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To be honest, I couldn t finish this book It had some plot holes, and some of the political stuff was so clumsily delivered that it jarred me out of the story.Yes, I know Stephen King is a raging SJW, but he has written some great stories, so I typically don t mind his politics I m not a political person, so I could care less Some things are better delivered with nuance, rather than a sledgehammer.Minor Spoilers AheadOne of the witnesses, Willow Rainwater the name is a glaring stereotype, and I can t take it seriously , seems like a carbon copy of Annie WIlkes minus the cockadoodie She is disagreeable with the cops, and no motive is given The way her interview is conducted is just unbelievable She s telling a story and cops can t interrupt Since when is that normal Later in the story, there is a discussion between the DA and a cop, and one of them says that Willow Rainwater is not a reliable witness to use on the stand, because their fellow townsfolk still don t take too kindly to Native Americans WTF This is a contemporary story, not a pre civil rights era story Race is NOT a factor here.The young boy was sodomized with a tree branch It was done with such force that bark was stripped from the branch and a bloody hand print was left behind However, the police never check the hands of their suspect for injuries It never dawns on them In the real world, that s one of the first things they d do.There are other examples of plot holes, and silly SJW nonsense, but I think this is sufficient.To be honest, I think King is getting too old to keep up with the details, and he has gone off the rails politically There is no nuance to his introduction of political views into his storytelling, which he used to be able to do Americans are so trapped in politics that they can no longer relate to one another, and they don t know how to relax and have a good time People read fiction for fun, not to be bludgeoned with clumsily delivered politics.Stephen King wrote good stories when he wasn t obsessed with Twitter and could keep track of details That s just no longer the case It was a good run while it lasted I am no longer a constant reader Well, there s always the back catalog to revisit. I haven t bought or read a Stephen King book in quite a long time but have read many in the past I bought this to read on holiday, with a few others but actually it took me most of the holiday to read this The writing, as you d expect, was nothing short of brilliant I won t spoil for others but the character build up and attention to detail was fantastic, the storyline was intriguing and kept me guessing for a long long time With the turns in the story I found myself rooting for characters and then equally loathing them in a space of a few chapters The ending was fantastic and I m sure there could be stories off the back of this one I would highly recommend, maybe not a light easy read for the beach but certainly worthwhile and memorable I have already recommended to a number of friends and will be looking for Stephen King books as soon as I ve cleared the holiday book backlog. A compelling and chilling suspense novel that will delight all fans of King s best selling Hodges Trilogy Following the phenomenal success of his Bill Hodges series Mr Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End of Watch, all number one best sellers Stephen King has written an enthralling crime thriller with a unique twist When anyear old boy is found murdered, forensic evidence and reliable eyewitnesses undeniably point to the town s popular Little League coach But the jailed suspect, arrested in a public spectacle, has an alibi, and further research convinces Detective Ralph Anderson that the coach was indeed out of town So how can he have been in two places at the same time This is dull stuff despite what other reviewers say There is hardly an original thought in it It s a police proceedural novel than anything else, and, after the first few chapters, not very interesting for that Stuck for a climax, King has the bad cop shooting at the good cops And then spoiler alert they take down the evil one by bashing him over the head Deep stuff King has been off his game for a long time now This does nothing to put him back on track. After eagerly awaiting every new Stephen King book and being an avid reader since a teenager I can t believe I am saying this but MehI loved the Finders Keepers trilogy and it was nice to have a character return but other than that I felt this book prodded along and was a bit Same old, same old HOPEFULLY just a blip and I ll be checking out his next one but worry that the amount being churned out lately is starting to effect the quality, or is it just me I ve read pretty much all of Stephen King s stuff starting with all the classics that established him as the horror writer and then through to has his style changed to the thought provoking However, he s so prolific in putting out books that a few years ago I had to take a break as I couldn t keep up.So when this was announced I felt it was time to come back and give it a chance And having spent the last few months reading a variety of books all in the same genre, this was a very welcome change And the first couple of hundred pages were fantastic exactly what I wanted The storyline is engaging and genuinely leaves you desperate to find out I felt sure this was going to be an absolute winner But as I got past halfway I found I was disengaging For all the build up and mystery which got me hooked, just seemed to dissipate, and it began to drag I m no writer, but this feels like something that he put a ton of effort into to begin with, and then to some extent got a bit bored and just needed to finish it So ultimately the end was just a bit too predictable, a bit too neat and tidy and whilst bringing in characters from some of the other stories can be a nice effect and start to bind some of these books together and get some continuity, it in places felt too much almost like it was just a lazy sales technique to get people to go and read the other stories where these characters came from Can t really blame him, but it just felt a bit dirty.All in all, it s a fine read and pretty standard modern Stephen King but ultimately after a strong and shocking start, it all just sort of went nowhere, which was a shame. Like so many other thriller writers, King has slipped into the crime genre and lost some of his magic I have bought all his work until now including the Hodges trilogy in the hope he will return to his fantasy roots, but so far I ve been disappointed. This book should have come with a trigger warning I understand that it is a crime supernatural novel but no where in the preview of the book did it mention murder, molestation, rape and sexual violence towards a child Wish I would have known about that before spending money on this. I have written this review with 13 % to go on my kindle,.The first half was great ,but after that it just became boring rubbish.None of the characters would leave a lasting impression.I might finish this book in a year or two but I doubt as I really don t care what happened.Pure waste of money ,in future I will read the one star reviews as they seem honest. Oh dear It started so promisingly, pulling you in as to how the accused could be in two places at once Half way in I was thinking, I really hope this doesn t turn out the way it appears to be going But, alas, it did The book was so bad I really don t think Stephen King actually wrote it A truly awful book, predicatable plot and ending.