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Now a Netflix series Winner of the Fortnum Mason Best Debut Food BookSunday Times Food Book of the Year and New York Times best seller Hear Samin read The Four Elements of Good Cooking Part One of her best selling book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat While cooking at Chez Panisse at the start of her career, Samin Nosrat noticed that amid the chaos of the kitchen there were four key principles that her fellow chefs would always fall back on to make their food better Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat By mastering these four variables, Samin found the confidence to trust her instincts in the kitchen and cook delicious meals with any ingredients And with her simple but revolutionary method, she has taught masterclasses to give both professionals and amateurs the skills to cook instinctively

6 thoughts on “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking (Audio Download): Samin Nosrat, Samin Nosrat, Canongate Books: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Annah Annah says:

    This book is FANTASTIC The best cookbook I have ever bought and I ve bought a fewSamin has a really accessible style of writing and you can t help but like her as a person I have enjoyed the stories she tells about her experiences and how she came up with this simple matrix for wonderful tasting food.And it certainly has revolutionised my cooking What s , it s a great diet book Hold on a minute, I hear you cry Let me explain If you use this book, you might just find yourself enjoying your food so much that you ll eat less The satisfaction you can get from one mouthful of food, the less you ll need to eat This is my own theory and it is working for me Samin has improved the satisfaction I get from eating and I ve lost nearly 2 kilos in a month It s true.But don t buy it to lose weight, buy it to rediscover enjoyment in the food you cook and eat It s a terrific book I would happily pay twice the price for it.

  2. L. Holland L. Holland says:

    I had great hopes for this book and generally love cooking and recipe books but this one leaves me cold.It does go into a lot of fairly tedious and obvious detail about the basics of using salt and which fats to use and which flavourings etc all info that would be obvious from general knowledge or from just reading the recipe Some recipes look interesting though and I will try them It feels very geared to the US market too.not for me.

  3. Moley Moley says:

    The information in this book is excellent Well written, pleasantly readable, packed with information BUTI bought it on Kindle It has loads of diagrams which I suspect are really useful in a full sized book, but just can t be read in Kindle If you want to understand your cooking, get this book in paper format.

  4. FunkMaster FunkMaster says:

    A must have book for a serious cook It covers topics that no other book I have come across covers I just have over 200 cookbooks and I value the information in this one the most

  5. Camomillla Camomillla says:

    Inspiring and charming, really make you appreciate the beauty of food and cooking Being from Italy and a very conservative cook, I disagree with some of the recipes for example I NEVER mix onion and garlic in a tomato sauce for me the best tip in the book was adding salt at the soffritto level if making a sauce or a soup as it really makes a difference There is no time quoted and the recipes have too many steps for me.

  6. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    Amazing cook book Samin has pulled back the curtain on how to make meals taste amazing.So many cook books offer recipes which ultimately come up short time and time again Simple things that were probably done like seasoning meat at a certain time aren t put into books.Why using certain amount of salt enhances even the subtlest flavours of food, try cooking your vegetables her way, you will never want other people s under seasoned vegetables.This cook book is a must for every home cook Once you master the basics, the cooking world is your kitchen.With her simply explained principles you will turn out amazing tasting food every time.