Keto Manifesto: Your 7-Day Recipe Guide to Starve Cancer, Improve Energy, and Lose Weight (Audio Download): Angelica Stone, J. Robin Ward, BravuraBooks: Audible Audiobooks –

Lose fat by eating of it seriously Are you ready for world class health and energy Tired of random YouTube videos, podcasts, or articles that didn t show you how to flourish daily on a ketogenic diet How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself Upgrade to Olympic level nutrition Imagine waking up as the Olympic athlete version of yourself How do you feel How does your life improve with world class nutrition You can reach your personal peak But you must do what is required to care for your body Keto Manifesto shows you why this diet is so popular with athletes, scientists, health professionals, and many Feel immediate benefits Feel rapid improvements in your focus Feel energized throughout your day Feel your body flourish through the little known secret of brown fat This audiobook is your practical guide to ketosis The Keto Manifesto benefits your athletic training, energy levels, focus, treatment of disease, and overall health IGNITE your natural ketosis engine Weight loss is daunting But imagine you knew a counterintuitive truth A truth proven by an avalanche of overwhelming evidence The PRIME CAUSE OF CANCER is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of SUGAR Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner Cancer thrives on sugar Healthy cells use ketones for energy But cancer cells cannot because they are metabolically damaged Cancer s glucose dependence was observed overyears ago But only now is this evidence reaching the general public Love and understand your body Take a chance on the Keto Manifesto today You will learn exactly how to Lose weight through ketosis Choose fats, proteins, and carbs confidently Answer FAQs about the ketogenic diet Optimize ketosis for exercise performance Stay completely healthy throughout Understand the science of ketosis and disease Get started with aday eating plan with mouthwatering recipes

10 thoughts on “Keto Manifesto: Your 7-Day Recipe Guide to Starve Cancer, Improve Energy, and Lose Weight (Audio Download): Angelica Stone, J. Robin Ward, BravuraBooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Great introduction to Keto.

  2. Author Author says:

    We loved this book with my wife.Last night we cooked roasted vegetable salad with steak and feta I wish we took picture of it But anyway, it s been a fantastic experience And we loved how easy to understand and easy to cook this recipe is.We also spotted a few other keto recipes we would like to try cooking soon To my mind, this author did great with this cookbook.

  3. Christine Christine says:

    very informative and gives you hope to try to eat this way

  4. A.L Hunter A.L Hunter says:

    To be honest after hearing about ketogenic dieting through a friend of mine, I was like oh boy, another weight loss formula for the desperate ones but then after reading this book, I ve realized how much i was ignorant when it comes to nutrition The part where the book explain s that eating healthy fats can help you fight cancer and boost up your energy levels, truly opened up my eyesso, now I can eat freely without worries as along as i limit my glucose intake

  5. Dave M Dave M says:

    A wonderful book which provides in depth information on Ketosis and how it affects the body and brain in a positive way The book also goes into supplementation and how it can be applied to the diet From the foods to eat to the foods to avoid, this book has all the components to get started on the ketogenic diet.

  6. Adam Adam says:

    Wow, this was a thoroughly researched book, includes great recipes that you will definitely want to look at This book also talks about the impact of ketogenic diet on patients with Alzheimer s and a few other diseases.

  7. Lacee T Lacee T says:

    I thought this was an interesting book, it gives a lot of background on how the keto diet works I didn t even know about the keto diet till my sister started implementing it She s been on this diet since February, and the results she has gotten from it are insane She s doing it mainly to maintain good health, but I was amazed by how much weight she lost I couldn t believe it I ve never seen someone lose weight so quickly She s followed it religiously ever since, and it s worked out great for her She swears by it.I have to admit I m not super savvy when it comes to diets, but this book makes it pretty simple to understand the keto diet It has taught me about how it compares with the traditional western diet for example, that a high carb diet with decreased calorie and carb intake will send you hunger signals, cause irritability and make you less focused in other words, you will get hangry while the keto diet is designed to regulate your glucose levels, your mood, energy control and is great for appetite control overall What I gleaned from this is that the keto diet stabilizes everything If you need a reasonably fast weight loss solution or have trouble losing weight, and or get bad food cravings and need help curbing your appetite, this diet and this book will work great for you Not only is it packed with all the information you need to get started, but it also includes a 7 day meal plan with delicious keto recipes that can give you a head start on your new plan for becoming healthier My favorite part of the book was when it talked about the benefits of the keto diet on disease and mental illness epilepsy although it s not limited here it extends to other kinds of seizures as well , it s great for type 1 diabetes, even cancer, and many cognitive diseases and disorders, like Alzheimer s, traumatic brain injuries, and mental degenerate diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson s, and dementia Very interesting This diet doesn t come without a few little risks, if not followed correctly You need to make sure to consult your doctor if you have certain needs before taking on this diet, and ease yourself into it because it will take a little bit of getting used to Rome wasn t built in a day Do your due diligence to make sure this diet is right for you I believe this book will help you in making an informed choice.

