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The Explosive Book From Ex MI Surveillance Officer Tom Marcus Takes The Listener On A Non Stop, Adrenaline Fuelled Ride As He Hunts Down Those Who Would Do Our Country Harm Tom Spent Years Working Covertly To Stop Those Who Want To Do Us Harm In His Best Selling Memoir Soldier Spy, He Told How He Was Recruited And Described Some Of His Top Secret Operations In I Spy, He Takes Us Deeper Undercover As He Puts His Life On The Line Once I Spy Plunges The Listener Straight Into The Action As Tom And His Team Race To Prevent Terrorists From Causing Carnage On Our Streets And Outsmart Russian Agents, Blocking A Daring Plot That Threatens The Security Of The Nation Relying On Their Quick Wits, Training And Courage, The Extraordinary Men And Women Of MI Are Under Intense Pressure Every Day Not Everyone Is Suited For The Work, And Tom Shows How The Incredibly Tough Challenges He Faced Growing Up Gave Him The Mental Strength And Skills To Survive In A Dangerous World Gritty And Eye Opening, This Is A Unique Insight Into A Hidden War And The Sacrifices Made By Those Who Fight It You Will Never Take Your Safety For Granted Again This Audiobook Includes An Interview Between Author, Tom Marcus, And Reader, Jason Langley

8 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. Customer Customer says:

    This book is an incredibly addictive read, I finished it in one sitting It is such an authentic and gritty account of a service that s usually so invisible to us.I for one feel safer for reading it and knowing there are people like this keeping us safe on our streets Thanks for sharing something so personal and so meaningful I highly recommend itTom Marcus, please keep them coming

  2. Exile Exile says:

    This book is actually 2 stories running parallel I m stunned to learn about the secret war being fought in mainland UK We all know about MI5 but maybe naively, I never imagined how active they are and I never realized the extent of the networks actively trying to undermine life in the UK.The other story is about an incredibly brave person, who is clearly suffering stress and quite serious mental health issues brought about by his work in MI5 and his previous military job and how he copes until finally he can do no .A very brave man to whom, with his colleagues in MI5 we clearly owe a great debt.As with all our military personal who suffer mental injury, I hope the country will help him get back on his feet.

  3. r d milburn r d milburn says:

    another account by Tom Marcus that grips you and compels you to read night after night, wasn t sure about his second book capture or kill as its fiction but having read that also I hope Tom keeps them coming another author to add to my list if you like to know what is really happening around you and not live in blissful ignorance then this book is a definite read thank you Tom

  4. Customer Customer says:

    I found this book to be a personal account of someone with post traumatic stress disorder dealing with a dangerous job in real life At times it was upsetting because I too had suffered from ptsd and I recognized the symptoms Fortunately he made the right choice to seek treatment I thought that this was a very exciting book to read that was also very honest and hard hitting Everyone should read this book to gain an insight into what our hero s suffer to protect our way of life.

  5. Keith Keith says:

    A must read book that is truly riveting The author balances the adrenaline of the task whilst highlighting both the courage and sacrifices these undercover officers make working in dangerous areas trying to keep our country and its citizens safe It acknowledges and lays bare the true emotional costs borne by these operatives it is a fitting tribute to the author and the other brave officers of MI5 Like His previous book this also deserves to be a number one best seller.

  6. Looby Looby says:

    I found this book somewhat of a surprise.Although there is a lot of repetition, and the need to concentrate on detail, it is difficult to put the book down.It certainly opens the mind to what is going on daily in order to keep us safe our gratitude goes out to everyone in our Security Service.

  7. doodle doodle says:

    Reading while recovering in hospital Kept me glued to the pages ,

  8. AllAboutAlan AllAboutAlan says:

    I found this book was a fascinating look at what makes an MI5 operator, from growing up, joining the military and onwards to how MI5 work takes over your life, even after retirement I haven t read Soldier Spy but I ll be downloading it and reading it now