[ read online ] For All It Was Worth: A Memoir of Hitler’s Germany - Before, During and After WWII (20th Century Memoirs Book 1)Author Bernhard R Teicher – Entrecielos.co

Bernhard R Teicher Was Born In Dresden In The Year Hitler S Mein Kampf Was Published Growing Up During The Pre War Nazi Years, He Joined The Hitler Jugend Following Harsh Basic Training, He Was Sent To The Eastern Front Where He Saw Combat Near Kursk Captured By The Russians, He Escaped And Was Transferred To The Italian Campaign With His Acquired Knowledge Of Italian And Local Conditions, He Volunteered For The Special Forces Division Brandenburg, Where He Was Trained In Sabotage And Intelligence Gathering, Operating Behind Enemy Lines And Wreaking Havoc With The Enemy S Command, Communication And Logistical Structures Arriving On Leave In Dresden During The February Firebombing, He Recounts The Terrible Aftermath Including The Extrication And Burial Of His Father From The Ruins Of Dresdner Bank Of One Of The Most Devastating And Controversial Attacks Of The Second World War Following His Return To Italy, And The Subsequent Capitulation Of German Forces, He Was Detained As A PoW In Northern Italy For Almost Two Years Battle Hardened And Disillusioned, He Used All His Clandestine And Organisational Skills To Initiate Successful Black Market Operations, While Working As An Interpreter For The British Army Imprisoned In Austria As An Escapee, He Finally Returned To A Shattered Germany In , Where He Elected To Remain Illegally In The US Zone Of Occupation Would recommend this to anyone interested in European history in the 20th century The author seems to be a fair minded man , honest and capable of self criticism All done with a hint of humour. A rather naive and naively written account The real horrors and suffering of the times don t really come through It is interesting in so far as it is an account of an ordinary German living in the Nazi era, but one written many years later and consequently lacking immediacy, or much sense of what the author truly felt and thought at the time. I found the book to be a good, honest review of life in Germany during the life of the author It answers and explains many issues affecting the German population of the time I would recommend the book to anybody who wanted to have an unbiased view of life during those times A valuable learning tool. This book gives some, although I think limited, insight into what it was to live in Germany before, during, and after the Second World War It is worth the read and gives a straight forward view of the events. Great read from the other side A survivor who lived to tell the tale who was only doing his duty in Hitler s army Feel sorry for the civilian population in times of war. harrowing but great history Knowing nothing of the lives of German people caught up in WWII I found this informative and a good read The author comes across as a nice chap with empathy for people of other nationalities, and it reminded me that we have similarities than differences Interesting to see how single minded nationalism can so easily build up, and it feels as relevant today as it was then As well as giving an insight into the politics of the time, it s also a very enjoyable story of the author s childhood through to adulthood.