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Fortnum Mason Food Book of the YearWe never snacked like this and we never binged like this We never had so many superfoods, or so many chips We were never quite so confused about food, and what it actually is This is a book about the good, the terrible and the avocado toast A riveting exploration of the hidden forces behind what we eat, The Way We Eat Now explains how modern food, in all its complexity, has transformed our lives and our world To re establish eating as something that gives us both joy and health, we need to find out where we are right now, how we got here and what it is that we share Award winning food writer Bee Wilson explores everything from meal replacements such as Huel, the disappearing lunch hour, the rise of veganism, the lack of time to cook and prepare food and the rapid increase in food delivery services And Bee provides her own doable strategies for how we might navigate the many options available to us to have a balanced, happier relationship with the food we eat

12 thoughts on “The Way We Eat Now: Strategies for Eating in a World of Change (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Bee Wilson, Bee Wilson, HarperCollins Publishers Limited: Audible Audiobooks

  1. seany seany says:

    There are a few interesting insights to be gained by reading this book but my overall conclusion is that the author, who obviously has no problem churning out words, would have written a better text by seeking out and analysing many expert insights rather than writing from her somewhat limited middle class personal experience The Way We Eat Now, sorry to say, is impressionistic rather than authoritative.

  2. J J says:

    A really interesting overview of the changes to the way we eat, cook, and shop for food in recent decades I found this book easy to read and really fascinating Would recommend to anyone interested in social trends, health, and the way human behaviour is changing in today s world.

  3. Laura Shapland Laura Shapland says:

    I m 2 3 of the way through, and really enjoying this book There is a lot of culture and a good smattering of history, as well as a fair bit of science The author and her sources give plenty of pragmatic persuasion on how we should consider what we buy and eat for our own health and for the planet but without being preachy There is a reality of costs and accessibility that face many families, and they recognise for many it is a case of doing the best you can with what you have.The book is interesting for those of use with a good grasp of science and public health without being too technical or in depth for the curious layman.

  4. Naomi Teacups Naomi Teacups says:

    This book is so well written It has a good narrative flow so is as easy to read as a novel It is based on solid science and meticulous research, all of which are referenced with footnotes so you can explore the source further should you wish.Bee Wilson writes compassionately and without judgement and examines underlying issues and root causes rather than just the symptoms of our modern food environment.I have never highlighted and underlined so many passages in a book, nor had to close one so often to pause and absorb what I had read.As well as being fascinating from a scientific and global trend perspective, it also has valuable practical insights into how to eat healthily within the toxic food landscape, without being preachy.If I could afford to I would send a copy to every MP and ask that they start to base food policy on this book I truly think that if enough people in power read this book, it could change the world.

  5. CoCo CoCo says:

    I was absolutely fascinated by this book The author has researched the subject very well and as a result leaves you under no illusions about what you are putting in your mouth I have learnt some lessons from it and have adjusted my food shopping accordingly.

  6. PoppySeed PoppySeed says:

    Another beautifully written book from Bee Wilson This book explores the changing dynamics of our diet and diets around the world Bee takes a balanced view of everything, refusing to take anything at face value She lays out the complexities and nuances of a sometimes fraught set of issues with humanity and clear eyed scrutiny She has all the affection of a cook for good eating and good food, but understands the dark side of some trends and the silver linings in others An essential read for those who want to eat well and understand the state of our food today.

  7. Yeoman Yeoman says:

    If food is an environmental issue to you I recommended this but then again you know If food is not an environmental issue to you then this should be compulsory reading Sensible and necessary.

  8. Stefan Stefan says:

    Finally a book on food which is based on extensive research and not some preformulated ideological thesis Well written and good to read, an example for other writers not only on food but for many areas of popular science.Little critical comment in second half the author runs a bit thin on content The points are valid but elaborated over and over again

  9. Katroo Katroo says:

    I found this to be largely disappointing as in my opinion it didn t really go over any new ground that hasn t been covered before Yes we have become time poor and there are low income people in the world and we are susceptible to convenience Apparently we have lost our connection with real food because of the bewildering array of food choices which we cannot comprehend We have become a community of snackers, overeaters and devotees of processed food which has lead us to becoming obese and unhealthy If we don t take that road we are orthorexics with stupidly expensive tastes for weird super foods The most infuriating aspect of her book is her often repeated assertions that none of our problems are self inflicted, they are all the fault of greedy corporations who have forced us to guzzle soft drinks and chow down on chips So the fact that we choose to overeat and knowingly eat bad foods is not our fault The author seems to believe that nobody has any self discipline or agency at all and we are just manipulated by fast food giants who control our minds Apparently it is also evil for companies to sell their legal products in non Western companies Instead of understanding the rationality of companies responding to the needs of consumers say for example by offering prepared foods to consumers who lack time, the author seems to believe that the food companies have somehow contributed to the breakdown of society People make their own choices about food and drink What governments can do is to educate people about nutrition and food choices so everyone is on a level playing food of knowledge and leave them to get on with it If we go down the path the author s arguments would lead we will be told what we can eat and drink and I for one don t want that Disappointing and annoying read.

  10. m-iman m-iman says:

    Great read I m so impressed with the research and the ease to read this book Educate yourself on the changes to our food supplies The we always ate this attitude towards food and health has to change, the food has changed.

  11. Sasha Alyson Sasha Alyson says:

    Much of this is well covered elsewhere, and I didn t feel I got any especially new or valuable insights, but it is a good overview of food in the world today.

  12. reviewer1212 reviewer1212 says:

    If you read one nonfiction book this year, it should be this one This book was so enlightening and interesting Will read again many times