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An absolute joy It made me laugh out loud which I never do whilst reading I m in love I m keeping it by my bed to turn to in times of need Dolly speaks such sense and I want to say thankyou for helping me through life at the moment This came at the most perfect time Thankyou Dolly x The Sunday Times Top Five Best Seller Winner Of Autobiography Of The Year At The Specsavers National Book Awards And Shortlisted For The Waterstones Book Of The Year Now Containing A New Chapter On Everything I Know At Thirty Penguin Presents The Audiobook Edition Of Everything I Know About Love Written And Read By Dolly Alderton A Spot On, Wildly Funny And Sometimes Heart Breaking Book About Growing Up, Growing Older And Navigating All Kinds Of Love Along The Way When It Comes To The Trials And Triumphs Of Becoming A Grown Up, Journalist And Former Sunday Times Dating Columnist Dolly Alderton Has Seen And Tried It All In Her Memoir, She Vividly Recounts Falling In Love, Wrestling With Self Sabotage, Finding A Job, Throwing A Socially Disastrous Rod Stewart Themed House Party, Getting Drunk, Getting Dumped, Realising That Ivan From The Corner Shop Is The Only Man You Ve Ever Been Able To Rely On, And Finding That That Your Mates Are Always There At The End Of Every Messy Night Out It S A Book About Bad Dates, Good Friends And Above All Else About Recognising That You And You Alone Are Enough Glittering With Wit And Insight, Heart And Humour, Dolly Alderton S Powerful D But Weaves Together Personal Stories, Satirical Observations, A Series Of Lists, Recipes, And Other Vignettes That Will Strike A Chord Of Recognition With Women Of Every Age While Making You Laugh Until You Fall Over Everything I Know About Love Is About The Struggles Of Early Adulthood In All Its Grubby, Hopeful Uncertainty Self indulgent nonsense from someone who just comes across as spoiled and immature Her best friend seems nice though, would rather read her book. Really enjoyed this book We are very similar in age so many of the funny stories she writes about such as MSN felt like it could have been me It s a funny look back at what feels like many of my own youthful experiences but at the same time she manages to remind you of the feeling about what comes after the fun, and maybe it wasn t as fun as you thought It s a sobering account and whilst funny at times, really made me think. This is a really lovely book I ve never been moved to write an review before but I really think Dolly should be congratulated for writing such an honest and self aware memoir It s moving, warm, very funny and as a 27 year old really resonated with me I read it in one evening but imagine I will come back to it multiple times. First of all wow British girls know how to have fun.Second of all the book is stupid, annoying, doesn t tell you anything you don t already know The author s stories are pathetic sad annoying I really don t see the reason for listening her moan about how she hated her teenage years because she couldn t be independent, and drinking on every occasion since 10 years old made her feel like an adult when she finally became an adult, she spent her uni days getting dead drunk and moaned university gave her nothing well, I wonder why that was the case Returned. I think it is well written, however the content was very self indulgent The start had promise and I hoped it would continue to be an outlook on growing up through the 90s 00s however in the end I couldn t finish the book because it irritated me too much focussing on a small minority of rich spoiled kids with an annoying tone the humble brag and bolstered by irreverant stories. I cannot understand any positive reviews of this book Jumps about chronologically speaking which is annoying as are the fillers such as a random recipes lists.Her stories are underwhelming and describe most people s student life She comes across as selfish and jealous and a terrible friend not a character who you can warm to at all There is nothing interesting about this woman s life If there was a zero star button she d have it.