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Learn How To Master Influential Language And Get What You Want, Without ManipulatingDo You Work And Live With People Who Are Hard To Convince Who Dismiss Ideas Before Even Thinking About Them Do You Want To Know How To Influence People, Without Being Manipulative Want To Find Out How People Get Motivated, Make Decisions, How To Be Persuasive With Everyone Shelle Rose Charvet, Best Selling Author, Shows You How To Match Your Language To People Around You In Your Work, With Your Colleagues, Your Boss And Your Clients, And At Home, With Your Partner, Family And Other Relationships Learn The Persuasion Psychology Spark Interest And Enthusiasm And Get What You Want In Words That Change Minds You Will Learn The Influence Science And Practice Discover The Ways People Unconsciously Get Motivated, Process Information And Make Decisions Decode Any Communication Problem And Solve It Find Out How To Pry Open Mental Space In Even The Most Closed Of Minds Create Rapport And Credibility With Anyone Avoid Inadvertently Saying Or Doing The Wrong Thing Get Practical Applications For Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Negotiation, Teaching, Training, Communication At Work, Conflict Resolution Increase Your Impact In Interpersonal Communication, Teamwork, And In Mass Communication The New Third Edition Of Words That Change Minds Has Than % New Material Examples, Research, Advanced Applications, With Seven Completely New Chapters, Including How To Complete A LAB Profile Conversational Coaching With The LAB Profile Understanding And Working With Combination Patterns Solving Communication Problems Influencing Strategies And Techniques The LAB Profile Of Conflict LAB Profile Inventions And Tools, And Interested Just Scroll Up And Get Your Copy Today PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

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  1. JA Barrie JA Barrie says:

    1 I loved the first edition and often refer to it in my work as a copywriter2 The new edition has been updated with new and relevant information3 It s an easy and interesting read4 It s packed with practical advice5 It contains resources you can apply immediately6 It gives you insights into your own psyche7 It reminds you that everyone is different and that s OK8 It gives you tools you can use to influence, persuade and change behaviour9 It includes case studies and stories to make the learning real 10 It gives you food for thought11 It helps with sales and marketing and daily life12 Shelle is a remarkably generous author13 She s included some funny stories14 The advice really works

  2. MickD MickD says:

    Now we have a 3rd edition, Is it worth reading will be the question and the answer is Yes The author has added new material which enhances the product making it relevant in our changing world The basis of LAB profile is an examination of Motivation Information Processing and Decision Making It demonstrates how we can all reach a better understanding and communication by considering how and what we use language The profiling is useful in a number of situations Business Management Sales, Recruitment etc However, the tool can also prove useful in day to day situations such as Relationships and Parenting This tool cleverly melds together learning from NLP specifically Meta Programs and The Meta Model Demonstrating how the way people are motivated Meta Programs and language patterns Meta Models are linked and can be discerned This understanding is vital in deciding how we can both influence and motivate individuals by choosing our language to match their motivational driver The book also looks at the differences between Reactive and Proactive individuals and how we can deal with either type There are treasures within this book that will prove interesting to many people, particularly those who are Coaches Managers with Teams Recruiting Managers etc Recommended 5

