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Ravenmaster Christopher Skaife has written an all encompassing informative tome, covering the many aspects of the highly unusual job of Ravenmaster of The Tower Of London , he covers the history of the Castle , Raven keeping, and coping with his past history and and his hopes for the future Ravenmasters A gentle stroll with humour and Birdie passion Well worth reading , I would recommend keeping a beady eye out for his next publications , History buffs and Birdie Parrot people alike. What a weaver of tales this Ravenmaster, a wordsmith that from the first line has you under his spell and, by approaching the last , leaves you feeling quite bereft Funny, poignant, informative with a smattering of history, ancient legends and myths thrown into the mix this book should be irresistible to anyone even vaguely interested in these magnificent, highly intelligent but much maligned and persecuted birds Ravenmaster Skaife may not have professional qualifications in Ornithology, who cares the birds certainly don t What he does have is an obvious and great love, empathy and understanding of his feisty charges and this shines through in his writing In an age where animals are so often exploited by humanity for our pleasure at the cost of their wellbeing and happiness, it is so refreshing to discover that at least these, the most famous of Ravens are in the very safe and capable hands of such a caring person who truly puts their welfare above all else Fortunate Ravens indeed and lucky us being able to share a glimpse into their world Great read, buy it Wrote a lot about himself, his army career as a drum major etc Totally uninterested in any of that, I bought it to read about those beautiful Ravens Reading between the lines I think he may be the type to be somewhat unkind with them One has taken a great dislike to him Birds will only do that, Parrots etc., if they have been mis treated, shouted at, clouted or whatever, well if indeed that is the reason, a Raven will never forget, I am sure Not the best book about Ravens, plenty out there far superior to this one Plus, they are about Ravens, not an army career. I came across this little gem through Facebook and have been eagerly awaiting the release since June I can honestly say it did not disappoint.This isn t a scientific book, rather a glimpse into the rather unusual life of author, who comes across as a genuinely good guy I read it in two sittings.Pleasure to read and worthwhile learning about some of the residents of the Tower. I m so glad I followed my instinct to pick up this book Once opened i could not put it down and now I ve finished i want to know Lovely little stories about each of the ravens with great little nuggets about the yeoman guards My family have long history in the military and I read with a little smile on my face the antics of Chris as a teen and the change that military life gave him I have witnessed this change many times myself.However, I found it very frustrating as I would love to have read stories about the birds Another book maybe Or, as Chris is obviously quite a good teller of stories, a children s book about the ravens Great stories all wound together, I m glad I read it. I loved this book And yet I only chanced upon it, reading a tweet from Neil Gaiman I m fascinated by the Tower and the ravens, there is a series of mysteries in German I enjoy based around a fictional ravenmaster by Emma Goodwyn so it was great to hear from the real life ravenmaster The writing style is very informal, very conversational and you feel as if you are there, walking around with him, watching and caring for the ravens I very much want to go back to the Tower now and see the ravens and thank their master in person So easy to read, so informative An absolute delight. A quick, easy read, written in a convivial and conversational manner, The Ravenmaster My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London is a pleasant enough read It flows well, and the author comes across as a jovial man with a geniuine love for the tower s ravens and a keen observational insight into his wards behaviours and personalities Which is all well and goodMy problem with this book is that there is simply not enough of the book dedicated to the ravens to justify the second part of the title There are some good raven related anecdotes from his time working with the ravens, as well as observations, interesting historical nuggets, and some general raven facts, but there is also a considerable amount of the book relating to Chris s earlier military career, as well as a good amount of information regarding the general history of the tower, that occasionally seems to be there just to pad out the book a little.I can t help but feel that, for someone whose full time career is being a Ravenmaster , there would be far material directly relating to the ravens than is on display here I would consider this book less of a book on Christopher Skaife s life with the ravens at the Tower of London, but a book about Christopher Skaife, whose current position involves looking after the ravens at the Tower of London.An enjoyable way to spend a few hours, but you won t learn much about ravens, or even that much about the author s life with those at the tower. The first behind the scenes account of life with the ravens at Britain s most famous national monument For centuries, the Tower of London has been home to a group of famous avian residents the ravens Each year they are seen by millions of visitors, and they have become as integral a part of the Tower as its ancient stones themselves But their role is even important than that legend has it that if the ravens should ever leave, the Tower will crumble into dust, and great harm will befall the kingdom One man is personally responsible for ensuring that such a disaster never comes to pass the Ravenmaster The current holder of the position is Yeoman Warder Christopher Skaife, and in this fascinating, entertaining and touching book he memorably describes the ravens formidable intelligence, their idiosyncrasies and their occasionally wicked sense of humour Over the years in which he has cared for the physical and mental well being of these remarkable birds, Christopher Skaife has come to know them like no one else They are not the easiest of charges as he reveals, they are much given to mischief, and their escapades have often led him into unlikely, and sometimes even undignified, situations Now, in the first intimate behind the scenes account of life with the ravens of the Tower, the Ravenmaster himself shares the folklore, history and superstitions surrounding both the birds and their home The result is a compelling, inspiring and irreverent story that will delight and surprise anyone with an interest in British history or animal behaviour