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A short guide to going vegan the why, the what and the how Ever thought about eating less meat and fewer dairy products Concerned about animal welfare and the environment Interested in the health benefits of a plant based lifestyle This is the book for you In this fun, easy to follow and informative guide, the team behind the charity Veganuary provide everything you need to make changes towards leading a healthier, ethical and sustainable lifestyle From your motivations, tips for eating out and easy substitutions to making sure you get the right nutrients, this book is a lifesaver for vegans, those wanting to give veganism a try or friends and family Try going vegan for one month with How to Go Vegan it is easier than you think PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our desktop site

12 thoughts on “How to Go Vegan: The Why, the How, and Everything You Need to Make Going Vegan Easy (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Veganuary, Abigail Hardiman, Hodder & Stoughton: Audible Audiobooks

  1. L.L. L.L. says:

    I ve been vegan for a while and bought this book for my mum as she wants to understand veganism better and is interested in trying it This book couldn t be perfect It covers all the reasons why we might choose veganism animal suffering, our health and the environment and gives great advice on transitioning to veganism It does all this in a friendly tone with no judgement towards those who do consume animal products, only supportiveness Couldn t recommend this book for those interested in veganism.

  2. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    A fantastic read for anyone intrigued about going vegan It covers everything you need to know and really motivates you to make the change For me the change has been amazing I feel great not only from all the new foods I m eating but for knowing I m doing my bit to end animal suffering.

  3. AG-Family AG-Family says:

    I decided on the 30th December 2017 to give this Vegan business a try for a month from the 1st if Jan 18 after hearing about it on social media Ordered this book to give me a helping hand and it must have worked it s magic as I am still a vegan 8 month later If it ever crosses your mind to try being a vegan, don t over think it, just order this book give it a go You never know where the journey may take you

  4. Ellen Ellen says:

    A really pleasant, no pressure book Great introduction to my vegan journey Recommended and passed onto all of my friends Four of them have joined me One person really can make a difference, however big or small

  5. Livguy2018 Livguy2018 says:

    Well written, no preaching or judgement sbut still in depth enough to offer a better understanding of vegans Perfect for non vegans or new vegans.

  6. JBW JBW says:

    Most disappointingOn completion I feel battered rather than educated The first 30% is basically vegan evangelism Then there s a short very simplistic section on vegan substitutions and list of ingredients that you may not have noticed are vegan eg tomato sauce.The third section is the first section re hashed into myth busters.I am already considering a significantly reduced meat diet, primarily for environmental reasons and hoped for interesting ideas than rather useless, disingenuous suggestions subbing vegan mince tasteless and chewy , vegan fish fingers not had for 30 years or pizza an occasional going out treat.So if you wish to know why to go vegan or explain to others why you ve done it , this may be worth the 99p for kindle, but since its easily available online, and it goes into so little depth it s not worth .

  7. Miss L Crutchley Miss L Crutchley says:

    A perfect read that gives you everything you need to know about changing your lifestyle for the better, inside outside and for the future Like I always say, I m not perfect but I am fecking awesome.

  8. purplejane purplejane says:

    A really nice summary to help people make the transition to a compassionate way of living

  9. stg2bio.co Kunde stg2bio.co Kunde says:

    I bought this book because I wanted the last push to become a vegan I ve read some things about animal welfare before and became a vegetarian But as most people I love eggs and dairy products so I needed motivation to take this step I wanted a convincing book that addresses questions like how to eat healthily as a vegan without it feeling like too much of a sacrifice.I have to say that I was disappointed by this book almost from the first page That is why I start with the negative and then move on to the positive 1 This book is written by Veganuary and on every page they let you know that It feels like a sales pitch for their website, not for being a vegan The snippets from participants of Veganuary Class 2017 as if they get a diploma for being a vegan for a month are particularly annoying I wish they had included at least one that had some downside to a vegan diet.2 The sloppy and sometimes misleading use interpretation of statistics is the biggest flaw in my opinion For a lay person it might be hard to understand the difference between correlation and causation Therefore here an example Vegan people tend to have a lower risk of heart disease than meat eaters correlation This sentence and the statistics behind it does not imply that not eating animal products CAUSES the risk of heart disease to drop causation Vegans might just have a reduced risk because they often make healthier life choices in general e.g exercise, non smoking, less alcohol, healthy food choices Meat eaters who pay as much attention to a healthy life might just have reduced risks of heart disease as well It is important to distinguish between correlation and causation Yet this book fails to provide any nuanced discussion on this.3 The book implies that highly processed vegan substitutes for e.g cheese and sausages are healthy This is just plain wrong they might be good for our morality but not for our bodies Besides I don t think that veganism needs the reason of health benefits I think reading about the atrocities committed by the meat and dairy industry is enough of a reason to go vegan.

  10. Trixi Trixi says:

    This is a nice reading before joining Veganuary It s inspirational and also quite practical, even if less so for a non UK like me It makes seem veganuary not just doable, but easily so We can do it

  11. MarinaM MarinaM says:

    Davvero grazie a Veganuary per avermi dato la possibilit di leggere questo libro Vegetariana dal 1986 e ora quasi vegan ho dei problemi a rinunciare al mio miele home made Dico grazie perch sono anni che sogno di leggere un libro che spieghi chiaramente a tutti ed ai ragazzi principalmente che si pu fare E si deve fare Perch semplicemente la scelta pi sensata per noi, per il nostro corpo e la nostra salute, per gli animali nostri compagni di vita e per il pianeta intero Grazie di cuore.

  12. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I found this book to be very helpful and packed with lots of small tidbits of information but not too overwhelming The links to various websites is also a great tool Overall a great book to read when you are starting your vegan journey and one I ll refer back to.