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Brought to you by Penguin Die Trying is the second book in Lee Child s internationally popular Jack Reacher series, read by Jeff Harding Jack Reacher, alone, strolling nowhere A Chicago street in bright sunshine A young woman, struggling on crutches Reacher offers her a steadying arm And turns to see a handgun aimed at his stomach Chained in a dark van racing across America, Reacher doesn t know why they ve been kidnapped The woman claims to be FBI She s certainly tough enough But at their remote destination, will raw courage be enough to overcome the hopeless odds Although the Jack Reacher novels can be listened to in any order, Die Trying is the second in the series Este o segundo livro cujo personagem principal Jack Reacher, e devido a isso voc vai conhecendo melhor o personagem, ou seja, suas caractersticas No livro numero 1 nota se que Jack Reacher militar, ou melhor, da policia militar do exrcito Imagine um Ranger, ou um Fuzileiro Naval criando problemas, ou que teve um surto psictico, quem chamado pra resolver , logico que o policial do exrcito que tem que ser muito mais preparado do que aqueles que pertencem aos grupos especiais No livro 1 citado que ele pediu baixa depois de 13 anos servindo Neste livro que o de numero 2, Jack Reacher descrito como uma pessoa alta acima da mdia e que ele Sniper franco atirador.A estria excelente, onde ele envolvido por acidente num sequestro realizado por uma milicia racista Portanto se voc est na dvida,fique tranquilo, voc vai gostar de ler este livro Eu garanto. I m sure I m going to make myself unpopular with this, butI read a lot of whodunits and crime stories, so I thought I d like the Jack Reacher stuff only very recently picked up on it I had to push myself to get through book 1 Even so, I thought there was a lot to like about the story telling It was quite gripping stuff, so I thought I d try book 2 to see if Lee Child had got certain stuff out of his system and could now settle down to utilise his obvious story telling skills.But apparently not.Mr Childs has a compulsion to go in for macho BS in my opinion.And as a Brit, he has clearly embraced the American gun culture, because he is obsessed with the things I don t mind them being part of the story, but they become the story at times Not pleasant.This second book had at its core a storyline that was worth following but it was overlaid with even of the macho BS than book 1.Also, in my view, the plot development contained too many flaws, too many times when I was shouting in my head why did he do that or why didn t he do this I nearly gave up on it, but that s a bad thing to do with any book once you re a certain way in, so I kept going Honestly, I was glad to get to the end for the wrong reasons.I doubt I ll read another one trouble is, I ve already purchased a signed copy of his book 23 Sorry Mr Childs I guess I m just not the right demographic The gun worship is just too much and don t get me wrong my father was a gamekeeper and I ve used guns and I m a reasonable shot, but Having read all of the Jack Reacher novels and short stories I am now giving them a second go.Reacher is sexy, but he is a man s man too The ultimate bad boy hero He doesn t play by the rules, he plays by HIS rules, which are often a lot smarter He always holds the moral high ground, even when it isn t exactly legal You just can t argue with his logic..Action packed, with violence and graphic details, but also a gripping story line and tenderness, I could not put this book down.. Al though I enjoy reading the Reacher books mostly, many of the chapters are full of waffle and padding and inconsequential descriptions of unnecessary things.Descriptions a page or two long of how a bullet is discharged from a rile and waffle about the gasses emitted and the speed the bullet goes WHO CARES Cut to the chase Child s books could be a 100 pages shorter without the guff.