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This Is Gemma Dowler S Powerful Account, As Seen On The One Show And This MorningMy Name Is Gemma Dowler On March , A Serial Killer Named Levi Bellfield Stole My Sister And Sent Our Family To Hell Everyone Thinks They Know The Story Of Milly Dowler From The Publisher S Description Compelling, An Amazing Book Jeremy Vine BBC Radio The Most Honest And Unsettling Account BBC Radio Woman S Hour Powerful Daily Express Tragic Poignant Full Of Emotional Memories The Mirror Gemma Opens Up The Books Serves As Fighting Spirit Newcastle Journal Inspired The Book To Allows Her Voice To Be Heard OK Magazine Gemma Dowler Has Finally Revealed How Deep They Sank In My Sister Milly Her Family S Story Is Told In Their Own Words Daily Record Gemma S Book Paints Happy Memories Of Her Sister, A Quirky Teen Who Loved Music, Dancing And Playing The Saxophone RevealOn The St Of March , Gemma Dowler Was A Happy, Confident Teenager At The Heart Of A Loving, Funny, Music Mad Family That Day, Life As She Knew It Came To An Abrupt End With The Abduction And Murder Of Her Beloved Younger Sister, MillyThis Book Has Been Written So That One Day Gemma S Own Children Can Read The True Story Of Their Aunty Milly Recounted By A Sister Who Will Never Forget Her And Never Stop Loving Her

8 thoughts on “My Sister Milly

  1. Speedy Reader Speedy Reader says:

    Gemma Dowler has done her sister Milly, her parents and Lovely Granny PROUD.It is impossible to read her outstanding tribute to them all, and most especially her beloved sister, Milly, without feeling a tight knot in the throat.Despite the extraordinary wrongs done to this wonderfully resilient family by Surrey Police following her murder, despite the horror of the despicable phone hacking which was to follow, despite agony poured upon agony, somehow the unbelievably wonderful Dowler Family survive The lump in my throat grows larger as I think of their courage, the extraordinary help of those therapists who made their survival possible and the most especially wonderful way in which Gemma Dowler brings to light each and every one of the family members who contributed richly to their mutual survival I cannot BUT believe that Milly knows just how much, YOU Gemma, have brought to life, her final days with SO much love For this we are ALL grateful No sister could have paid a greater tribute to her lost sister than you have.Gemma YOU are Milly s everlasting star, just as she is YOURS.

  2. MR R G Case MR R G Case says:

    Very moving to see on This Morning what a lovely tribute to Milly from a lovely sister and such a lovely family It s a tribute and very moving and a message of hope from a sad event

  3. Vickchick Vickchick says:

    This is the most heartbreaking book I have ever read It broke my heart to read what this family endured, Milly s murder, the police incompetence, phone hacking, the trial and that disgusting man and his revelations The book tells in detail things that have been kept private I laughed at Milly and her fabulous personality It is clear Gemma, her mum and dad and lovely granny adored her.The honesty from Gemma on the pages was incredibly brave and the book is written from the heart I hope Gemma and her beautiful family find some peace now.

  4. Mrs. J. Chappell Mrs. J. Chappell says:

    An incredible book Such a very moving account so very well written To use Gemma s words yes I certainly felt the love as I read it think it is a brilliant fitting memorial for Milly It was a very difficult read with many tears, it is almost totally unbelievable that someone could go through such a horrendous catalogue of events heartache and come out the other side able to tell their story That is certainly testament to the courage, bravery love the Dowler family clearly showed throughout.

  5. JSueM JSueM says:

    Once every now and again, I read a book that stays with me for a long time This is one such book It was so well written, despite the time it took me to read it, I never tired of it or skipped parts How Gemma and her family survived the utter incompetence of the Police, the constant haranguing in Court and the constant press attention is unbelievable They were a victim treated as the wrong doers I will never again see the press as the TELLER OF TRUTH I am sure 15 years on it would be against all human rights to be treated so badly Thank you Gemma for sharing this harrowing story Five stars in itself is an injustice it deserves hundreds Bless you for your honesty and courage.

  6. fragrens fragrens says:

    deeply shocking to me as i knew nothing about this case beyond the fact milly dowler was a murder victim.The sheer horror that the family went through after the loss of milly was terrible what resonated with me personally is how your life can literally be shattered in such a short space of time gemma dowler captures that so brilliantly by the beautifully written account of such a happy family and then how suddenly that is gone.The contrast is incredibly powerful.the loss of the safe home they had, the public exposure, the relentless intrusion, the loss of ones assumptive world completely illustrates the recipe for PTSD.Gemma, for many people they have not had anything quite as terrible but i think you have written something that may help a lot of people whose lives have been shattered for a variety of reasons to not feel quite as alone You have caught exactly how it feels to take an enormous battering in life and for the blows to keep on coming over and over again i wish you and your family as much peace as is possible

  7. Cathy Dolan Cathy Dolan says:

    I saw Gemma on the one show and bought the book on my phone there and then I knew it would be a difficult read, about the abduction and murder of a child Milly Dowler but I felt I owed it to the Dowler family to read their story.I am glad I did.I feel devastated for the whole family for the murder of milly and ashamed of the UK law that they were treated so badly by the press, police, media and during the trial This went of for years and it s shocking.I highly recommend this well written book by this honourable, intelligent young woman.I felt the love.

  8. Lincoln Imp Lincoln Imp says:

    This book is extraordinary I feel anything I write will not do justice to this masterpiece Despite the subject matter of this book being deeply shocking and horrible, it is full of love and hope Milly lives and shines out from its pages, never to be extinguished Gemma has made sure of that with this moving testament to her wonderful sister In places it is a hard read the treatment the Dowlers received at the hands of some of the police, the devastating court case they went through and then the phone hacking scandal, are all described in great detail, leaving the reader in no doubt about the scale of what they had to endure, year after dreadful year All this on top of the agony of the loss of Milly This is a beautifully written book, crafted with enormous care and integrity I particularly like the way that the author has managed to keep everything so organised and focused, so that the book feels it is truly complete Nothing is there that shouldn t be there, and everything is there that should be there I for one, will never forget Milly and her family, having read this truly remarkable account Gemma should be recognised in some way for her impressive literary achievement.