  3. A. Richards A. Richards says:

    In a nutshell, Words That Change Minds 3rd edition is a book that holds the secret to understand what motivates and persuades both you and other people, how you and other people are different and what you can do about that to improve your influence.Words That Change Minds 3rd edition, written by Shelle Rose Charvet, is and NLP and influence trainer who has been constantly refining her skill for than 20 years.I bought the first two editions and thought there wouldn t be much new in this edition Boy was I wrong Shelle has included much of the material for products she s charged for in the past These were audio products that I d got a lot out of, and now she s incorporated these into this new edition.Why should you read this book Because everyone needs to occasionally persuade someone else to their point of view some often than others Whether you re a mum with kids at home or a sales director you will find this book invaluable This book gives you the insight to communicate with other people in a way that s best for them not necessarily for you If you use communication or persuasion professionally, this book is a must for you.Shelle has built on the work of Rodger Bailey, who in turn built on the work of Leslie Cameron Bandler, to make what was a powerful but hard to understand area of communication so much easier to grasp and use.What makes this book special as opposed to others is the way Shelle presents it and gently guides you through the material I ve had a handful of excellent trainers some of the greats of NLP try to present this material and each has fallen short of what Shelle manages.Something significant Words That Change Minds 3rd edition gives that you might not recognize at first is, in a word, universality You can use it at home as well as at work It works equally well with unruly teens as with difficult clients.I ve said this is universal but is there anyone that this book is NOT for Well, I suppose that this is NOT for anyone who doesn t communicate with anyone, ever Look, even prisoners in solitary confinement have to communicate sometimes It is for anyone who has to communicate with another human being You can make your communication effective, motivating and easier.The thing I love about it most is it works, even when you think it might not Often all it takes is a sentence or two The LAB Profile is therefore a great tool to have in your professional grab bag of go to tools.Are there any downsides to the LAB Profile I should tell you that there are 14 behaviour and motivation patterns Some are prevalent and useful than others To be most effective, you do have to learn to spot them and how to use them.But that s not a big deal, at least from my perspective, because Shelle guides you through each of the patterns and allows you to understand how they work naturally Only someone who has struggled and failed with learning 60 Meta Programs that cover the same ground will appreciate how much easier and effective Shelle makes this.I have used the two previous editions of this book to help clients with career advice through gaining insights into their preferences I ve used it in coaching, in presentations, in training design, in influencing client decisions, facilitation and I would not be without it.This is in effect an influence training course in book format And of course, it s just the price of a book, for a wealth of influence resources that, if you read, you ll probably use for the rest of your professional and domestic life.When you compare The LAB Profile to other persuasion models, many are complex and others are only useful in formal selling environments The LAB Profile works wherever people are It works for 1 1 and group communication It can be used very successfully in career guidance It s been used to diagnose company cultural problems and change them.If you use communication and persuasion in your position, I d grab this book now as it s just been released and the Kindle edition is currently free So I d grab that now, then get the hardback, as you ll want to refer to it often

  4. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    This book was recommended to me as a means to improve in my role as a sales professional Having read the content with no prior understanding of what LAB is and I was surprised at how much can be learned in an initial read through The actual application of this material goes far beyond business it applies to anytime you speak to another human which for me provided a lot of value I went in with the mindset of utilising the information to improve my interactions with others and came out additionally with a deeper understanding of myself in the way I express my thoughts and preferences I found the lessons here especially useful for building rapport and influencing decisions.

  5. Rosie O'Hara Rosie O'Hara says:

    I took some time to read this edtion as the previous ones with care Now you might want to make your own mind up about the value of the book and The LAB Profile But understanding yourself and others is worthwhile isn t it Even if it s so that you can run like hell out of situation.I highly recommend this edition it includes so much information that I have learned on Shelle s trainings and at talks she has given, blog posts etc over the years, all in one place And information that was new to me.It is a veritable gem and you can take my word for it and maybe try the new options offered.The book also gives you the right way to do things so that you and others will get things done Plus many links to resources to make life better and avoid problems.Enjoy and benefit it s up to you

  6. JudiJudieJudy JudiJudieJudy says:

    As an editor, I d say the title is misleading I thought this book would focus on traditional linguistics Instead, it outlines the NLP based Language and Behavior LAB Profile tool used to determine situational patterns reflected in a person s language and behavior NOT the words themselves It is of a manual and self promotional tool for those interested in using this assessment model in a work environment.I am surprised that this book has so many 5 star fans It was neither entertaining nor easy to read On the contrary, I found it challenging to parse I do have prior training in NLP, and I had to create my own chart to comprehend the various categories, indicators, etc.I noticed that many of the glowing reviews were written by NLP master practitioners Perhaps the LAB tool would be useful for them in a 1 on 1 sales HR coaching scenario, but less so otherwise due to the many possible permutations, as individual analysis varies with the specific situation Or one could take her trainings which are regularly promoted throughout the chapters That said, I would NEVER EVER recommend this book to a non practitioner As a person with some NLP training, I am just lukewarm.

  7. J. M. Wentzell J. M. Wentzell says:

    I read a lot Everything Physics books, math, autobiographies, novels, self help, philosophy, religion, medical books Dozens of books own writing, psychology, human interaction I write a lot Poetry, medical journal articles I teach I m an international speaker I do architectural design I paint In short, basically, I know a lot I do a lot I teach a lot So, I think I m qualified to write this review.The title and subject matter of this book is enticing, intriguing, important I read the first 30 pagesor, rather, I suffered through the first 30 pages Then I picked random chapters to read But this book is so incredibly poorly written that reading it is painful Style There is no style Grammar Eh Sentence structure Mind numbing A page turner Only to close the book.With so many great reviews, I am sure there is useful information here I am sure others find this book very useful But, this is some of the least engaging, most poorly written, uninviting mishmash of sentences an author could throw into a blender and pour out onto the pages of a book The author may understand interpersonal communication, but she sure needs a coach when it comes to communicating via the written language.I simply couldn t bring myself to read it I sent it back.

