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The Internet of Money by Andreas M Antonopoulos containsof his most inspiring and thought provoking talks, including Introduction to Bitcoin Blockchain vs Bullshit Fake News, Fake Money Currency Wars Bubble Boy and the Sewer Rat Rocket Science and Ethereum s Killer App and many

10 thoughts on “The Internet of Money (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, Merkle Bloom LLC: Audible Audiobooks

  1. E.S. E.S. says:

    Andreas knows his stuff about Bitcoin than anyone he is able to explain bitcoin and blockchain in easy and fun ways with great examples This book is as good as volume 1 of the Internet of Money also an absolute must read, and will leave anyone convinced that Bitcoin is 100% the way forward as well as understanding why.

  2. mark fitzgibbon mark fitzgibbon says:

    goodies in the same vein as vol1 please check my revies there also if you want a pleasure and a clear elucidation of the many facets of how crypto is unfolding and how it will change everything.Andres has a uniques gift of bridging the technical and poiltical implications of blockchain technology and making it comprehensible and supremely relevant on every level.I will be buying EVERY future volume for sure and watching every youtube talk as I already do

  3. Jaime R Jaime R says:

    Right after I finished volume 1 I was thirsty for some This second part was as good as the first one and kept on feeding some ground breaking ideas that led to questions and desire to read about the topic.

  4. Deacon Deacon says:

    He doea it once again Andreas blows me away with the quality analogies and very insightful descriptions of bitcoin the currencyBitcoin the technologyBitcoin the protocolBitcoin the sewer rat Bitcoin the revolution

  5. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:

    Good product and price Thanks

  6. Franco Franco says:

    Should have new content I wouldn t recommend it However the vol 1 is a 5 star book

  7. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:


  8. Gian Maria Roccoli Gian Maria Roccoli says:

    Pensavo che il secondo volume sarebbe stato pi scarnoinvece probabilmente pi bello del primo.Antonopoulos uno dei pochi esempi di filosofo informatico

  9. Nikhil Gupta Nikhil Gupta says:

    Always a pleasure to read just as it is to watch Andreas over YouTube A must read and a great start to those new in Crypto Currencies Community Liked this one better than Volume 1 but maybe that s just me Both volumes are a must read.