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TheNew York Times bestseller answers What if one simple change could save you from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer For decades, that question has fascinated a small circle of impassioned doctors and researchers and now, their life changing research is making headlines in the hit documentary Forks Over Knives Their answer Eat a whole foods, plant based diet it could save your life It may overturn most of the diet advice you ve heard but the experts behind Forks Over Knives aren t afraid to make waves In his book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn explained that eating meat, dairy, and oils injures the lining of our blood vessels, causing heart disease, heart attack, or stroke In The China Study, Dr Colin Campbell revealed how cancer and other diseases skyrocket when eating meat and dairy is the norm and plummet when a traditional plant based diet persists And and experts are adding their voices to the cause There is nothing else you can do for your health that can match the benefits of a plant based diet Now, as Forks Over Knives is introducing people than ever before to the plant based way to health, this accessible audio guide provides the information you need to adopt and maintain a plant based diet Narrated by listener favorite Brian Arens, this audio edition comes with a supplementary PDF that includesrecipes fromchampions of plant based dining from Blueberry Oat Breakfast Muffins and Sunny Orange Yam Bisque to Garlic Rosemary Polenta and Raspberry Pear Crisp delicious, healthy, and for every meal, every day PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio

11 thoughts on “Forks over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health (Audio Download): Gene Stone, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Brian Arens, Echo Point Books & Media, LLC: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Jane Jane says:

    I recommend that everyone should read this book and watch the video on Netfix It is so important to have this knowledge, even if you then choose to ignore it This is so interesting.

  2. Catherine A. Evans Catherine A. Evans says:

    Very American centric, but in fairness I knew it would be Just remember noodles pasta lasagne sheets, something called Nayonaise which is very difficult to get here, and the usual Tex Mex stuff they love over there, but veganised Most of the recipes are easy, but and for me this is big NO PHOTOS That s right, none at all except of some important people in the Forks over Knives world So you have to use your imagination or go online to get an idea of what the recipes look like beforehand.

  3. Valerie Valerie says:

    This book explains exactly the benefits of a whole food, plant based diet Based on Research and testimonials of actual patients it is hard to argue with the evidence Receipes are excellent, but you have to check carefully how many they are cooking for some receipes are for 6 people Companion to the documentary of the same name, the 2 together give a complete guide on how to change your diet at your own pace and how to make sure you include all the right food groups to ensure you are not missing out on any dietary needs Highly recommend.

  4. Chris F Chris F says:

    A great, simple and easy read A wonderful book for those new to, or considering, the vegan lifestyle The recipes are wonderful, although they make up about 75% of the book, and I d have preferred a larger proportion of factual information

  5. C. Smith C. Smith says:

    I am just exploring becoming vegan and hoped this would inspire it does not As a nutritionist I feel that the book is light on facts Some reviews refer to 270 pages this is 200 it is light on inspiration for the recipes some photos would be nice and from my own research i correct in places Sensationalist stories might inspire but they don t inform.

  6. Joe Joe says:

    From the original film that will you inspire you to make changes in you life.Four month in of only eating a plant based diet, three stone lighter.I believe we all come to a point in our life, where there are two choses.Carry on or change

  7. Jane Jane says:

    We d seen the programme and I wanted to get a cook book to compliment the programme there were some really good recipes in there but half of the book is taken up with antidotes from the programme which i wasn t interested in as i would have preferred recipes and thought that was what i was buying.

  8. Roy Roy says:

    great book.i need to drop a few and this book is my key to do it

  9. Customer Customer says:

    I absolutely LOVE this book I bought it after I watched the documentary two or three times, and seriously this documentary, book and the Forks Over Knives cookbook all changed my life completely.I lost weight, my acid reflux and sinus issues disappeared completely, I lost weight, gained a ton of energy, don t have to sleep as much any, my acne went away, even my hair is shinier seriously haha.I can t explain to everyone how much this docu and books have helped me turn my life around I never imagine ever being able to feel so good on a daily basis as I feel now eating a whole foods, plant based and organic diet I eat as much food as I want, and still lost weight, I never count calories or anything crazy like that who needs to when you feed your body actual FOOD and not processed trash and processed animal products.It s so crazy, but yet so simple, the concept of healing your body through what you eat But it actually works I literally haven t been sick in almost a year now, and I used to get sick ALL the time I haven t even had so much as a cold When I start to feel a sore throat coming on, I make an extra smoothie for myself, eating as much raw as possible, and it s literally worked every time Eating as much raw as possible is so important, but I can t believe how much stronger my immune system is now that I eat healthy, REAL food and no longer eat processed garbage and animal products Yuck I have variety in my meals every day than I ever did when eating junky, processed food and animal products, and the food tastes sooo much better than a burger and fries or boring meat and potato dish I never thought I d hear myself say those words, but it s true Haha.Anyway, totally recommend this documentary and book, 100% you won t regret it, it s incredible And anyone who gives it a shot will see exactly what I mean.Good luck everyone, hope this was helpful Happy, healthy eating to all And, remember Let food be thy medicine Hippocrates

  10. Nick Prudent Nick Prudent says:

    I ve been vegan for 10 years and really loved the Forks Over Knives movie This book does a good job at providing a summary of the ideas and personalities featured in the movie I m a big fan of Dr Neal Barnard and his scientific approach to veganism A vegan diet provides a solution to many chronic illnesses and this book is effective at arguing its case while keeping things solidly on the side of peer reviewed science and modern medicine No magical thinking and or new age nonsense to be found here just hard science I loved it One thing I wasn t expecting was all the recipes that make half of this book They are very approachable, even for someone like me who can t cook at all Definitely something I will be exploring in the future.The only reason I m not giving this book 5 stars is because it focuses almost totally on the United States Modern veganism started in the United Kingdom and is very strong in the rest of Europe I wished this book and the film could have been internationally inclusive.I recommend this book to anyone who is curious about veganism and wants to get a list of the prominent scientists and proponents in North America.Conclusion get this book and start improving your health with a whole food plant based diet.

  11. Joyce Joyce says:

    The book looks new except for a few stars pasted on recipes, which does not detract from its appearance at all The information in the beginning of the book is easy to understand and relevant for today The recipes look great about to try Kale with Miraculous Walnut Sauce Excellent I have the Forks Over Knives Plan, which I thought was the same as Forks Over Knives, The How to Companion and planned to offer it in a draw at my next vegan cooking class, but after the Kale recipe, I m going to keep it Back to the order desk Grin.