  8. Maria.K Maria.K says:

    I found this book complicated to read I felt like the author wrote a book just to self promote themselves I felt like the examples were difficult to translate to real life I do a lot of reading and this book did not grab and hold my attention.

  9. Zahid Zahid says:

    Words influence and affect us in many different ways They operate on our conscious and subconscious level They have the incredible power of changing lives either for good or bad.We all understand the power of words and the significance of using the power words However, a very few of us know how to make the most the words in our personal and professional lives.Shelle shows us how to use the power of the words in your favor At the same time she distinguishes between influencing and manipulating.She wants us to understand how to exert a positive impact on people we interact through understanding what motivates them, how they think and how they make decisions.She teaches us to pay attention to how people talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about It helps us hear and pick up the patterns people use without having to actually ask the questions This, in turn, empowers us to use the Influencing Language that is just right for the situation.In fact, she wants us to be ethical communicators using the tools and techniques described in this book She provides us with the communication tools that enable us to think and analyze our day to day communication in a new light.By using these skills correctly, we can certainly use communication as an effective and amazing tool to better understand and help people.

  10. Andrew McNamara Andrew McNamara says:

    The book is 312 pages There are 267 uses of the term LAB in the book This is their Language And Behavior business I bought downloaded it, then ended up deleting it because they refer to themselves and their clients who bought their program constantly in this book.It s essentially a literary infomercial for their services Any new information not about them seems to be to validate them.

  11. Rudolf Henry Rudolf Henry says:

    I read the first edition of Words That Change Minds a long time ago in its German translation Wort sei Dank Would it really be worth my time to get the new third edition and work through it again Browsing through the table of contents a clear answer emerged, yes Now, after reading the first chapter of the third edition and randomly picking some paragraphs from chapters ahead I can only say it is a perfectly new book with invaluable content It doesn t matter if you are leading other people, selling to other people, coaching clients, treating patients or whether you want to improve yourself, Words That Change Minds in its third edition has the potential to help you than you expected when you bought the book.I could go into details what makes it so special Suffice it to say that it helps you to understand others and yourself on an unusually deep level, to be able to talk with others and with yourself much convincingly, and to understand and apply many concepts certain NLP gurus preach but do not really show you how to use them There would be much to say, but I can t help but continue to read the book.

  12. ronak shah ronak shah says:

    How to master Influencing Language and get what you want, without manipulating.Do you work and live with people who are hard to convince Who dismiss ideas before even thinking about them Do you want to know how to influence people, without being manipulative Want to find out how people get motivated, make decisions, to be persuasive with everyone Learn how to use the right words with the right people, and get through the Communication Wall This is an excellent book on Meta Programs and gives lots of practical and powerful information NLP is, of course, as those who study it know, the cutting edge of communication and change work This book will give you skills for respectfully and positively

  13. Susan Luke Evans Susan Luke Evans says:

    Shelle Rose Charvet makes neuroscience FUN Her examples and anecdotes are both entertaining and educational She has skillfully updated the previous editions and added to the overall information sometimes not easily accomplished The flow of the book was well planned and thought out, and the various suggestions, guidelines, and other useful bits round out the entire manuscript perfectly Everyone needs to know how to express and or expand their communication styles and techniques, and this book makes it easy to understand how to do that The bonus is, you can get what you want through the proper choice and use of words that will influence and persuade others Bonus 2 whether you read this book cover to cover or use it for specific research, it s easy to understand and intergrate into one s personal life and communication opportunities

  14. David Gouthro David Gouthro says:

    So much of our communication is done on automatic , and as a result is often less effective than it could be I just downloaded Shelle Rose Charvet s third edition of Words That Change Minds If you re looking for great book to help you increase the effectiveness of your communication, written in a thoroughly enjoyable style, you might want to rush out to download your own copy I was planning to dive into it later but unfortunately started to read through it Having a tough time getting back to work now Shelle demystifies the complexities of communication in a way that is understandable, and importantly actionable.

  15. Tayler Tayler says:

    Words That Change Minds is essential to my business It helps me to communicate effectively with my clients and my colleagues I use the concepts in Words That Change Minds to ensure that my marketing materials speak directly to the people that I want to attract to my business and work closely with I would highly recommend Words That Change Minds for everyone who is in sales, works within a team, or is an entrepreneur looking to reach out to new customers.