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Hard to believe this was written by the same author of the previous Serailler books disappointing, weak and a very poor story. I was eagerly awaiting another Simon Serrailler book, but what a huge disappointment it was There was very little story line and no conclusion A complete waste of money I always look forward to catching up with Serrailler and his family and was pleased that Susan Hill decided to resurrect the series Unlike some reviewers, I did enjoy Book 9, although I must admit there was not much action However, I am a little disappointed with the current offering It ticks the boxes in that there is a lot of information about Simon s family and his current, somewhat difficult, personal situation I did not find the robbery plot line enthralling because it seemed very slow moving and did not build tension I felt that Simon, as the principal and potentially most interesting character, was treading water a lot of the time, drifting between Lafferton and London, between criminals and angels A little slow for my taste This was of a return to form than the comforts of home The books are most enjoyable Serrailler fans will love it of course and continue to long for TV adaptations A great series of books and a lifetime of important work She is a national treasure. This latest visit from Simon Serrailler is another absorbing read, but sees our hero with very deep psychological wounds from his attack He has complex cases to deal with and does so with his usual mix of intuition, compassion and intelligence As always, Susan Hill s characters are drawn with a deep understanding of what makes people tick, and the plot is believable and brilliantly paced Just the odd moments don t ring entirely true and the ending is inconclusive, but Serrailler s many fans will be hoping that he accepts the help he needs and will be back with cases before too long. I had read that the last Serrailler novel would be the final one I was overjoyed when I realised a new book had been released As with previous books in this series, nothing gets done once I ve opened the first page apart from sleeping and eating Wonderful to have Simon, Cat and the family back I like how Susan uses a sub plot too, both gripping Thoroughly enjoyed this book I can t get enough of Serrailer and, the last line You can t leave it there, Susan What s happening to the TV series Brought to you by Penguin In this, the th Simon Serrailler crime novel, Simon must engage with his own demons as Lafferton struggles to cope with a series of crimes that threaten the sanctity of hearth and home On the face of it DCS Simon Serrailler has had time to recuperate after the violent incident that cost him his arm and nearly his life He is back in harness at Lafferton CID but is spending his spare time high up in the cathedral roof, making drawings of some medieval angels which are being restored Lafferton is apparently going through a quiet patch, so far as crime is concerned, until one night two local men open their front door to a distressing scene Simon makes a serious error of judgment when handling the incident The stress of this, combined with the fact that he refused all offers of counselling after the loss of his arm, takes its toll In her new role as a private GP, Simon s sister Cat s medical and counselling skills are tested by terrible and unexpected events at the homes of two very different Lafferton women Their unreliable father, Richard, has returned to live nearby, in a luxury apartment for the well heeled over s It s not long before he s up to his old tricks This is a continuation of the trials and tribulations of the Serrailler family and the recovery of policeman Simon from his serious injuries incurred at the end of the previous book The comforts of home Most of the outstanding issues are satisfied and crimes solved, but there is plenty of room for in these parallel stories of medical practitioners lives and policeman Simon. I ve turned to this platform to complain about what I am seeing as an increasing and ongoing concern particularly with Kindle books I m not even a 1 4 of the way through this novel and I am continually having to stop, reread and fix spelling errors and grammatical errors in the text what s going on On top of that the purchase price at 15 dollars and change is quite expensive, I would not expect to be required to proofread why isn t the publisher doing this prior to selling the novel or is there some other reason I m unaware of for this Instead of enjoying the novel, I find I m tense waiting for the next error and what s worse scanning for them Is anyone else experiencing this frustration Is there a way to make publishers or sellers of kindle books responsible for proofreading their product or secure a refund for faulty merchandise.Signed, should be relaxed reading with my morning coffee Ich habe alle zehn B nde gelesen und finde sie im Gro en und Ganzen entt uschend Einige sind besser als andere Meistens ist die Krimihandlung eher nebens chlich Einige F lle werden nicht richtig zum Abschluss gebracht Im Mittelpunkt steht das Zusammenspiel der Familie Serrailler Dominant ist die Kritik am NHS, die sich wie ein roter Faden durch alle B nde zieht und recht erm dend ist Die Person Simon Serrailler wird zunehmend unsympathischer Ausserdem gibt es viel zu viele Nebenhandlungen, die aufgebauscht werden, zur Handlung aber wenig beitragen