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Around the globe, people are facing the same problem that we are born as individuals but are forced to conform to the rules of society if we want to succeed To see our uniqueness expressed in our achievements, we must first learn the rules and then how to change them completely Charles Darwin began as an underachieving schoolboy, Leonardo da Vinci as an illegitimate outcast The secret of their eventual greatness lies in a rigorous apprenticeship by paying close and careful attention, they learnt to master the hidden codes which determine ultimate success or failure Then, they rewrote the rules as a reflection of their own individuality, blasting previous patterns of achievement open from within Told through Robert Greene s signature blend of historical anecdote and psychological insight and drawing on interviews with world leaders, Mastery builds on the strategies outlined in TheLaws of Power to provide a practical guide to greatness and how to start living by your own rules

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  1. L. Tait L. Tait says:

    I came across this book purely by chance, and having loved his book about power, The 48 Laws of Power Which I have also reviewed, so I won t go into it here I bought the paperback To my knowledge, there s an abridged posh word for shortened edition, but this is the whole enchilada at well over three hundred pages It took a while to read, and the print is really small, so it s best you get the kindle version if your eyes aren t what they were So, Monsieur Greene, on this outing, teaches some really valuable lessons on exploring the full potential of the human psyche using past and present masters of their crafts as examples, like Leonardo Da Vinci, Goethe, Faraday and Einstein It s totally changed my perspective on life, as Greene suggests that we find our Life s Task, and not close off our minds to learning new skills and embracing change, whatever our age, instead of getting comfortable, because it s safe and reassuring He mentions the importance of mentors, and that, in some cases, we have to mentor ourselves if no such mentors are available to us And the important stages of learning an apprenticeship, from observation, to breaking free and striking out on your own I found it really informative and useful, and I came away with two memorable pieces of information, one being that, when you feel you have nothing left to learn in a job or apprenticeship, it s time to leave, and a great quote by Einstein, who viewed the intuitive mind as a sacred gift and the rational mind as a faithful servant He said that we have created a society where we honour the faithful servant and forget the gift There s something for everyone in this gem of a book if you stick with it, and what you can take to the bank is that Greene states that we all have it within ourselves to be masters and modern day geniuses, and that it s not merely the preserve of those who are naturals , He illustrates this point by referring to a pilot who was not naturally gifted, who put in the training and the hours to become one of the best, even when the odds were stacked against him, and the dedication of a top basketball player who, while not naturally gifted at the sport relentlessly displayed such dedication, passion and commitment, and the hard work paid off Greene s message is clear, to truly get the most out of our lives, we have to push past our comfort zones and see what we are really capable of, with the right inspiration and guidance Everyone should read this book, and I, for one, am very glad that I did Well worth its five star rating

  2. Neil Neil says:

    I don t know what to make of this book because it just feels so long winded that his point just gets lost in a haze of woolly fluff, so I dont know where the great lessons are unfortunately, I am a busy person and even though I am only less than a fifth of the way through, I feel as though I have learnt nothing at all so I am going to give up on this book additionally, there just seems to be so much conjecture about evolution, religion, feelings, inner callings, vocations, power etc I feel like I am being preached to by the leader of a cult it s mindnumbing and much better books with solid evidence and practical steps are Peak by Anders Ericsson and Mindset by Carol Dweck they are so much better than this.

  3. Carla G Carla G says:

    Best book of self development I have ever read I just wanted to buy the physical book as I have listened the audio book thats how good it is It change my life somehow I wish I could have read this book when I was 15.

  4. bilb-weil.de Customer bilb-weil.de Customer says:

    This book is a MUST for anyone who is planning to master a field Probably one of the best books I ve read in my life, it is now my Bible Greene mentions the importance of having a mentor on your road to achieving mastery this book is in effect, a mentor in itself.

  5. Moses Moses says:

    Similar to Greene s other writings in that it seems once you ve read one you ve pretty much read them all They seem to follow the same rhetoric.I don t think I d read another book by the author but I would recommend that everybody choose at least one book wisely Depending on what you would to gain, Greene can definitely inspire you and his books do offer valuable pockets of knowledge for those interested in historical figures and insight into their characters.The same concepts and themes are repeated throughout this book as touched upon in his highly regarded 48 Laws of Power These being the only two books by Greene I ve read His writing style can sometimes drag on and I was just pushing myself to finish after about half way through Happy I read this one but not a book I d read twice.

