soap made industrially So once again the advantages of natural handmade soap includeClear skin Hydration and nutrition, thanks to natural oils Aromatherapy while using soap Aesthetic pleasure Making your own choices in creating handmade soap, you are able to choose an eco friendly product

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