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Love it Exciting, different, well written great for all ages from 8 upwards. Fred awoke to find that a snake was watching him and that there was an aeroplane in the trees It was on fire Being on fire was a quality it shared with much of the surrounding jungle After crashing hundreds of miles from civilisation in the rainforest, Fred, Con, Lila and Max are utterly alone and in grave danger They have no food, no water and no chance of being rescued But they are alive, and they have hope As they negotiate the wild jungle, they begin to find signs that something someone has been there before them Could there possibly be a way out after all I have just finished reading this book to my KS2 class The class have decided it is the best book we have read so far We enjoyed reading about how the four characters bonded Katherine Rundell makes you feel what the characters are feeling The children thought Fred was very brave and Max was funny especially all his snot and kicking t The book leaves you with a mystery Does Fred love Lila or Con It made us all want to be outside , being explorers Katherine Rundell made us all think we should take risks and be brave Also we learnt lots of interesting information about The that we didn t know before The class feel this book appeals to all ages I have to admit I wept as we read the ending Enjoy this book with your class. I read this or rather listened to this book on the advice of my daughter Who is 28 but had read it to her younger brother and loved it so much she asked me to read it too.Now, I appreciate that as an old bloke it s not the usual fare but, as a father it s nice to share in the life of your children too and to be able to indulge in their likes as well.So, I downloaded this and listened to it whilst working overseas in a shipyard dealing with offshore construction vessels If only some of the gorillas I deal with knew what I was listening too.And I loved it too.It is at it s heart a wonderful child s adventure probably aimed at those around the late singles, early double figure years There is an acknowledgement of death after all the pilot of the small plane died in the early pages that was transporting the small group of young children but it is fundamentally an uplifting tale.Naturally there are plenty of plot holes but perhaps less than most in books aimed at children.Bit of yukiness to give a bit of a boost to a child s imagination as you read this and plenty of action to keep them entertained.Well written and even as an adult it was enjoyable to read listen too The audible version I had was very well narrated and thoroughly engaging Funny how half way up a steel scaffold in a shipyard you can smile at the thought of children cooking tarantulas.Overall a very well deserved lauded book for children. This is beautiful I finished reading it this afternoon, and I will be changed as a result of reading it in ways that I won t describe for fear of spoilers I am a school librarian, and I read a lot I absolutely love when the writing makes me feel the emotions of the characters This did so, effortlessly I d have loved to live the life I might ve having discovered this story age 10 14, or so As a 40 something, that boat has already sailed, but I am going to be getting as many children to read it and see if their feelings echo mine I will invite my son to read it, and see if he sees himself in Fred AgaIn, without ruining any of the plot, I have to say I was delighted with the ending, which was not at all predictable.Since finishing it, I have continued to run over the possible what happened next scenarios in my head This looks s with ne of those books that deserves the respect of not picking up another book for a couple of days Just until the dust settles.Please think about buying this for all the children who love stories, or are still searching for the one to get them hooked And then read it after them. This book makes me want to head straight to the and search for a lost settlement.Katherine Rundell is simply a brilliant writer Her descriptions of the flora and fauna are magical and I really felt like I knew the characters of the 4 children and the explorer.You have to suspend your disbelief slightly at the end of the book no spoilers I would have preferred a longer adventure the last couple of chapters felt rushed However, this really doesn t spoil an excellent adventure story.I stumbled across this book accidentally, but I m now going to read her others straight away one of the best, thought provoking, horizon expanding children s books I ve ever read This book deserves to read by people of all ages. Another gem from the highly talented children s author Katherine Rundell A tale of four lost children in the , how they meet the nameless Explorer, and finally their harrowing journey back home, it s a book not to be missed.Boring in the beginning, the book explodes with the arrival of the Explorer If you can somehow plod along with the story till then, you ll be highly rewarded The narration is speckled with great lines the author crafts exquisite jewels of sentences.I would ve given 5, if the story packed a punch, bang in the beginning But still, a splendid read. Four children stuck in the , one of the most fascinating places in the world Slow at parts but has an ending you can t put down Great segue for Upper Primary into learning about explorers, plight of Maya peoples or protecting our natural environments I would read the acknowledgements at the end of the book when introducing it to my students.I use this book has a new addition to our Book Chat listings and it was a hit