The Tyrant’s Tomb: The Trials of Apollo, Book 4 (Audio Download): Rick Riordan, Robbie Daymond, Puffin: Audible Audiobooks kindle –

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of The Tyrant s Tomb by Rick Riordan You will get to the Tiber alive You will start to Jive The former God Apollo is having a pretty rough time of it Well, for one thing, he s called Lester But being an awkward mortal teenager is the least of his worries Though he and his friends some of them have emerged from the Burning Maze, they still have a triumvirate to defeat, oracles to rescue and prophecies to decipher so that the world may be saved, and Lester can become Apollo once again But right now, Caligula is sailing to San Francisco to deal with Camp Jupiter personally, and they have to get their first Or risk its destruction

6 thoughts on “The Tyrant’s Tomb: The Trials of Apollo, Book 4 (Audio Download): Rick Riordan, Robbie Daymond, Puffin: Audible Audiobooks

  1. oldstuff oldstuff says:

    I must admit that the first book in the Trials of Apollo series left me massively deflated Despite the appearance of a few of the Riordan legends, like Percy, Nico etc, the book just took ages to get anywhere and the characters including Apollo Lester just lacked any tangible characteristics However, the series has improved dramatically over the last few books, the character development has been excellent and The Tyrant s Tomb is the best so far Some of this is undoubtedly due to the likes of Hazel, Reyna and Frank putting in an appearance but the characters of Lester, Meg and Lavinia carry the story brilliantly for the most part Well done, Mr Riordan Like Apollo you ve started jive again

  2. Sophia Sophia says:

    Wow, this is one of the best books I ve ever read I wasn t too keen on the first two TOA, but this book blew me away Read it all in 3 hours, so many emotions A must read for all ages I am well above the recommended reading age for this but it doesn t even matter

  3. karate junkie karate junkie says:

    As always, Rick Riordan didn t disappoint I love all of his books and can t wait for the next one to come out Entertaining, fun and never the same Read any of his series, well read them all, you will enjoy them no matter how old you are.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Good enjoyable read again, read all of Rick Riordan books to date, looking forward to the next instalment of Apollo s trials

  5. Hazel Fairs Hazel Fairs says:

    An amazing book that reduced me to tears multiple times, Rick always knows how to write a good book Even after 4 different series he still knows how to surprise me

  6. Ian A Ian A says:

    My son loves these stories Its a great mixture of ancient Greek mythology mixed with a current setting Really exciting story lines.Nice to get a book every now and again We normally download onto his kindle which he loves because he can use the thesaurus, however he really doesn t mind the hard copy and and really likes the hardback version To him it feels like he really owns the story and I think he feels a greater connection to the author and story by being able to touch the book.