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One of the best psychological thrillers I ve ever read Pacy, emotional and completely heart wrenching at times I couldn t put this book down and devoured it in 2 days.It s not often I ll take the time to review books but I needed to gush about this one The distressing reality of Laurel s situation hits you within the first few pages and grips you until the very last I can t recommend this book highly enough and will be looking out for of Lisa Jewell s work I read this book in 2 days simply because I was waiting for it to get better The thriller part never kicks in, I am the biggest baby and this was scary or even tense at any point The plot is given away in the first half of the book, I read the rest hoping for a twist to explain why the book didn t end after it was revealed what happened but it never came Not sure why it has such rave reviews. This was a free choice from Prime, and what a great read it was At first I thought it might be somewhat tedious, but as I continued the characters developed A couple of times I thought I could see how it was going to progress, and although at times I was heading in the right direction, I then was surprised too This isn t a heart in the mouth thriller, nor is there gratuitous violence The latter is left to your imagination It certainly is a well crafted story, albeit leaning to the bizarre But in defence, there are strange people out there that we have no comprehension of how they live their lives I found it compelling reading and will now explore her as an author Read it in a few sittings Kept sneaking off from the family to read a bit Very well written and plotted, and kept me hooked Ignore those who say it is unbelievable, there is nothing in here that hasn t happened somewhere It may be unlikely but who wants to read a book about things that are likely to happen If you do then you want one of the ten a penny polics procedurals If however, you want a gripping and well written thrilling novel with an emotional undercurrent, give this one a go Yes you will guess what happened, but I still enjoyed reading the detail of how it unfolded. I gave this a good go, it started fine but then began to drag but I stuck with it given the excellent reviews Then we come to the romance with too many brand names from Uber to H M thrown in and for me it was becoming too much like a chick lit novel and I was about to dump it, but I was stuck on a crowded train and stayed with it There is so much that is obvious which is not good in a psychological thriller and, for me anyway, it just doesn t rock and roll, it doesn t have that chill factor, that grip that pulls you along every page turn, or right side click on the Kindle, there is much repetition, folding back the story of if, why and who, in a way that makes it seem padded out I am not however knocking the writer, she is clearly highly talented and the style of this novel will appeal to many who are not all the way psychological thriller devotees, but, sorry, for me it just doesn t work and you are never going to please everyone all of the time, just some, some of the time as the saying goes. She was fifteen and her mother s golden girl And then, with everything to live for, Ellie simply vanished Laurel her mother has tried to make sense of it all and then she meets a new man and Poppy who is the image of her missing daughter Excellent psychological thriller I started and finished it in a day which is quick for me Very well told if a little far fetched in parts but chilling and all the loose ends brought together satisfactorily Well written and, in parts, very edge of your seat I couldn t put it down until I knew Very good. Well I just loved this book, it was absolutely brilliant I have never read any of Lisa Jewell s novels before but the description of this one caught my attention It was the sort of plot that I had never really come across before, but it was so imaginative and dramatic that it totally took me captive I found it hard to put down and, although as the story went on I started to get a sense of what was really going on, I still found the ending a surprise Okay, not a big shock reveal, but a nice, gentle touch It is the kind of story that drags you in right from the start and there wasn t one moment when I wondered why I was reading it, or wishing that I could hurry to the end I wanted to know every detail and I was treated to a fantastic and tantalising journey I will certainly be reading works by this excellent author By her own admission, the book was somewhat bizarre but at the same time it was totally amazing. Let me say first off, that the book is well written, well crafted, and just plain good I bumped up against the ads for it on The New Yorker website, then on , and as always, am looking for a good, well written suspense thriller mystery type read I don t think there are enough of them being spun out The hook had me, What The Happened to Ellie The writing lures you in.the whole family saga thing, dysfunction, loss, grief, etc What I really want to say is, like my headline, caution This is a very, very disturbing book The central characters emerge slowly and if you are like me, I m reading along wanting to find out wtf happened to Ellie And unlike many readers, I don t try to figger out what happened, who dunnit what you find out about Ellie and the other characters in the book is scary stuff So, what I m saying is, if you are a sensitive soul who is is averse to childhood abuse torture and highly damaged manipulative people, I d suggest not reading this.I gave it 5 stars for the craft of writing, it is well written, and the writing supports the the plot and story, in spite of what i ve said re caveat emptor. Brought to you by Penguin Best selling psychological suspense and a top Richard Judy selection She was , her mother s golden girl She had her whole life ahead of her And then, in the blink of an eye, Ellie was gone Ten years on, Laurel has never given up hope of finding Ellie And then she meets a charming and charismatic stranger who sweeps her off her feet But what really takes her breath away is when she meets his nine year old daughter Because his daughter is the image of Ellie Now all those unanswered questions that have haunted Laurel come flooding back What really happened to Ellie And who still has secrets to hide Then She Was Gone is a novel about a fifteen year old girl named Ellie Mack who disappears in 2005.Much of the book takes place in 2015, and is told from the point of view of Laurel Mack, the missing girl s mother Ellie was Laurel s youngest daughter Ellie s remains have finally been found, so maybe the family can now have some closure Not that the family unit is still intact Laurel was so filled with grief over the last ten years that she had nothing left of herself for her husband or her other children Now Laurel is divorced, and is estranged from her older daughter and son.The book alternates between 2015, back to 2005, when the story is told from Ellie s point of view The reader learns what happened to this fifteen year girl And, eventually, Laurel learns the truth also.This is the third book I ve read by Lisa Jewell, and I m giving it five stars like I did the other two But, unlike the other two, I m not recommending it for everybody Something awful happens in this book Those who don t like reading disturbing things should move on to something else Not that it s all that graphic It s just so heartbreaking and hard to get out of your head.Why do I like this author so much Because, once I start one of her books, it s hard to put down Sometimes books, even good books, feel a bit like homework to me But not Lisa Jewell s books She makes me want to know about the characters and about what I will discover next There s a lot of nuance in her characters Also, I think the fact that Lisa Jewell is British is part of the charm I love the settings, the strange brand names, the unfamiliar expressions, and words not commonly used in the U.S I love the amount of detail, not too much and not too little Lisa Jewell s writing style reminds me a little of Liane Moriorty, although this particular book has some of the darkness of Gillian Flynn and is as disturbing as a Karin Slaughter book.