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What are religions and why do people follow them Where did they come from and how have they shaped our lives This interactive book answers all those questions and David G McAfee and Chuck Harrison have once again teamed up to help everyone learn about beliefs, gods, and religions It all started with The Belief Book, then continued with The Book of Gods, and now it s time to learn all about religions, even how to create one of your own The fully illustrated and interactive Book of Religions is for readers and thinkers of all ages, including kids and kids at heart I was very hopeful this would be a good book to give my kids a broad understanding of religion, faith, etc from the many perspectives in our world including the perspective that is not religious Unfortunately the book seems to have a strong agenda where it belittles the various presented views when it could have easily and constructively just attempted to describe them impartially and with some respect I say this as an atheist who certainly doesn t advocate any of the covered religions, but knows that a respectful and impartial approach is the right way to go. Awesome book Easy to follow and read but also very informative I really enjoy all of David s work My girlfriend read it aslo but she disliked it Her reasons were that it was too advanced for younger children and that she felt certain verses were taken out of context. Excellent and informative book My 6 y.o son and I have been reading the whole series because I didn t want him to feel confused and guilty about religion as a child like I did It s worked He knows what religion is, that he should be friendly and accepting of others while staying skeptical himself Can t recommend this series enough