download Prime Under Pressure: Living Life and Avoiding Death on a Nuclear SubmarineAuthor Richard Humphreys –

Great read One Of The Finest Memoirs Published In Recent Years Dan JonesAn Utterly Fascinating And Wonderfully Detailed Insight Into The Hidden World Of The Modern Submarine James HollandA Candid, Visceral, And Incredibly Entertaining Account Of What Its Like To Live In One Of The Most Extreme Environments In The WorldImagine A World Without Natural Light, Where You Can Barely Stand Up Straight For Fear Of Knocking Your Head, Where You Have No Idea Of Where In The World You Are Or What Time Of Day It Is, Where You Sleep In A Coffin Sized Bunk And Sometimes Eat A Full Roast For BreakfastNow Imagine Sharing That World With Other Sweaty Bodies, Crammed Into A Ft X Ft Steel Tube, Ft Underwater, For Up To Days At A Time, With No Possibility Of Escape And To Top It Off, A Sizeable Chunk Of Your Living Space Is Taken Up By The Most Formidably Destructive Nuclear Weapons History Has Ever Known This Is The World Of The Submariner This Is Life Under PressureAs A Restless And Adventurous Year Old, Richard Humphreys Joined The Submarine Service In And Went On To Serve Aboard The Nuclear Deterrent For Five Years At The End Of The Cold War Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For Life Beneath The Waves Aside From The Claustrophobia And Disorientation, There Were The Prolonged Periods Of Boredom, The Constant Dread Of Discovery By The Soviets, And The Smorgasbord Of Rank Odours That Only A Group Of Poorly Washed And Flatulent Submariners Can UnleashBut Even In This Most Pressurised Of Environments, The Consolations Were Unique Where Else Could You Sit Peacefully For Hours Listening To Whale Song, OrBased On First Hand Experience, Under Pressure Is The Candid, Visceral And Incredibly Entertaining Account Of What Its Like To Live, Work, Sleep, Eat And Stay Sane In One Of The Most Extreme Man Made Environments On The Planet Not very well written Constantly repeats the same phrases I would have given it 5 stars if the politics had been left out. A good read and an insight into the life of a submarineer this book was not left in letterbox as stated The author goes to some length to explain that a patrol on a nuclear submarine is three months of monotony and his book accurately reflects his claim.I found One of our submarines to be much interesting. Well written and very interesting Recommended as is the seller Arrived very quickly Thanks.