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Tripwire is the third thriller in the by now famous Jack Reacher s series.I have read all novels in the series and Tripwire for me stands out as the most forgettable and most unbelievable but strangely predictable of them all.Here, Jack solves a crime with the help of the daughter of his mentor and friend and inherits a house, which sets off his anxieties about ownership The long prelude before Jack gets together with his daughter s friend is intended to show how deeply the character values friendship and family values alas looking back at Jack s novels, I only remember a sequence of attractive females, grinning after succumbing to the charms of Jack Reacher.The dialogues are devoid of humor and the story line reaches its climax in a predictable way On a plus side, the story has vivid descriptions of the villain, dark political undertones, and is enjoyable An excessive price to pay for what had too many excesses already The violence was over the top and unnecessary As for the visit to the clothes shop, the frequent food stops and the explanation of the three types of shower This could have finished in half the time Yet again I ve found that one of the legends isn t as great as the hype that surrounds him suggests Or at least he wasn t a decade ago when he wrote this Which begs the question why were these early books so popular Colour me bemused. I would never have picked this series of seeming action movie esque books off the shelf in a book shop, however Mr B was reading them and I picked up the first title In the series to flick through and somehow I was hooked, somehow Jack Reacher had got to me It s the intelligence that gets me, the cool smart logic applied to avoiding danger or walking straight up to it and facing it out Tripwire is my third Lee Child read and it just gets better I love books that make my brain work, working out what Reacher is thinking, why he s doing what he s doing, why he s travelling back and forth across America chasing a killer, or being chased Part thriller, part murder mystery, part all action hero Lee Child has nailed it Sadly I have just learned Tom Cruise has been completely miscast as Jack Reacher, if you see the film first don t let that stop you reading the books. Excellent read Third book I have read from this author and again not disappointed Held my attention with a good pace A few surprises along the way If you like his books then you will not be disappointed Wondering though could Reacher settle for the normal fire and slippers life Suppose will have to read on There is not a single Jack Reacher thriller I haven t loved, I ve read number 1 through to number 9, and I m reading the 10th right now The Hard Way , while debating whether ordering the others is financially reasonable As a reviewer wrote in a newspaper, these novels are impossible to put down, they are addictive I m so hooked I find it difficult to stop reading them when I have to go to work, while I neglect my house chores when I m home The minute I ve finished reading one of them, I feel like reading it again, or starting the next one if I have it.Jack Reacher is the perfect modern hero strong yet gentle, honourable to the good people though ruthless to the bad ones.The fact he is a drifter only adds to the attraction he s a kind of modern lonesome cowboy, who enters a town or city and sets out to help wronged people often women and fight injustice and crime, yet afterwards he always goes away, alone, though not on a horse and not always out into the sunset.Reacher s sense of right and wrong he often kills may look amoral to some readers however we feel he s right His sense of right and wrong is unerring, and there is a kind of innocence and candour in him that make him very appealing.Contrary to most modern heroes, Reacher is not really disillusioned and or a cynic, let alone a weakling, which for me makes him a real hero and not an antihero.Another good point is the novels, however violent, are not too gory or graphic, and the sex scenes remain very discrete.Obviously, the reader must be well acquainted with firearm shooting terminology and military terms, especially in the two flashback books Persuader and The Enemy telling us about Reacher s younger days in the Army written in the 1st person, which is nice too.Maybe due to the fact that Mr CHILD was born in Britain, though he lives in the US now, and because Reacher spent most of his military career abroad, we discover the USA through Reacher s eyes, and from a foreigner s viewpoint.Maybe it s important for the reader to know and like the USA, as I do, but I don t think it s entirely necessary.Even though the reader knows Reacher s almost invincible, it doesn t alter the thrill and suspense while reading.Some settings are of course attractive than others, depending on whether you are a city fan or an outdoors sort of person being the latter, I particularly enjoyed Echo Burning and Die Trying,as they re set respectively in Texas and Montana.All in all, Lee CHILD is one of my two favourite authors right now, and I ve read hundreds of novels.I strongly recommend reading them in the order of publication.Congratulations to Mr CHILD. Lee Childs has written many Jack Reacher novels, all applauded and used in movies as vehicles for Tom Cruise What a disappointment, therefore, when I decided to sample one of the many novels for myself This is a classic case of using 200,000 words where 50,00 would have been effective Overlong, not well written, with a simple plot for which an attempt at complexity was achieved merely by padding. Brought to you by Penguin Tripwire is the third book in Lee Child s internationally popular Jack Reacher series, read by Jeff Harding For Jack Reacher being invisible has become a habit He spends his days digging swimming pools by hand and his nights as the bouncer in the local strip club in the Florida Keys He doesn t want to be found But someone has sent a private detective to seek him out Then Reacher finds the guy beaten to death with his fingertips sliced off It s time to head north and work out who is trying to find him and why Although the Jack Reacher novels can be listened to in any order, Tripwire is the third in the series