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A scared teenager on the run An infant child some say is humanity s savior A former lover whose life is now hobbled by a terrible secret A law partner accused of a horrible crime A city being overcome by an inscrutable menace They need a guardian Someone to protect them Someone with faith in them They need Daredevil GraphicAudio Production

7 thoughts on “Daredevil: Guardian Devil (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Kevin Smith, Jonathan Feuer, full cast, Marvel, Dreamscape Media, LLC: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Rob C Rob C says:

    Even you are not a Daredevil fan, there is lots to applaud in this tour de force graphic novel I always thought Daredevil was a bit like the Xmen in that the appeal is largely to the existing fanbase but here Kevin Smith manages to write a blockbuster page turner that will appeal to all Has all the attributes of a very good thriller novel with the added bonus of complimentary colouring and art that you get from a graphic novel Wish all graphic novels were this good Easily maximum stars and I am not a fan of all Kevin Smith s writing.

  2. Anvilstrike Anvilstrike says:

    The good i love this story I owned signed Visionaries edition over 12 years ago and lost it This is a must read for DD fan.The bad It s not HC so the cover starts softening after first read.

  3. Julie Julie says:

    My son very happy thank you.

  4. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    The tiniest bit dog eared, but nothing to bad.

  5. Ben Faulkner Ben Faulkner says:

    I have do so dipped in and out of daredevil for years now, and now I m sitting down to do it in order I find that this series has really grabbed me The following weekend are where it really gets into it and this is a great steppingstone Not the best of stories but well worth a read based on what s coming next.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    WARNING This Review May Contain Spoilers Daredevil has been one of my faveourite comic book characters and series for a long time Since I first read this actually Guardian Devil was the first story arc of the new run of the series, which was cancelled after a barren period following the phenomenal highs of the Frank Miller Klaus Janson run of the early 80 s I also like the Ann Noncenti run Now on Marvel s new Marvel Knights imprint, which would house the darker Marvel characters Elektra, The Punisher, Moon Knight etc This, as it turns out, was the perfect home for The Man Without Fear, and Guardian Devil set the standard of brilliant stories that would continue until the end of the Andy Diggle written The Devil s Hand in 2009.Guardian Devil is written by the infamous director of Clerks, Kevin Smith And he does a hell of a job The story starts with Matt Murdock falling back on his Catholic Faith for the first time in years, following his long time girlfriend Karen Page s departure to the west coast He as Daredevil quickly gets distracted by a group of thugs chasing a pregnant girl, hired by an unseen enemy There is also the reappearence of former flame super hero partner Black Widow Things take several turns for the worse, as the people closest to Matt start to suffer, as the story starts to show simularities with Miller s classic Born Again, the greatest Daredevil story of them all, as Matt s life collapses one pillar at a time.Smith s partner s in crime are Joe Quesada Pencils and Jimmy Palmotti Inks Their art is technically superb, but, re reading several years later, doesen t suit the story as well as, for example, Alex Maleev s would But I recomend his work on Subsequent Daredevil stories Parts of a Hole and Father are brilliant And while we re on the subject of downsides, the Denouement in Issue 7 is a bit Bond like, and the Villain who is actually a personal faveourite of mine seems out of place For an Introduction into the world of Daredevil, it s superb but Man Without Fear or Yellow do the job better For the veteran, it s another solid addition to the Daredevil canon.8 10

  7. Liam Liam says:

    For fans of Daredevil this is an excellent story, the artwork is brilliant in a cartoony manner and the book draws the reader in at the very beggining.The premise behind the story is that Matt Daredevil has been entrusted with the safety of a baby, who may or may not be either the second coming, or the destroyer of the world Then his already crazy life slips out from under him This is a strong Daredevil story with Matt, handling the challenges of his life as a flawed man and not a perfect hero, which is what makes the stories so interesting However those new to the character may find a number of the references slightly baffling Saying that the part with Bullseye, who many may know from the film, is excellent and Bullseye really is at his twisted best.The biggest problem is the ending, although the story is excellent, the ending seems a little too rushed and leaves the reader feeling slightly cheated Not the best Daredevil stroy ever told but certainly very good Though not as good as Frank Miller s run on Daredevil, fans of Miller should cetainly enjoy this book.