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This was written twenty years ago and while Toobin has decided not to change the text, keeping it as a record of its own time, it is now framed with a foreword that admits that the mainstreaming of MeToo has made him reconsider his own opinions, especially some of the harsher views he gives of the women, not least Monica Lewinsky.I found this both immensely readable and even handed it s a journalistic account that also looks beyond the events to think about how they were landmarks in the history of sexual investigative reporting and foregrounded the demise of traditional media and a shift towards the unregulated internet.It s also a story that holds everyone involved up to scrutiny from Bill Clinton who undoubtedly lied even if the investigation into his rather sleazy sex life had no bearing on his work as president to the rabid hounding by ultra right wing antagonists we re talking the Christian right here who are active in homophobic and anti abortion advocacy and loathed Clinton s progressive agenda who didn t care a jot about Lewinsky or Paula Jones and were just looking to humiliate and get rid of Clinton by any means to the exploiters who were lining up book deals by revealing their inside stories.It s a sobering, shameful, shabby and degrading story for everyone involved there are no heroes here And I couldn t, as they say, put it down Toobin clearly wrote an exhaustive tome on the legal proceedings, pleas, and deals associated with the Paula Jones Monica Lewinsky Kenneth Starr fiasco I awarded only three stars to this book because it is so technically complex it was written by a lawyer primarily for the benefit of other lawyers While I could understand Toobin s writing, much of it was written for the appreciation of those with experience within the judicial system, in backroom lawyer deals, and in judges chambers Since I have none of that, I feel as though I have gaps in my understanding of the case.Now, there is nothing wrong with that each of us brings our experiences to any book I was just hopeful that this book would have been written for the rest of us than for the legal community On the plus side, Toobin wrote without sensationalism while addressing a most sensitive topic Thank you for your discretion.Finally, a particularly interesting series of unexpected gems emerged two decades later, with mentions of such figure as Brett Kavanaugh, Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden, and others, as they played opposite roles in Presidents Clinton s and Trump s impeachment proceedings Those particular passages provided what are now fascinating insights Among other things, the hysterical political protestations about President Trump s impeachment actually show parallels in Clinton s impeachment, notwithstanding the substantive difference of being impeached for lying about one s personal sex life versus lying to the public about misuse of government funds, power, and authority. Good writing here makes for good reading Moreover, good thinking manages to organize all the bits and pieces and themes and personalities that were polluting the political environment back then and make a relatively straightforward, if not exactly simple, story of what really was a conspiracy, while leaving no doubt that it was prompted and sustained in part by Clinton s own narcissism I was there, and I paid attention, and yet this book is a great relief, allowing me finally to understand what was happening It is also surprisingly amusing, occasionally downright risible, bringing my constant subliminal chuckle to a full belly laugh In part, I suppose, this was because at the time I found Starr et al so despicable and the process so perverted that I couldn t see the humor More importantly, the humor lies in the detail and enlightenment Toobin adds Without disregarding what we all saw in on the news, he gives it short shrift in favor of inside information, effectively using his ability to flesh out players characters, histories, motives and interrelationships I am eager to forget enough of it that I can read it again In fact, I may not even wait. Precision in reporting that s the sign of a Jeffrey Toobin book about something that really happened Add analysis and common sense, and you have this story of the Clinton Lewinsky scandal that rocked Clinton s presidency Compelling and level headed discussion of motives and consequences A really good read. Even all these years later, the Clinton Whitewater Lewinsky saga is compelling reading, for so many reasons While it is clear that Toobin feels that Clinton was attacked and judged far too harshly for the particular crime he committed by trysting with Monica Lewinsky, neither does Clinton s repeated boorish behavior get him Clinton off the hook with the author Many of the multitude of books on the subject seem to present either a viciously anti Clinton picture, or a total apology for Clinton s behavior, but this one manages to toe the middle line pretty well Toobin is above all an excellent writer, and the story is still so inherently fascinating that it s difficult to put this one down. In A Vast Conspiracy, the best selling author of The Run of His Life casts an insightful, unbiased eye over the most extraordinary public saga of our time the Clinton sex scandals A superlative journalist known for the skillfulness of his investigating and the power of his writing, Jeffrey Toobin tells the unlikely story of the events that began over doughnuts in a Little Rock hotel and ended on the floor of the United States Senate, with only the second vote on presidential removal in American history This is an entirely fresh look at the scandal that very nearly brought down a president Packed with news making disclosures and secret documents published here for the first time, Toobin unravels the three strands of a national scandal those leading from Paula Jones, Kenneth Starr, and Monica Lewinsky that created a legal, personal, and political disaster for Bill Clinton A Vast Conspiracy is written with the narrative drive of a sensational if improbable legal thriller, and Toobin brilliantly explores the high principle and low comedy that were the hallmarks of the story From Tripp to Goldberg, Isikoff to Hyde, the complex and tangled motivations behind the scandal are laid bare While misguided, outlandish behavior was played out at the very highest level, Toobin analyzes the facts and the key figures with a level of dignity and insight that this story has not yet received The Clinton scandals will shape forever how we think about the signature issues of our day sex and sexual harassment, privacy and perjury, civil rights, and, yes, cigars Toobin s book will shape forever how we think about the Clinton scandals