[epub] SOUTH AFRICAN FOLK-TALES - 44 African Stories for ChildrenAuthor Anon E Mouse – Entrecielos.co

In this volume you will find forty four uniquely South African tales Stories of The Lost Message, The Monkeys Fiddle, The Leopard, The Ram and the Jackal, The Lion the Jackal and the Man, Tink Tinkje, The Lioness and the Ostrich, Crocodiles Treason, The White Man and Snake, Tortoise Hunting Ostriches, The Judgment Of Baboon, When Lion Could Fly, The Origin Of Death and manyIt is with great thanks to James A Honey that this volume was ever compiled For there are few volumes currently available with these old and forgotten tales from across South AfricaIn the days before the many languages of South Africa were first recorded and written, these are stories that were used by the Sangomas medicine women and the Umxoxi Wendaba story tellers to teach their children the moral lessons of life and orally pass their knowledge on to the next generationSo gather around the campfire and share the many stories in this book to the delight of young and old alike Then when the hour grows late, when sparks from the fire have stopped ascending into the black night and young heads and eyelids have grown heavy when the dying fire is making long shadows dance across the veld, close the book with the promise that another African story will be told on another day