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All Lina Wanted Was To Be Desired How Did She End Up In A Marriage With Two Children And A Husband Who Wouldn T Touch Her All Maggie Wanted Was To Be Understood How Did She End Up In A Relationship With Her Teacher And Then In Court, A Hated Pariah In Her Small Town All Sloane Wanted Was To Be Admired How Did She End Up A Sexual Object Of Men, Including Her Husband, Who Liked To Watch Her Have Sex With Other Men And Women Three Women Is A Record Of Unmet Needs, Unspoken Thoughts, Disappointments, Hopes And Unrelenting Obsessions

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  1. cartoon cartoon says:

    At the start I loved this book , but it didn t develop , became a pity party suitable to Ophran or Dr Phil , whining along page after page Maybe as an article in Cosmo it would have been a great well written view , but at times it felt as if the women were so weak and out of The Second Sex I agree with the review in the Times that describes Maggie as from Judy Blume So in that case poor little rich Sloane was a Judith Krantz Jane Seymour 80s character and the sex with Lina , trucker in car park straight out of an endless loop Forum letter How did a book about sex and desire become so boring Read the excellent Stephanie Theobald instead.

  2. Alex Dixon Alex Dixon says:

    This is an insightful, gut wrenching, brutally honest every woman story of our ageever important in the time of the metoo movement.I urge everyone to read this book for its forensic yet empathetic examination of the complexity of female sexual desire and agency I think it is likely the most impactful and important book written on this subject for a long time, if not ever.

  3. NicNews NicNews says:

    I enjoyed the book and it was a page turner It was emotional and overall I just felt sad for the lives these women seemed trapped in I was hoping to see them learn, grow and regain their power to become happier and although I can see they were brave at times I didn t get an overwhelming sense of this having bettered their lives which I found disappointing However this is a work of non fiction, which I kept having to remind myself, therefore perhaps the way the book has left me feeling is the point life is not always happily ever after, it is complex and emotional scars can run deep.

  4. Kee Lady Kee Lady says:

    Three Women is a compelling and uncompromising account of women and sex Maggie, Sloane and Lina s stories are told specifically and unashamedly from their female point of view Although I have read other female focused non fiction books, most have been told in the form of a memoir and are lighter hearted Three Women however, is much darker in tone laying bare the complex thoughts, feelings and actions of these ordinary women This makes it a difficult read and although I do not suppose for a moment Lisa Taddeo intended it to be easy, I did struggle under the weight of these unhappy stories I felt shock and sympathy for each woman but my overwhelming feeling was one of immense sadness I applaud Lisa Taddeo for giving these women a voice but overall I found Three Women to be just too depressing.

  5. R. Kearney R. Kearney says:

    Interesting read well written but I do think that the author has a bias towards her subjects, naturally enough I suppose, and seems to abdicate responsibility for their actions blaming the men in their lives rather than their own choices and decisions Sloane appeared to be the most likeable and balanced and didn t think her threesome situation to be subjugation by her husband, she was complicit in the arrangement they had and has a deep understanding with her husband.

  6. Katie L. Katie L. says:

    This is an incredibly well written, insightful, empathetic account of women s lives It is told beautifully and is as compelling and addictive as the reviews suggest.

  7. Bronte Huskinson Bronte Huskinson says:

    I have to admit that it wasn t an immediate love affair with this book There was a time when I put it down before I gave it another chance But it took that second attempt to really get into it and love it The reviews for Three Women tend to be on either sides of the extreme one being an adoring love for it and the other detesting it I think I lie somewhere in between I really, really liked it I really did and it has probably been one of my favourite reads of the summer and is definitely my all time favourite cover but there are a fair amount of things I didn t like about the book also.Three Women follows the sex lives of three ordinary women with very different stories but they all revolve around one thing how much the men in their lives suck These women are known by Sloane, Lina and Maggie, whose stories are based on real events over a decade Like many books with than one narrative, I enjoyed some than others Maggie, for me, was the stand out narrative I felt the most invested in her character and in her story Lina, I thought, started out strong but for me she got and insufferable and the I wanted to shake some reality into her THE MAN IS TRASH LINA LITERAL TRASH I also found that I didn t really connect with Sloane s story Perhaps because I couldn t find anything in her that I could relate to But none of these narratives were bad They all had distinct stories, all of which were very raw and very real tales about female desire, which I haven t seen done in this way before.In terms of writing, for the most part I thought it was beautifully written Until I came across a sex scene, and there was a lot of them plucking really I found Lina s sex scenes particularly difficult to read, as there were some descriptions that I thought were a bit unnatural and some imagery that was, in my opinion, pretty gross But hey, whatever you re into, Lina Part of me thinks this might have been intentional, that these scenes were supposed to make you feel uncomfortable in some way But at least there weren t any male writers badly describing the female body So at least that was a plus.This book definitely isn t for everyone If you re of a plot driven person, you might find Three Women a bit long and slow There s also not much of an ending, much like with reality, life just goes on There isn t any closure which could be frustrating for some readers.Overall, despite the things I didn t like about this book I really enjoyed it I m still thinking about it days after reading it and I think it will stay with me for a long time I think it s the type of book that will open doors for similar works, and I highly recommend that you read this book if it sounds like something you would enjoy.

  8. Mrs C Hutchinson. Mrs C Hutchinson. says:

    I am so disappointed Firstly the structure of the book did not suit me, I would have preferred to read each woman s story completely before moving on to the next Having said that my disappointment and actually pity for these woman stems from the fact that after all the books, discussion, analysis of the position of women in society we still have grown woman being their own worst enemies What as mothers have we taught our daughters These women, one used by a man while still a teenager at school, one accepting her husband used her and one with a husband refusing to have sex with her turning to another woman s husband, could all have dealt with things better This book paints a sorrow picture of today s females Also I think it would have balanced things is a couple of examples of women who had faced up to their situation and got control of their lives had been included It is a readable book but don t expect to be uplifted or encouraged by the stories.