  8. christian christian says:

    I was first introduced to the keto diet about six months ago when my boyfriend mentioned that he was going on a new diet to burn fat Being 26, I was surprised I had never heard about it and didn t think much about it until now There are probably thousands of ways to lose weight but very few are safe, or so I thought In this book, I was taught about the state of ketosis and how it helps regulate the body in a way that a low carb diet does not I love how the author explains, in lamens terms what keto is and how the human diet has evolved over time Contrary to popular belief, healthy fats can be a good thing and with the numerous examples of keto friendly options, there is no reason why everyone shouldn t be doing keto I thought the idea of a fat bomb was a creative and fun way to curve those late night cravings What I got from this book is that keto is for everyone Overall, it s easy to implement and it s a great long term strategy for keeping weight off and changing your relationship with food.

  9. PeaceTree PeaceTree says:

    I m usually not a fan of a timeline type fad, i.e 5 days to health type items so I read this with trepidation and curiosity as I have quite a few friends who are experiencing success, but I m only seeing pictures not so much the how, the why and the ugly parts lol At first dive in, one must get comfortable with all the new vocabulary, but just like any new path education is key before jumping in and also being able to explain it to others helps I appreciated the explanations that did not make this feel like a sales pitch but an informative breakdown of what this eating style involves and ways to modify based on any current health issues or choices one might already be in, i.e diabetes, or vegetarian This took me back to my nutrition classes in high school and college, how I wished I would ve paid attention Thankfully, Angelica Stone has put the work in here with clear outlines of how our body works when implementing a keto plan Surprises to me in this book include the keto diet having been used to treat serious health conditions, and how a fat rich diet is actually better for our body, which I ve also seen promoted by Dr Joel Wallach I enjoyed the straightforward lists of what you need to remove from your diet, however you will be pleasantly surprised there is than enough to choose from to have delicious meals I will be reading this a few times hint get this on Kindle so you can highlight all the good stuff and recipes and continuing to educate myself on this diet Only suggestions would be to have some graphics for us visual learners, perhaps breakdowns of the caloric values for the recipes presented, pull out grids of the can and cannot eat menus for easy shopping, and a bit bragging about the author Looking forward to the next book

  10. Heidi Jarvis Heidi Jarvis says:

    I am happy I made the decision to purchase Keto Manifesto Your 7 Day Recipe Guide to Starve Cancer, Improve Energy, and Lose Weight Delicious food to improve your brain and body Book1 it has not disappointed my expectations I have a strong belief that we can heal any disease or illness in our body by providing it with the right nutrients and this book confirms this way of thinking The author, Angelica Stone, speaks to the benefits this diet brings to those with cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy It provides proof of its benefits to those with cancer and epilepsy She also talks to its impact on cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood triglyceride levels.The book provides a vast understanding of how and why the diet works, what to eat, how to optimize the diet for intense athletic training, and how to avoid or work around common problems experienced with the diet I enjoyed the author spelling out what the first couple of days may feel like as my body goes through this healthy and needed change This eliminates surprises and decreases the chance of quitting before I ve given the diet a chance to truly make the amazing differences it will when I have given my body a chance to make the transition to my new way of eating.While all of the information provided me with reasons why the Keto Diet works for not only weight loss, but for the overall health of my body, I found the shopping lists, helpful supplements, and 7 Day Eating Plan to be beyond useful for anyone just starting this diet So excited for my new journey to begin with this super healthy diet