{download Textbooks} Keeping Chickens for Beginners: Keeping Backyard Chickens from Coops to Feeding to Care and More: Inspiring Gardening Ideas, Book 28 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Jason Johns, A. W. Miller, Jason Johns: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Jason Johns – Entrecielos.co

Keeping Chickens for Beginners is for anyone wanting to keep his or her own chickens, whether for eggs, meat, or exhibiting Keeping chickens can seem very overwhelming at first, and this audiobook provides a clear step by step guide walking you through everything from selecting the right breed for your needs to looking after your chickens to breeding them Everything you need to know to successfully keep chickens and enjoy fresh eggs or meat is in this detailed audiobook Whether you have bought chickens already or are considering it, you will learn exactly what you need to do as well as the correct equipment for keeping healthy chickens In Keeping Chickens for Beginners, you will discover Choosing a coop get the right coop and run, learn the major expenses in chicken keeping, and ensure your chickens are healthy and protected Choosing a breed Learn exactly what to look for in a breed as well as the pros and cons of various breeds, including the best egg layers and meat chickens Feeding and watering Discover the best foods for your chickens and what you should never feed them, as well as their water requirements Caring for chickens It s a big commitment, so learn everything you need to know to care for your hens, from routine jobs to protecting them to seasonal precautions and Cleaning the coop a vital job that has to be done properly, so you will learn the best way to clean the coop to kill pests and prevent infection Pests, disease, and predators Find out the risks to your chickens and exactly what you can do to minimize these dangers Raising chickens for meat not for everyone, but you will find out exactly how to raise a chicken for the table, including killing, plucking, and butchering the bird Breeding chickens how to successfully breed chickens to add to your flock, to sell, or for the table Hatching eggs everything you need to know to choose eggs to hatch and incubate them successfully Caring for baby chicks Learn how to take care of baby chicks, how to raise them successfully, and when to move them outside Holidaying Find out how to go away on holiday and ensure your chickens are well cared for while you are away Exhibiting chickens Discover the best breeds to exhibit and exactly what is required for a show winning chicken Making money with chickens some tips on generating an income from your chickens to help them earn their keep Keeping chickens is incredibly rewarding, and once you have had fresh eggs, you won t ever want to return to bland, tasteless supermarket eggs Although there is an initial outlay, chickens are relatively low maintenance and do not cost much once they are settled You, too, can enjoy daily fresh eggs and meat from your chickens, even if you only keep a handful of chickens at home

13 thoughts on “Keeping Chickens for Beginners: Keeping Backyard Chickens from Coops to Feeding to Care and More: Inspiring Gardening Ideas, Book 28 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Jason Johns, A. W. Miller, Jason Johns: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Harri Harri says:

    Rather a lot about breeds which I m not interested in but the rest is really useful, everything from breeding through housing, feeding and keeping them healthy Excellent info

  2. Unawatuna Unawatuna says:

    As a beginner chicken keeper I m finding many answers in this book to the obvious, and not so obvious, questions A very useful reference book I had earlier been on a fact finding session at the local breeder s, and found this book a useful follow up.

  3. Phyllis Phyllis says:

    Bought for my daughter in law who is planning on having chickens Quite helpful

  4. Gilly C Gilly C says:

    Great book for someone who hasn t kept chickens previously Very informative and easy to understand.

  5. Mrs Carol Holmes Mrs Carol Holmes says:

    Very helpful.

  6. GP33 GP33 says:

    My grandaughter found it very helpful.

  7. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    tells you everything you need to know

  8. Sharon Sharon says:

    I found this book very useful with plenty of information about keeping chickens I am now very much looking forward to buying my new flock and feel confident that I will be off to a good start.


    Good all around information Definitely needs supplemental books I understand the author tried to save money in printing in black and white, but could have at least had a friend or two proof read for spelling errors as there are quite a few

  10. John John says:

    good book

  11. cheryl carr cheryl carr says:

    Its ok but dose not tell u things it says it will like I got it to learn about sickness in chickens it really don t tell u much but all in all ok for the price

  12. Ginger R. Ginger R. says:

    bought it as a gift for my sister, she refers to it often very informative.

  13. Paula Paula says:

    A very helpful book when you are starting to or want to raise chickens Gives you all the in s and out s