Prime I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State KillerAuthor Michelle McNamara –

Possibly the best book of it s genre I finished this the day that word came out they had arrested a suspect 25 4 18 The last page of the book was striking, given the circumstance This entire book will echo in my head for a long time to come I have no doubt I ll read it again. Short Listed For The Gordon Burn Prize A Masterful True Crime Account Of The Golden State Killer The Elusive Serial Rapist Turned Murderer Who Terrorised California For Over A Decade From Michelle McNamara, The Gifted Journalist Who Died Tragically While Investigating The CaseYou Ll Be Silent Forever, And I Ll Be Gone In The DarkFor Than Years, A Mysterious And Violent Predator Committed Sexual Assaults In Northern California Before Moving South, Where He Perpetrated Sadistic Murders Then He Disappeared, Eluding Capture By Multiple Police Forces And Some Of The Best Detectives In The Area Three Decades Later, Michelle McNamara, A True Crime Journalist Who Created The Popular Website True Crime Diary, Was Determined To Find The Violent Psychopath She Called The Golden State Killer Michelle Pored Over Police Reports, Interviewed Victims, And Embedded Herself In The Online Communities That Were As Obsessed With The Case As She Was I Ll Be Gone In The Darkthe Masterpiece McNamara Was Writing At The Time Of Her Sudden Death Offers An Atmospheric Snapshot Of A Moment In American History And A Chilling Account Of A Criminal Mastermind And The Wreckage He Left Behind It Is Also A Portrait Of A Woman S Obsession And Her Unflagging Pursuit Of The Truth Framed By An Introduction By Gillian Flynn And An Afterword By Her Husband, Patton Oswalt, The Book Was Completed By Michelle S Lead Researcher And A Close Colleague Utterly Original And Compelling, It Is Destined To Become A True Crime Classic And May At Last Unmask The Golden State Killer PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio On Our Desktop Site This is an extremely well written true crime novel Michelle MacNamara s obsessive dedication to the hunt for the Golden State Killer is both admirable and a little intimidating It is than just a recitation of the facts of the case, as Michelle inserts herself into the narrative so that it almost becomes part memoir It is clear how this this unsolved case, amongst others, permeated into every aspect of her life.The book is terrifying, as the Golden State Killer s crimes are some of the worst I have ever heard of, but it can also be quite sad and poignant When Michelle discusses the victims and survivors, you can tell that she really cares about them and would give anything for them to get the justice they deserve Then, when Michelle s writing ends abruptly due to her untimley death, I was overwhelmed with disappointment that she didn t live to hear the cell doors slam closed behind Joseph James DeAngelo, as her husband Patton describes in his afterword It really is a pity that she didn t get to see the man that she had chased after for years finally get his comeuppance, although I am sure her work on the case contributed greatly to his identification and capture Not to ignore the fantastic Paul Holes and the other investigators who worked on the case.The epilogue entitled Letter to an Old Man is wonderful, and leaves quite the impression, especially since I was readng this after Jospeh James Deangelo had been caught.A riveting, if dark, read. Michelle McNamara, wife of Patton Oswalt, was a true crime enthusiast She set up a successful blog about true crime where she investigated and traded information on open cases One case that hooked her completely was the Golden State Killer Throughout the 1980s across the Golden State, there was a high number of odd cases that involved home invasion, rape, assault and the stealing of oddities from the homes Enough information and witness statements were collected that made the police consider they had one perpetrator for all these crimes, but they never caught him.McNamara died before the completion of this book and much of it has been pieced together by her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt The information is taken from her notebooks, finished and unfinished chapters and all the case files and reports she meticuously detailed and kept It s a fascinating read.Worth mentioning that the GSK was caught just recently and people have mentioned that it may have been down to McNamara s investigative work and this book. UPDATE CASE SOLVED maybe.I read in todays press UK the 26 April 2018 and on the American websites that a man has just been arrested and charged with four of the murders He was an ex police officer I only finished reading this very worthwhile book a few weeks ago Michelle McNamara deserves a lot of credit for keeping the case alive and communicating with the different law agencies I hope this fact does not get forgotten and her family should be very proud of her In her book she writes a letter to a future time when the GSK would get caught and face justice At the end of this man s trial this letter would make a fitting collective victims statement and should be read aloud to him in open court Well done Michelle McNamara and well done to all officers and scientists and technicians who have managed to corner their prey.A very well researched book Reads a like a novel than a simple recount of criminal activity The author did a good job and it is a great shameshe passed away before seeing the book in print or even better seeing the EAR ONS read the book brought to justice It is not a spoiler to report that he she is still at large If this person ever gets arrested and charged Michelle McNamara should be recognised as the person who kept the heat on this evil low life. Chronicling her research into the Golden State Killer, I ll Be Gone in the Dark was completed by her research assistant based on over 3,500 files she had accumulated on this case Part autobiography, part investigation McNamara tells us about her first foray into murder, and her later obsession with the East Area Rapist EAR Original Night Stalker ONS Self confession throughout the book describes the lengths at which Michelle went to, to catch the killer.Michelle s relationships and conversations with the investigators of these crimes demonstrates her professionalism in the field Even though the book had to be completed from notes and research left behind by Michelle, the book tells the most coherent story of the Golden State Killer you ll ever read By the end you re hoping this guy eventually gets caught, for victims sake as well as for all of those who have worked on this case.