Healthy Eating: The Food Science Guide on What to Eat (Audio Download): Charlie Mason, Skyler Morgan, Charlie Mason: Audible Audiobooks Audible –

We all eat We all know that some foods are better for us than others, and we all know that the foods we crave are usually not the foods that are good for usTheory is great, but practice is better This audiobook is all about putting nutrition and food science theory to use in your life Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid and why This audiobook will help you understand food and nutrition science and guide you through making the years of research work for you and your healthPractice makes perfect, routine is the best practiceThis food guide will help you create food rules to live by and make a diet plan that s balanced, nutritious, and keeps you engaged The audiobook will explain how to ditch the added sugars and enjoy the natural flavors of food and help you set up a food plan for a balanced, unprocessed lifeIt also details the use of fasting in your diet and explains how mindfulness and mental rest can help you reach your goals Best of all, this audiobook doesn t just tell you to eat or avoid certain things, it gives you a detailed, scientific reason why you should or should not have certain foods and drinks in your meal plan Nobecause I said so or according to x blogger Everything in this audiobook is backed by food and nutrition science, explained simply and broken down to easily digestible bites That s not to say the process is easy You re training your own mind to enjoy the taste of unsweetened, unprocessed, untainted foods, and that takes time and energy Everything will be explained in positive, simple steps you can take to better your life This audiobook is for the listener who wants to eat well and live better but who wasn t sure where or how to start This is the starting line Get ready Get setgo