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This audiobook isn t about your dogs, it s for you The Dog Professional s Survival Guide is an honest and practical, psychological vaccination against the fear of chasing your dreams and the risk of compassion fatigue Working with dogs can be mentally and emotionally exhausting Every single thing we do and experience that we have starts first in the mind, and this book is a great introduction to mindfulness, peace, and excellent ideas If you know how the human mind works and can apply a successful way of managing your own, you can maintain your own well being, grow your confidence, and ultimately have an amazing future Covering topics including social media, mindfulness, and your ultimate resilience as a dog professional, if you let it, this audiobook will change your perspective and your experience of the world We use a number of approaches to inspire and spur you into action, whether to create another income stream or change your life altogether Sally Gutteridge has been a full time educational writer since , holding a variety of canine certifications She also holds a diploma in cognitive behavior therapy and an accredited life coaching diploma, is an award winning graduate of the Writer s Bureau, and holds four qualifications from the School of Natural Health Sciences She is a former professional dog trainer with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and a former instructor with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and has much rescue experience Through the organization Canine Principles, Sally, along with a fantastic team, provides reputable continuation of professional development for all canine professionals

10 thoughts on “Dog Professional's Survival Guide (Audio Download): Sally Gutteridge, Stephanie Murphy, Sally Gutteridge: Audible Audiobooks

  1. KaiL KaiL says:

    I ve read Sally s work before, in the form of her books and courses from the company she co founded, so dived into this book soon after it had finished downloading anticipating an informative read Having finished, the one word that comes to mind immediately is Wow This is a powerful book Although it s titled for dog professionals, the concepts inside are applicable to just about anyone I recognised myself so many times in the text, lacking self confidence and self esteem, doubting my own abilities and essentially setting myself up mentally to sabotage any success I now feel like I m prepared with a number of methods to help me learn to believe in myself and succeed in what I choose to do, to keep my wild mind under control I would recommend reading this to anyone, but especially those at a crossroads in their life, maybe looking at taking a new path altogether, or struggling to deal with the mental demands that might threaten their ability to do their dream job or project.

  2. Malckiera Malckiera says:

    Well written, clear and straight to the point, this amazing book has given me a few much needed kicks up my backside, and has definitely helped me gaining the confidence needed to progress doing what I love most working with dogs.However, Sally s clear explanation of how the human mind works, and how being aware of this helps you in every day situations, makes this book suitable and an excellent read for anyone you don t even need to have a dog It s been quite some time that I ve read a book beyond its first chapter, but I loved reading the Dog Professional s Survival Guide enough to actually finish it, and I m sure I ll dip back into it from time to time Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this book

  3. Kenneth Crawford Kenneth Crawford says:

    Again another excellent book from Sally I have read alot of books relating to self help and this one is up there with the best of them.Sally s writing style is excellent as with all her books everything is broken down brilliantly I actually don t think I can write a review that would do it justice All I can day is it s worth every penny and , I would also point out that everyone would benefit from reading it not just dog professionals.

  4. Tina Tina says:

    As a dog Walker i found myself struggling lately with the amount of emotions i had attached to the jobI was burning out.this book gives great insight into the reasons why and what to do about it Gentle guiding,helpful tips and easy to understand facts are a great combination and I am sure that I will benefit from the suggested exercises in the future.a great tool to teach yourself to practice self care,to be mindful of your thoughts,actions,your environment and your clients needs Practising the suggested methods over the last few days has already made my working days calmer and easier.

  5. Wendy L Wendy L says:

    Although this book is aimed at the dog Professionals who suffer from compassion fatigue, this book can easily be adapted to all walks of life In a world where with live with so much stress, rushing around and not enough self care this book allows you to pause and think, Yes That s me and that s what I need to change Sally has filled with book with helpful tips, stories and examples that feel like she is talking about your life and how she can help you I ll certainly be looking at my life differently and adding the tips going forward.

  6. marcia marcia says:

    This book was not what I was expecting but turned out to be much The first book I read at the very beginning of 2019, Sally has given me the tools I needed to push not only my professional life forward, but my personal life too I am buzzing with positive energy and feel I can now achieve anything I want to achieve Where the mind goes, the body will follow Would recommend this book to anyone.

  7. Nicky Nicky says:

    I sat down to read some of this book didn t stop reading until I d finished it something I haven t done for a very long time The language style of writing is very readable some complex ideas and theories are explained in an intriguing way that is easy to understand Thought provoking encouraging exploration your own thoughts and feelings to better understand and manage your own emotional responses to situations, this book was excellent.

  8. Odie's Kindle Odie's Kindle says:

    This book is very well written and offers a wide range of advice whilst working with dogs.I didn t feel like I was alone in my feelings after reading this and I thank Sally so much for this.Great advice in a great book written by a very talented lady.

  9. Nicki Nicki says:

    never finished the book It seemed like they were preaching new age religion rather than educating about being a dog training professional Not very professional in my opinion.

  10. Debbie Webster Debbie Webster says:

    Awesome job