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A perfect pick for kids who love Rick Riordan Bookliststarred review A winner for all kids, but it will be especially loved by Latinx and Hispanic families Kirkus Reviewsstarred review The Lightning Thief meets the Story Thieves series in this middle grade fantasy inspired by Hispanic folklore, legends, and myths from the Iberian Peninsula and Central and South AmericaCharlie Hernndez has always been proud of his Latin American heritage He loves the culture, the art, and especially the myths Thanks to his abuelas stories, Charlie possesses an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the monsters and ghouls who have spent the last five hundred years haunting the imaginations of children all across the Iberian Peninsula, as well as Central and South America And even though his grandmother sometimes hinted that the tales might be than mere myth, Charlies always been a pragmatist Even barely out of diapers, he knew the stories were just make believenothing than intricately woven fables meant to keep little kids from misbehaving But when Charlie begins to experience freaky bodily manifestationsones all too similar to those described by his grandma in his favorite legendhe is suddenly swept up in a world where the mythical beings hes spent his entire life hearing about seem to be walking straight out of the pages of Hispanic folklore and into his life And even stranger, they seem to know about him than he knows about himself Soon, Charlie finds himself in the middle of an ancient battle between La Liga, a secret society of legendary mythological beings sworn to protect the Land of the Living, and La Mano Peluda aka the Hairy Hand , a cabal of evil spirits determined to rule mankind With only the help of his lifelong crush, Violet Rey, and his grandmothers stories to guide him, Charlie must navigate a world where monsters and brujas rule and things he couldnt possibly imagine go bump in the night That is, if he has any hope of discovering whats happening to him and saving his missing parents oh, and maybe even the world No pressure, muchacho

15 thoughts on “Charlie Hernández & the League of Shadows

  1. Dan Dan says:

    Exactly what I was looking for Buen trabajo Ryan I was inspired by my wife s Guatemalan folklore to write a Latinx fantasy, thinking the world of literature needed something fresh and unique So how crazy to finally stumble upon Charlie Hernandez and Ryan Calejo s work Big Data probably caught up to me and my search tendencies But enough about that, and about the League of ShadowsFrom the cover to the back of book blurb, this hooked me right away, and turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for Ryan is for Latin American Mythology like Rick Riordan is for the better known Roman, Greek and Egyptian tales He brings each to life, and even has some fun with them The story flows well, makes you feel for the characters, and nails the middle school vibe but not overly so I do not want to spoil the story by saying too much, so will stop here However, seeing he just published a second one, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to where he goes next, now that all the backstory is done.Gracias muchacho

  2. Priscilla Hafer Priscilla Hafer says:

    My 10 year old loved this book He is eagerly awaiting a sequel It does have some scary content so it might normally be best for kids a little older He is in 4th grade and reads at a 7th or 8th grade level He is soaking up all the fantasy type stuff he can get his hands on right now, and this book was a great addition.

  3. Joy Holloway Joy Holloway says:

    I ve been reading this book to my 8 almost 9 year old son He loves it Both of us usually end up reading several chapters because we can t put it down It is written for middle school, but my 3rd grader and I are enjoying the book We bought the second book in the series Charlie Hernandez and the Castle of Bones before we finished this book because we want to find out what happens in Charlie s next adventure.

  4. Laura Laura says:

    This book feels like a Hispanic version of Harry Potter The same detail, research, and passion can be found in Charlie s world Everything, down to the glossary in the back of the book, immerses you in a rich culture that helps the story feel like it could be your own Having grown up in the same hometown as Charlie, it was so fun and exciting to have a character that I could identify with culturally Charlie and I even went to the same school This book and story is definitely one that everyone can enjoy, no matter what background they may come from, or what age they are Everyone in my family has a copy and loves it from my own Abuela to my kids It s an escape into a whole new world that I never wanted to end and I already can t wait to read it again Part 2 please and then 3, 4, 5

  5. Alexandra P. Alexandra P. says:

    Charlie Hern ndez and the League of Shadows was a fun read I really enjoyed seeing the Latinx and Hispanic mythological creatures on the page, many of whom I d heard while growing up Colombian I m incredibly drawn to these stories and often write about them, so it was a pleasant surprise finding this book My son enjoyed the adventure and the myths, too, and we re both looking forward to book 2

  6. AL AL says:

    Bought this book for my school age child but read it as well and genuinely enjoyed it I couldn t wait to see what would happen to Charlie next I loved the details in the book, in particular the descriptions of Miami and it s street I could see Charlie and Violet riding their bikes along all those recognizable streets But most of all I enjoyed how all the Hispanic myths were woven into the story and came to life with a modern, multicultural twist I think this a great book for kids exciting but not too scary, fast paced with a fun ending and perhaps with a future book 2 I have a feeling we haven t seen the end of La Cuca Highly recommend this book kids of all ages will enjoy it mine cannot put it down

  7. Catalina Catalina says:

    This is a perfect book for the entire family, it gives you a window into a world of folklore, mythology and heritage, and opens the door into a whole new perspective and multi cultural appreciation It crosses generations, and best of all cultivates new seeds of curiosity for both young and even older wiser family members When Charlie s world suddenly becomes a new reality, it s nonstop adventure Charlie and Violeta will have you holding your breath in every turn, and keep you flipping the page on over drive Calejo and his mighty pen are quite the duo, light like a feather, but can sting like a bee I highly recommend it.

  8. Araxy Araxy says:

    I bought this book for my 10 year old son looking for a mystery adventure book that he would enjoy reading and find it entertaining He loved the book Aside form finding it fun and intriguing, I think he also felt recognized by the culture mix American and Hispanic that is reflected in the story, both in references and also in the language itself We are looking forward to reading the next one, and yes I m reading it with him and to him sometimes, what a great way to connect with my son through something that we both enjoy.

  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book had amazing reviews so I tried it out for myself The author didn t seem to add many detail for the first half of the book and I was very disappointed Also, the ending was not exactly what I would consider an ending It was like a beginning to another story Yes that may sound like a cliff hanger and you might want to read the next book but there is no book 2 which disappointed me.

  10. Christy Christy says:

    Charlie and the League of Shadows truly captured what I, as a Cuban American, experienced growing up and reminded me of the wonderful stories that my own grandmother would share with me as a child This adventure story captivated me.

  11. Cristina Colon Cristina Colon says:

    I absolutely loved this book I feel I really connected with the book as being of Hispanic descent, I can remember my abuela always telling me different myths and legends from their countries I think it s a great way for younger generations to get a taste of what we went through as kids The ending was pretty surprising I m looking forward to the next book

  12. Rose Rose says:

    I gave this book to my daughter for her birthday, she loves it I would recommend this book for all middle school students.

  13. Gabriela Gabriela says:

    I bought this book for my nieces last Christmas and decided to read it myself I loved the style and the creativity, mixed with some cultural elements that I could identify with I highly recommend it It was a great read.

  14. Lauren Adkins Perlaza Lauren Adkins Perlaza says:

    This book is amazing I read in two days and immediately started the second I recommend this book for ages 9 because it does have some creepy parts You should definitely read the series in order I can t wait to see what Ryan Calejo does with the 3rd book I am eleven by the way.

  15. Gilda Frech Gilda Frech says:

    This book is an excellent read for all ages it really transports you into the story I highly recommend and can t wait for the next installment Also, I am very proud to be supporting a local Hispanic author from Miami He has great storytelling ability you won t regret reading this book