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Random House presents the audiobook edition of Confessions of a Menopausal Woman by Andrea McLean The menopause There we ve said it It s a huge part of every woman s life, and yet it remains one of society s last taboos An emotionally complex issue that can trigger a whole host of physical and mental side effects, it s a big deal So why aren t we talking about it Talking about stuff is what women do best we share and offload, we laugh and we bond over the ridiculous and incredible things our bodies go through Hearing other people s experiences is what makes our own so much bearable because we know that we aren t alone This is the book that Andrea McLean wished for as she found herself in uncharted territory, grappling with the physical aftershock of a hysterectomy and the psychological fallout of a difficult menopause After announcing live on Loose Women that she would be absent from the screen as she recovered from surgery, Andrea was inundated with letters from other women struggling with the realities of the menopause, who were delighted that someone was finally talking openly and frankly about it Typically candid, and including tips and tricks on diet, exercise and even your sex life, in Confessions of a Menopausal Woman Andrea brings her trademark humour and honesty to a very hot topic

9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Menopausal Woman (Audio Download): Andrea McLean, Andrea McLean, Random House Audiobooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Jen Prev Jen Prev says:

    This book should have been called Diary of a privileged middle aged woman It is about Andrea s hysterectomy and privileged life than it is about the menopause As someone living a normal life on an average salary and going through the menopause naturally I found little in this book that was relevant or interesting to me Confessions are sadly lacking Don t expect anything revelatory in this book, unless you have never heard of middle aged woman getting chin hair and drying up sexually Who knew Most of us, I should think.Andrea pops off to the doctors on a regular basis and appears to see all the best specialists in the field Her suggestion that all menopausal women should go to see a menopause specialist had me laughing my head off She doesn t live in the real world And as for her diet and recipe suggestions along with her claims that it is all available at your local supermarket please.Then a full chapter on her Harley Street skin care regime, new wardrobe, make up, hair extensions, expensive dental gear, botox and gawd knows what else And lets not forget her housekeeper children s nanny, who is a marvel, of course.Oh, I nearly forgot the suggestions that employees should give menopausal women time off, make allowances for their lack of concentration and allow them to go to work later in the day if they are tired and so on OMG It is suggestions like that which make people simply employ a man instead Really And I am sorry Andrea but you are definitely not the optimist that you claim to be You struck me as a bit of a moaner Instead of feeling buoyed by the changes coming, your book is a mire of depression and negativity You don t appear to be embracing middle age at all Instead you seem to be throwing time, effort and money at combating as many signs of ageing as you can The point of being older and wiser is that we have grown beyond all that superficial rubbish no As for the price of this book rip off 9.99 of my hard earned money If Andrea really wanted to help women she should make this a fair and realistic price I begrudge paying so much for a book but especially when it turns out to be so dreadfully pointless.

  2. the stockwell stitcher the stockwell stitcher says:

    I did find this book informative, but not everyone has a nanny housekeeper and can afford to go private Unfortunately, the NHS doesn t have much to offer apart from HRT and a dose of just getting on with it I like Andrea McClean, but thought this book was aimed at the privileged in society However, the factual bits at the end of each chapter were very informative

  3. Dr clive/lisa Rees Dr clive/lisa Rees says:

    Wow This book should be made to be read by every child along side sex education.We teach children Maths, English, History etc but the only reason we are on this planet is to reproduce and keep the human cycle alive, yet we teach sex education but lack on what happens next It will happen to every women regardless of who they are and every man regardless of their sexuality will know a women going through it.So why do we not teach this in school We know about periods, acne, wet dreams, masterbation but menopause why not My husband went to an all boys school , has a doctorate and is an intelligent man, alongside a responsible job But why is it that when I am going through the symptoms mentioned he calls me a nut case losing it.I m aware that many relationships do not last the menopause due to lack of education Is it any wonder Andrea McCain s book is the answer to many of our problems Make boys read this book Take it to schools, read and learn as I believe this book is so important then anything else Thank you Andrea x

  4. Jules Jules says:

    I was so looking forward to reading this book, it was released a couple of days after my op, and was a joy to read, I couldn t put it down I could relate so much knowing that I wasn t the only one who had felt like that and the feelings I had and felt were normal I did have a chuckle and shed a tear but I have learnt that its ok to open up and talk about it with others Thank you Andrea for your honesty about how it was for you A must read for anyone going through the same.

  5. sharon phillips sharon phillips says:

    Of the back of this book I made a doctors appointment focused on not having individual symptoms treated but symptoms viewed as a whole The list in the book almost mirrored a list I gave my gp a year ago and no attention given Now armed with my kindl I am not leaving until they give me some help to get back to me not the woman I am at the moment Thank you Andrea

  6. Fairy godmother Fairy godmother says:

    Disappointing I was expecting focus on professional cutting edge advice than Google search advice Clearly written with Loose Women viewers in mind I bought the audio book to listen to in my car en route to work I found Andrea s tone rather patronising and irritating.

  7. Lisa Cramb Lisa Cramb says:

    Of however you want to know about options if you can t take HRT it is not so useful unless you are restricted to dietary only alternatives for helping with the menopause.I enjoyed the book, however I felt it was a real promotion for HRT, which is fine, but I had expected it to have tales of menopausal incidents where the symptoms affected Andrea s life for their to be done helpful hints on how to cope with symptoms, without having to take medication Perhaps home therapies gadgets like cooling pillows, fans that spray water etc So I was a little disappointed

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Really disappointed After hearing radio reviews from people who said the book had saved their marriages, I was expecting than simply a diary of a hysterectomy patient who can afford private healthcare I fail to see what is life changing about this book and felt somewhat patronised by the author.

  9. Estelle Estelle says:

    This book is truth and real ness for all those that are living with the transition to the the menopause I mean women, partners, children , friends and family Have a read and learn.