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The book that inspired ITV s hit drama HarlotsHarris List of Covent Garden Ladies, a salacious publication detailing the names and specialties of the capital s prostitutes, eventually became one of the th century s most successful literary works as well as an essential accessory for any serious gentleman of pleasure Beyond its titillating passages lay a glimpse into the sex lives of those who lived and died by the list s profits during the Georgian era The Covent Garden Ladies tells the story of three unusual characters whose colourful lives were brought together by this publication Its story plunges the listener down the dark alleys of th century London s underworld, a realm populated by tavern owners, pimps, punters, card sharks and, of course, a colourful range of prostitutes and brothel keepers

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  1. Customer Customer says:

    This book is an absolute must read for any person interested in English social history of The Georgian period Having said this, it is a wonderful insight into sheer survival of women during this period who, whether by accident or misfortune, found that their only means of income was to resort to The Oldest Profession Prostitution.I was fortunate to know of Harris s List prior to reading the book but not its history or that of its author s and this is why I bought the book in the first place However, nothing could prepare me for the depth of information found here.An unusual book, expertly written.Off now to look for of this ladies work

  2. Vicuña Vicuña says:

    I bought this after reading The Five by the same author A compelling and convincing account about the victims of Jack the Ripper.I knew nothing of the Harris list and very little detail about the Georgian underworld of prostitution The Covent Garden Ladies brings this whole period to vibrant life They are real personalities and it s easy to imagine and understand their lifestyle choices It appears to be meticulously researched and it s rich in detail Brilliant and filled with intelligent insight which brings this period of a London society to vibrant life.

  3. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    A fascinating breath taking journey back in time The author really takes you back to the 18th century Never has history been so real Highly recommended

  4. Lady from Plymouth Lady from Plymouth says:

    I love the 18th century It is normally a joy to emerge myself in any book of this period However I found this book dull, tedious and boring Such a shame as the subject matter should and could be interesting It just did not come alive for me.

  5. Mr. P. J. Hubbard Mr. P. J. Hubbard says:

    Very interesting slice of little known social history

  6. TB TB says:

    A thoroughly researched and interesting account of the three main characters behind the 18th century publication Harris s List Brings alive the reality of life for people especially women with no family or friends to support them Very readable.

  7. Sarah Durston Sarah Durston says:

    Harris s List was an annual publication that listed all the prostitutes in and around the Covent Garden area and their specialities In The Covent Garden Ladies, Rubenhold explores the story of how the list came into being and the three main personalities behind the famous book Samuel Derrick a down and out Irish poet , Charlotte Hayes a prostitute and then procuress and John Harrison, also known as Jack Harris, who lent his name to the project.This is facinating social history Not only do we learn about the lives of our three main protagonists, but also what it was like to be in the Fleet prison, what is was like to be a struggling writer at the time and also about the theatres, pubs and brothels of Covent Garden.The book also includes many of the entries from Harris s List, some of which are hilarious I would have loved to have met a woman with breath like a Welsh bagpipe or the prostitute who if you can forget she s hunchbacked, she s a little Venus I would have liked to know about the lives of the prostitutes at the time All this was confined to the last chapter of the book, which was unfortunate as it was one of the interesting parts of the book as a whole.Recommended.

  8. bluecasual bluecasual says:

    facinated with the 18th century and have to say this one is a BRILLIANT account of that time, got to be the best book about the whole covent garden scene, not kidding the author makes you actually feel as if your there, dont know how she does it but loved this book , just could not put it downjust bought another one of her books hope its as good, well doneshould be 10 stars

  9. cosimo stifani cosimo stifani says:

    Well researched, and it adds a peek onto what we usually attempt to sweep under the rug human sexuality.In this book it is argued that it was the springboard of money making Georgian London At least part of it, since we have a view of how it was spent

  10. Carol Carol says:

    Extraordinary book, the lives of those who inspired, created and featured in Harris s List told with honesty.

  11. richard newton richard newton says:

    A spot in time unique, history without the fluff old England and what women had to endureincredible book