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This Honest And Open Autobiography Is The True Story Of A Young Woman Trapped In A Relationship That Was Violent And Abusive Coercive Control Drove Her To The Depths Of Despair Stacey Jameson Had A Lack Of Self Esteem Derived From Her Early Childhood Growing Up And Dealing With Her Parents Divorce, She Felt Nothing Than An Inconvenience To Her Depressive Mother With Severe Feelings Of Inadequacy, She Was Desperate To Be Loved And Feel That She Belonged When She Was A Teenager, She Met Leon, And Fell In Love She Had Never Felt So Happy They Had One Common Denominator They Were Both Brought Up In Volatile Homes This Was The Foundation For A Turbulent And Destructive Relationship Stacey Was Welcomed With Open Arms Into The Bosom Of Leons Twisted Family Naive And Impressionable, She Finally Felt Secure And Loved Staceys Childhood Had Made Her Timid And Compliant Leons Childhood Had Made Him Controlling And Narcissistic Gradually Stacey Found Herself In An Unhappy Relationship Where Her Partner Thrived On Being Abusive, Yet She Still Loved Him She Was Coercively Controlled Into Doing Things That Just Were Not Part Of Her Character She Was So Manipulated She Believed She Did Not Deserve Any Better So Often People Look On With Judgement At Others Who Are In An Abusive Relationship And Say, Why Dont They Just Leave Staceys Story, Just One Of Millions, Describes Her Journey And Why Its Just Not So Simple To Do For People Who Find Themselves Caught Up In A Destructive Relationship That They Just Cannot Escape From

7 thoughts on “Why don't you just leave him?: A true story of living through Domestic Violence.


    Wow When I started to read this book I had no idea what to expect and approached it with an open mind Lets just say it is an eye opener for what can really happen behind closed doors in an abusive relationship The way that the abusers make out that they are the victims somehow can leave you both perplexed and very angry I found myself shaking my head many times in disbelief at the amount of abuse and deceit a person has to go through to finally be believed.There is a powerful message here from the author to any person in a domestic abusive relationship You may not think there is an end to the suffering you are enduring but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel if you really look for it A fantastic read and wholeheartedly recommended.

  2. Mskittenheels Mskittenheels says:

    I think I had a mirror image of Stacey s life from the mother to the abusive partner and if I had a 1 for every time someone said why don t you just leave him Well I would have had enough to buy myself a mansion.This book should be given out in schools to show people how easy it is to fall into a master manipulators trap, Stacey had it much worse as there were 3 manipulations afoot and not one person who she could reach out to.I wish her all the best and people may feel that Leon got off lightly but rest assured his life is never going to be pleasant as he thrives on drama and control he will never rest easy with what he has as he is trying to fill a void on himself that only he can fill when he looks inwardsThere is a saying that goes when you know you can t Unknow it doesn t mean you re excusing or justifying the behaviour it just means you know why the behaviour just is and that you may have been in a similar situation and you just want for once someone to open their arms and say it s okay I get it but unfortunately not many people do.Stacey you re an inspiration xx

  3. mr martin j liddell mr martin j liddell says:

    A compelling read which did not really answer the question posed in the title I found myself getting quite annoyed at the passive way she went along with the abuse.bleatingly plummeting from one nightmare to another Leave him The guy needed a bullet Also, despite it being easy to read and totally believable it was somewhat marred by careless spelling and grammar.Overall though, there is much food for thought so I would definitely recommend even if you do find yourself shouting at the page in frustration.

  4. angie c angie c says:

    I came across this as i have gone through domestic abuse i decided i will give this a read It really reflected my own experiences. At times it gave me bad anxiety but i at to keep reading. It mirrored me and my life The loneliness And the beliefs of others dont help The bias of the family of the perpetrator is vile. And the freezing of the children No card or presents for their grandchildren and blamed her for it all Disgusting people Glad she found that strength to get out of it Its easy saying why dont you leave him, to me its pure ignorance I remember a friend kept saying i wouldnt put up with that making up feel inadicult and week. For then it happen to them and realising how hard it is

  5. blessing blessing says:

    Wow, first of foremost I want to say a massive thank you Stacey for her courage to share her powerful yet painful story of abuse to recovery She is truly is a remarkable woman I wish nothing but the best for both her and children.Her story is definitely not for the fianthearted, it really details the horrific reality of domestic and sexual violence I feel many women often times are judged way too harshly for going back to their abusive partners But as Stacey highlighted until you have lived years of domestic violence You can never truly understand the crippling condition is has on the survivor s mind Literally survivors of this kind of aduse often become so familiar with such abusive relationship patterns That without adequate support given its very difficult to break the negative pattern and begin to forge new thinking.So I really believe we need to show empathy to struggles and complexities oftentimes survivor s faced when deciding to leave to abusive partners It s not easy and survivors should be supported and shown empathy, instead of shame, even when they make unhealthy decisions As their minds have been so badly condition and it s going to take alot of time to really change this.Overall, I think this book is definitely worth a read, I didn t regret it I feel you can learn so much if you really put away your initial judgements e.g., why didn t just leave him and just simply begin appreciate the survivor jounery.

  6. eileen murley eileen murley says:

    I could really relate to this having an ex husband who was a violent bully to me and my 4 children His stepchildren I could especially relate to the disgusting woman s refuges While I appreciate they are giving so much help and the staff are wonderful I too went back to my ex because it is so hard to live in filthy surroundings when you have left a beautiful home I was sad to read how on of Stacys children turned out and think maybe the children needed support when younger I sat for many hours talking and listening to mine and supported them through those years and after Pleased to say they are all in good relationships and are great parents to my 6 grandkids Think Stacy needed help than she got or asked for Wish them all the best for the future.

  7. Ms. D. Sharp Ms. D. Sharp says:

    Harrowing and upsetting at times I did find myself asking the same question as the title of the book.Fortunately I have never been a victim of domestic violence so can t really judge the author unless I have been in her shoes I can see how her husband manipulated and brainwashed her into putting up with the violence and mind games as he broke her until she had no confidence or self esteem left Men like Leon are evil and need to be stopped The pot children involved should never had to witness the abuse I hope anyone reading this who is going through the same finds the strength to leave their abuser before it s too late.