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Winner Of Best Autobiography Memoir And Best Female Narrator At The Audies Selected As A Book Of The Year In The Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, New York Times, Economist, New Statesman, Vogue, Irish Times, Irish Examiner AndRed MagazineTara Westover And Her Family Grew Up Preparing For The End Of Days But, According To The Government, She Didn T Exist She Hadn T Been Registered For A Birth Certificate She Had No School Records Because She D Never Set Foot In A Classroom, And No Medical Records Because Her Father Didn T Believe In Hospitals As She Grew Older, Her Father Became Radical And Her Brother Violent At , Tara Knew She Had To Leave Home In Doing So She Discovered Both The Transformative Power Of Education, And The Price She Had To Pay For It Shortlisted For The BAMB Readers Awards Recommended As A Summer Read By Barack Obama, Antony Beevor, India Knight, Blake Morrison And Nina Stibbe

6 thoughts on “Educated

  1. Bookthrower Bookthrower says:

    Some autobiographical memoirs of traumatic childhoods areself pitying and self absorbed This one is not The author gives a balanced picture of her troubled family,in which madness is combined with ingenuity, intelligence and grit, and of the wider Mormon community in which she grew up It provides a fascinating insight into the complex effects of mental illness on family relationships and the individual It is also a moving story of one individual s successful struggle to overcome those effects and live a satisfying life.

  2. megmerrett megmerrett says:

    Usually I take issue with someone younger than me churning out a memoir On this occasion I m all for it This is a stonker I couldn t believe that it s based in the late 20th and early 21st century I kept slipping into an assumption that it was 1960s America.I read a review in a broadsheet that mentioned Westover s author s voice being distant and a little cold I didn t feel this at all I felt it was all the powerful for not being doused in flowery descriptions It was clear and real and honest.I like the references to how reliable a storyteller is, how our memories differ and how, in real life we have to find a way of weaving varying recollections to find a truth.It s an anthem to the power of education and knowledge Fascinating and incredibly readable The numerous accidents felt like the tense moments in an episode of Casualty You know whenever there s a scene with a tractor that something horrific is going to happen.It s a 4 for now but of a 4.5..

  3. Mrs. S. Thorne Mrs. S. Thorne says:

    I expected this book to be redemptive, and it finally left me rather depressed I suppose I was waiting for the author s vindication, and I probably wanted a bit of retribution to fall on those appalling parents and that horrible brother It is hard to believe this was happening during the 21st century, and I admire the author for her ultimate escape, though I was frustrated by the number of times she returned home and faced abuse Don t want to re read it.

  4. millhall millhall says:

    A remarkable book , written by a remarkable person Brought up by parents who were fanatical Mormons, she had to suffer threats and aggression from a dysfunctional brother, a childhood without any formal education and repeated pronouncements that the end of the world was nigh Despite spending much of her pre pubertal years as an unpaid labourer, she contrived to turn her life around and ended up as a scholar in both Cambridge and Oxford Inevitably, she had great difficulty in maintaining relationships largely because core facts about history and life outside the teachings of the Mormon Church were a blank page to her She had never heard of the Holocaust knew nothing of the World Wars and was told that the authorities had murdered members of another Mormon family because of their faith Despite all of these encumbrances, she became a highly respected academic Her success was bought at the price of her family relationships but she came to accept that cost The book can be a little fragmentary with no continuous chronological line, but it is a compelling read which I will not easily forget.

  5. Lucy Mitchell Lucy Mitchell says:

    I hope Tara Westover one day writes fiction because her prose is so engaging and captivating.A powerful and gripping read which makes you feel grateful for your own childhood.I can t believe Tara has achieved so much after the years with her dysfunctional family her accident prone father, his radical beliefs, her evil older brother Shawn and her mentally scarred mother.I loved how Tara s quest to learn never went away, it kept encouraging her to look outside the farm and the mountain.I got used to her father s odd ways, but what I did struggle with was her older brother Shawn and the things he did to Tara.I don t normally read memoirs but I am glad I did with this.

  6. Jane K Jane K says:

    One of the most memorable books that I ve ever read Thoroughly engaging, all the because it was a true story, a reflective memoir, on how deeply our families, our upbringing and our education impact on how we live out our lives I personally found it compelling and a thought provoking read.