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Have you ever wondered about the secret to living a long, full life, free from disease, and other ailments associated with old age Then keep reading Many of us see our ancestors as superhumans that were lucky enough to be strong, agile, and enjoy life But there was nothing inherently special about them They only knew to abide by an ancient rule of nature Nature, in turn, rewarded them with strength, agility, and health These days, however, many of us go about life without much regard to what we eat and how we eat It is little wonder our bodies become easy targets for all sort of diseases and, worst of all, we do not get to enjoy a long life The good news is that you can tap into the age long tradition that helped our forefathers You can equip your body with the right resources to be strong, resistant to diseases, and thrive against all odds You can get rid of toxins from your body and take practical steps to make your body stronger That is the aim of this manual that introduces the concept of Autophagy The best part is that you are not ingesting any drug or following some strict diet to activate this in your body This audiobook will open you up to tested principles through which you can activate autophagy in your body Some of the knowledge you will find in this manual includes The concepts of microautophagy and macroautophagy How to activate autophagy via exercise, fasting, and ketosis The role of water fasting in reaching ketosis Misconceptions about autophagy debunked How long and how to fast before autophagy sets in Lifestyle and food choices that will help activate autophagy Autophagy mistakes to avoid And so much This manual is for everyone who values their life and health It is for the young and old alike who value healthy living and would like to keep their bodies and immune systems resilient to all forms of disease attack The teachings of this manual are your ticket to a long, good life, without the fear of your body failing you any time soon I am very happy to read this great one book for us Many days I find this book then my best friend suggested to me for read this great one book Well written by author this book I really like this book So ,I highly recommend this well book. One of best books I ve read on intermittent fasting I highly recommend it Not for everyone Alot of medical terms This book promotes fastong for at least 72hrs Although i feel like its honest in telling you the side effects its a bit contradictory. It is written in mostly easy to understand, with one section dealing with the science of autophagy, language Because autophagy is so beneficial for most people, it should be of immense interest.