  6. Callum MORRISON Callum MORRISON says:

    Greene is a thoughtful person, serious writer and creative communicator He cleverly combines policy with practice, and uses history to illustrate timeless truths I enjoyed the book and would recommend it For anyone who has read his other books, his logical style and depth analysis of his other books are characteristics present in this book I would recommend the book to those readers who are greene fans, structuralists, deconstructualists, historians, and self improvers who want substance

  7. Jonathan Baldie Jonathan Baldie says:

    I believe that finding our life s task and pursuing it with all of our energy is the highest path we can possibly undertake My favourite nonfiction book, Mastery by Robert Greene, is the best introduction to this path of true fulfilment.I cannot reiterate often enough how important this book is for young people It is empowering, inspiring, and full of great stories about masters from all walks of life No other book or author comes close.

  8. bilb-weil.de Customer bilb-weil.de Customer says:

    Excellent inspiration for those seeking to master their craft trade and profession I originally bought this for my brother as a Christmas present for him, he was not dissapointed Ideal for aspiring professionals veterans, and industry guys gals who have an unshakeable will to learn and growand eventually master their skills.

  9. Kanwar Anand Kanwar Anand says:

    Robert Greene is than just insightful He goes a couple of steps further by giving examples of various successful masters who mastered their craft Not just this, he also gives examples of people who had passion for their field but burned out There are so many things one can learn from this book but the elementary structure of the book says there are three phases leavel in mastery,1 The Apprentice stage2 Creative Active stage3 MasteryMost people achieve the first stage but it comes with a set of its own prerequisites One must find the purpose of their life in order to ensure catapulting themselves to the level of someone aiming for mastery Nowhere does the author mention hard work because when you do something you want to do or be beyond great at there is no real energy required The initial phases may perturb you or make you want to give up but you must fight the social dynamic surrounding you Many may have tried a field and failed at it We must not allow our social convictions to make us settle down We must look beyond Before I sound jumbled up let me tell you Mastery is not an easy book to read or sit through It challenged nearly everything but in many ways it has told me the key to unhappiness and resentment The reason we are unhappy or depressed is because our creative potential remains potential and never sees the flourish it wants to enjoy.If you start something purely for the purpose of making money, your drive will be limited only for a few years However, if something holds your interest and you wish to submerge yourself, initial failure or resounding success, should not matter I noticed the book has many quotes but none of the quotes are simple I had to read them again two or three times, sometimes even and still did not understand most of those quotes I felt rather dense.The author s examples of people with average intelligence who went on to achieve a lot include Charles Darwin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Zen Master Hakun, Benjamin Franklin, Mozart, the poet John Keats, Thomas Edison, scientist Michael Faraday, the writer Marcel Proust, the dancer Martha Graham, the jazz legend John Coltrane and the pianist Glenn Gould.Nothing can be achieved unless you discover your calling This is also step 1 There are various strategies in finding your life s calling and I can t enlist all of them here He also talks about taking on a person as your mentor I found this very intriguing All examples will make for excellent read Side Note When you have a person as your mentor in a certain field, you will save yourself the time invested in making mistakes and learn from all the virtues of your mentor They will guide you and curb you in a way to the right path A worthy mentor will not shy from sharing his tricks, secrets and strategies from you ideally he she will through live on You, however, are not bound to take everything the mentor says and may choose certain virtues to instil in your own personality.The CREATIVE ACTIVE stage requires often times many years of practice and experimenting including various setbacks and failures.The author forewarns the reader of various creative pitfalls such as grandiosity , inflexiblity , dependency , Conservatism , impatience and so on Then he ventures to explain various strategies.Again there are several examples here, often the author connects the same person as an example in the Apprentice phase, then the Creative Active phase and eventually the mastery phase About the chapters and pages on MASTERY I would like to say you have to read them for yourself I found this the most challenging part of the book because though I read it in entirety, the retention was not that high This is merely because masters are not common people They flow through extreme waves of consciousness Let me enlighten you with an example I made of my own Supposing you are sitting with Shakespeare in a library and you both are given sheets of paper to fill with literary candour The way you approach the scenario and the way he will approach will have the difference and education of a hundred or so years because the way he approaches writing is from within and possesses a kind of sorcery not easily understandable by an amateur The brains of a master are wired differently after years and years of practice and application.I am not trying to belittle you or make you feel afraid, I am merely stating that this book is not one you can read just once and then let sit You have to make this your life guide, your life coach You have to absorb the essence of what the author is saying This is possibly why I think this is not for everyone It is far from being just an interesting read I mean it is than just that Something in me has changed since I began this book I give it four stars because thats exactly how much I understood the book I took close to four weeks to finish it.

  10. Abhishek Debnath Abhishek Debnath says:

    This is a terrific book A great shift from the usual Robert Greene ish amorality, this book points out the virtues that are inherent in the mind of masters And it guides the readers to seek those qualities to live a masterful life Read this book with an open mind.

