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An informative , entertaining and above all creepy miscellany of horror that is perfect for dipping into in a spare moment, though some sections are so engrossing that you may find it difficult to put the book down, As with his renowned podcast, Lore, Aaron Mahnke has done his research and created a volume of hauntings and horrors with settings as strange and diverse as Salem during and after the witchcraft trials, remote forests reputed to hide monsters , as well as ghostly graveyards and haunted hospitals and asylums Picture the setting of virtually any horror film, and in this book Mahnke has probably found a real life case to rival it While the research is meticulous , the real skill of the author lies in his humorous and engaging writing style This is a wonderful seasonal read, and one that I found my self reaching for at every spare moment. It is just a transcript for the podcast I personally prefer reading so I bought the book and I m happy for the purchase. Dreadful Places is the third volume in Aaron Mahnke s World of Lore series and it is as fantastically creepy as the first two I definitely recommend that people who have listened to his podcast or seen the show on check out this book.Aaron Mahnke has the ability to thoroughly research a subject, put down the details and somehow turn it into the creepiest atmospheric reads that will haunt your dreams for weeks.Sometimes the Truth is frightening than fiction I highly recommend this book as it will keep you up all night, wondering just what is out there in the world today. Ein Nachteil an Band 3 Dreadful Places ist, dass sich viele Geschichten auf die USA beziehen, was f r europ ische Leser relativ uninteressant ist, da man einige der genannten Orte berhaupt nicht kennt Und die Geschichten dazu sind auch nicht alle so fesselnd, dass man dennoch Interesse entwickelt.Manche Geschichten, wie z.B das Drama am Dyatlov Pass werden im Vergleich recht knapp abgehandelt hier zum Beispiel ist die Darstellung in Bedtime Stories auch als Kindle Ausgabe erh ltlich viel ausf hrlicher und besser.Ich muss gestehen, dass in diesem Band sogar manchmal Seiten bewusst bersprungen haben, da mich die Geschichten einfach nicht ansprachen Dennoch nat rlich eine Erg nzung der Serie f r Fans. Great book Esta tercera entrega no decepciona, l stima que sea la ltima. Muy bueno For fans of Neil Gaiman and Welcome to Night Vale, Aaron Mahnke s The World of Lore based on the popular Lore podcast explores the chilling truth behind the legendary creatures, peculiar people and horrific places that arouse our deepest fears For you see, sometimes the truth is frightening than fiction VolumeDreadful Places Humans have an uncanny ability to leave their indelible mark Homes can sometimes reflect the characteristics of their occupants, and even cities become and like living beings after a century or two So, it s logical to assume that darker deeds, horrible tragedies and the worst of human nature all might leave a nefarious taint on some of these places This third book in The World of Lore series explores dark and dreadful places on land and at sea, places haunted by tragedy and filled with echoes of evil These are the stories about cities and buildings, too, from New Orleans to Louisiana and Richmond, Virginia, as well as infamous places like the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and England s most frightening and brooding castles Lo ped para mi esposa y le encanto. This is the third book by Aaron Mahnke I have read This time he has written a spooky good book about places that are just a little scary Now to be fair some of these places I have read of before or seen in documentaries, but that doesn t take away from the story it actually makes it interesting If you are a fan of the supernatural then this is one you have to read However if it keeps you awake after reading don t blame me just say they are only old wives tales To Aaron Mahnke I say good job and keep them coming.