  11. bilb-weil.de Customer bilb-weil.de Customer says:

    Best book ever for understanding the path of mastery Not overly inspirational Just the facts, backed by the stories of geniuses I loved the stories At the end of every chapter a strong and useful advice to drive the point home Impeccable writing Robert Greene is a great author If you are into any profession or process where you are a creator and want to excel, look no further and read this book.

  12. David R. Hielscher David R. Hielscher says:

    Mastery enth lt viele hilfreiche Tipps, die man jedoch meiner Meinung nach nicht unhinterfragt als Masterplan verwenden sollte Warum nicht Die Forschung geht davon aus, dass Erfolg auch vom Zufall beeinflusst wird So f hren gleiche pers nliche Faktoren wie Talent und Motivation unter Umst nden zu unterschiedlichen Ergebnissen, da unkontrollierbare u erliche Faktoren g nstige oder weniger g nstige Auswirkungen haben k nnen Daher muss man wohl mit Patentrezepten und allzu starren Erfolgskonzepten vorsichtig sein Zudem muss jeder f r sich selbst entscheiden, was Erfolg eigentlich f r einen selbst bedeutet und was man bereit ist daf r zu tun.Nichtsdestotrotz befindet man sich oftmals in Lebenssituationen, in denen man ein konkretes Konzept ben tigt Man m chte nicht wie das Blatt im Wind wiegen, sondern durch ein geplante Vorgehensweise seine Erfolgschancen erh hen und ein Gef hl von Sicherheit gewinnen Gerade die detaillierte Darstellung der Biographien ber hmter, erfolgreicher Pers nlichkeiten u.a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Henry Ford oder Charles Darwin lassen R ckschl sse auf deren zentrale Erfolgsfaktoren zu Befindet man sich nun selbst in einer hnlichen Lebenslage, kann man das ein oder andere Konzept f r sich bernehmen, anstatt planlos zu agieren Eine gewisse Praxistauglichkeit ist damit gegeben Besonders interessant und wichtig als Basis f r Erfolg und Zufriedenheit ist Kapitel I DISCOVER YOUR CALLING THE LIFE S TASK , in dem Wege zur Selbstfindung Wo m chte ich im Leben eigentlich hin aufgezeigt werden.Unsere Mitmenschen k nnen unseren Zielen im Wege stehen oder uns unterst tzen Im Kapitel IV SEE PEOPLE AS THEY ARE SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE zeigt der Autor, wie man sich ohne gro e Reibungsverluste im gesellschaftlichen Raum bewegt, dadurch seine Ziele konsequenter verfolgt und Entt uschungen aufgrund falscher Erwartungen vermeidet.Green hat mit Mastery einen ganzen Fundus an Konzepten zusammengetragen, die zur Meisterhaftigkeit beitragen k nnen Meine Empfehlung w re, diese nicht als ein Muss, sondern als Anregung zu verstehen und stets reflektiert und individuell auf sich selbst angepasst anzuwenden Denn letztlich wird man nur erfolgreich und zufrieden zugleich, wenn man seine Individualit t und Authentizit t weiter entwickelt, was meiner Meinung nach auch die Entwicklung eigener Konzepte zur Zielerreichung einschlie t Insgesamt gebe ich Mastery gerade noch die vollen 5 Sterne, da das Buch viele eing ngig beschriebene Tipps enth lt, sogar auf anthropologische Grundlagen des Lernens eingeht sowie interessante und historisch bedeutsame Pers nlichkeiten vorstellt Bravo Mr Greene Ps Mastery ist trotz der englischen Sprache gut zu verstehen und relativ fl ssig zu lesen.

  13. Soumil Soumil says:

    This book begins with the most important asset that a human being has concentration And the need to develop it and its significance in the modern times.Then it gives a step by step process divided in chapters about discovering your natural talents, how you need to approach the apprenticeship phase and the challenges posed by the outside world and finally about when you reach the stage of mastery It gives stories and examples from the lives of many great masters of all time like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and many others and identifies their key behaviours, circumstances and actions they took which led to them being masters.

  14. A. Kumar A. Kumar says:

    Robert Greene is a genius, but Print quality not so Good I ordered a replacement and even in replacement transitory damage was there book was folded so all the pages were wrinkled I don t like wrinkled books, but I was desperately waiting to read so ended up accepting the compromised version.Summary 1 Robert Greene Books 5 star Plus 2 Print quality and pages are average as compared to previous books of Robert Greene such as Power or Thirty strategies of war, but can t be blamed for that as they do not publish books.I have not given 5 stars because of transitory damage and average Print quality not because of the content The book and its content are incomparable.